Download the Best AMOLED Wallpapers for your Android with AMOLED mnml


Wallpapers are not only the most fundamental way to customize your Android, but also the most effective ones. If you have been lately searching for some AMOLED-friendly wallpapers, then your search would probably end here. We have the best source of AMOLED wallpapers for you peeps.

So recently, I came across this all-new app over at the Play Store, and I surely didn’t want you to miss it. The app is known by the name of “AMOLED mnml“, which is a cloud-based wallpaper app dedicated to providing some battery-savvy wallpapers for your Android’s AMOLED screen. All thanks to Yasan G. (XDA handle: AlienCreature7) for bringing us a more refined source of AMOLED wallpapers.

Advantages Of AMOLED Wallpapers

Before you download, it is best to learn how black wallpapers help you save battery. So, the evolution of the Android display took a leap with AMOLED screens, over the more generic LCD counterpart. It is an advanced LED technology that stands for Active Matrix OLED display, which has revolutionized the way how screens behave.

Download AMOLED Wallpapers

Dark/Black wallpapers have always been a thing for AMOLED displays since they account for saving battery. That is because black is rendered with an unlighted pixel on AMOLED, which provides true-black colors and save a tiny amount of battery for every unlighted pixel. Several users have claimed and proved that using a black or a dark wallpaper on such screens, helped preserve a decent amount of battery percentage.

Download AMOLED mnml

You can’t simply go and set a complete black wall on your phone, right? It would look hilarious. And this is where the AMOLED mnml app comes in play. It pairs up the battery saving black, with some attractive colors and patterns, to provide you the best of both worlds. The wallpaper database is hosted over the cloud. This makes it easy for you to access them and stay updated with the latest wallpapers.

AMOLED Wallpapers App Screenshots

The best part about the app is that it is completely Ad-free. You have the option to set the wallpapers from within the app itself, you can also crop them to fit your display, or even save them offline. The database already has a bunch of around 200 minimalistic wallpapers, which are being updated constantly. All these walls are 3200x2560px with QHD or UHD quality, that would give a sharp edge to your AMOLED display. You will also have the liberty to enable/disable wallpaper scrolling on the HS.

AMOLED mnml is a great source for AMOLED wallpapers. So download it right now from the Play Store and customize your homescreen.

If you like the app, you can support the developer by purchasing the AMOLED mnml XL (Premium). And if you have any unique ideas or are facing any problems with the app, you can take part in the discussion over at XDA.


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