Install Redmi Note 4 LineageOS 15.1 ROM (Project Treble Support)

Install Redmi Note 4 LineageOS ROM - Project Treble Support

Follow this guide to install Redmi Note 4 LineageOS 15.1 ROM with full Project Treble support.

Xiaomi’s record-breaking device – the Redmi Note 4 is finally getting some serious development support via third-party developers. And why shouldn’t it? The device is nicely spec’d, easily affordable, and is also the highest selling smartphone by Xiaomi. Since its release last year, the device has seen several MIUI updates. But that’s not it, it seems like third-party developers at XDA forums are now actively participating in bringing good things to the phone. We recently saw Franco Kernel support for it. And this time, you are in for a treat with full Project Treble support. So go ahead and follow the steps to install Redmi Note 4 LineageOS 15.1 ROM right now.

Install Redmi Note 4 LineageOS 15.1 ROM - Project Treble Support
Install Redmi Note 4 LineageOS 15.1 ROM with Project Treble Support

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Redmi Note 4 LineageOS 15.1 ROM with Project Treble Support

Android Oreo introduced Project Treble to represent a major re-architecture of the Android Framework. It has been introduced to facilitate easier and faster OS updates for Android devices. Google has been able to modularize the OS, by drawing a line between silicon/OEM code and the normal Android Framework. As a general rule of thumb, all devices shipping with Oreo out-of-the-box must support Project Treble. It not only affects the official firmware updates but also has a drastic effect on the custom ROM development scene. With added support, Treble-enabled devices will be eligible to install a generic ROM without having to wait for the OEM/Silicon manufacturer to update the dedicated drivers.

Also, read – Project Treble Supported Devices List (Official and Unofficial)

Now before you install Redmi Note 4 LineageOS 15.1 ROM, let us talk a bit more about how XDA senior member – abhishek987 was actually able to achieve this. According to XDA, the developer converted the unused ‘CUST’ partition to ‘Vendor’, which is approximately 830 MB in size. The partition originally contained stuff related to MIUI. But it had no significance on the AOSP-based build. With some help from phhusson, the lead developer of the phh-Treble project, abhishek987 was finally able to boot the ROM.

Install Redmi Note 4 LineageOS 15.1 ROM - Screenshots
Credits: abhishek987

The ROM developer has revised the files required for flashing this new build. The changelog for Redmi Note 4 LineageOS 15.1 ROM with Treble support, is as follows:

  • Updated to Android 8.1 Oreo
  • Updated to oreo Tissot Blobs
  • Rebased kernel to support new (goodix touch , ov camera, and displays)
  • Fixed OmniVision camera pink tint and crash in bright light photos
  • Add TextClassifier Selection models
  • Implemented full treble

So now that you know all about the new ROM, let us hop on to the instructions and install Redmi Note 4 LineageOS 15.1 ROM.


  • Flashing a custom ROM requires your phone’s bootloader to be unlocked. If you haven’t done it yet, then follow this guide to unlock bootloader on Redmi Note 4.
  • Take a complete backup of your phone and the personal data. You can follow our tutorial on how to backup Android devices.
  • Charge your device to at least 50-60% battery level.
  • Install ADB/Fastboot tools on your PC. You will need this to flash the modified TWRP recovery.

Download LineageOS 15.1 ROM for Redmi Note 4


GApps: MindTheGAppps

Modified Magisk:

Steps to Install Redmi Note 4 LineageOS 15.1 ROM (Android 8.1 Oreo)

  1. Download the ROM and GApps zip files from above and copy them to your phone’s storage.
  2. Boot your Redmi Note 4 into Fastboot mode by holding down the Volume Down + Power button simultaneously.
  3. Download the modified TWRP recovery: twrp-3.2.1-mido-vendor-v4 .img (Mirror Link)
  4. Copy the downloaded file to C:\adb, where the ADB/Fastboot files are present.
  5. Hold down the SHIFT key on the keyboard and right-click on an empty space inside the folder.
  6. Select “Open PowerShell window here”.
    Install Redmi Note 4 LineageOS 15.1 ROM - Open PowerShell window here
  7. Flash the TWRP recovery using the following command:

    fastboot flash recovery twrp-3.2.1-mido-vendor-v4.img
  8. Once the recovery has been flashed, power down your phone.
  9. Press and hold the Volume Up + Power button to enter TWRP.
  10. Go to “Wipe” -> “Advanced Wipe” and wipe the System, Data, and Cache partitions.
  11. Tap on the ‘Install” menu.
    Install Redmi Note 4 LineageOS 15.1 ROM using TWRP
  12. Navigate to the internal storage and select the ROM “” file.
  13. Finally, swipe the button on the screen to install Redmi Note 4 LineageOS 15.1 ROM.
    Install Redmi Note 4 LineageOS 15.1 ROM - Flash using TWRP
  14. Repeat from step 10 to flash the GApps and Magisk root zip.
  15. Once complete, hit the “Reboot System” button.

Your Redmi Note 4 will boot into Android 8.1 Oreo ROM with full Project Treble support. The ROM developer has also stated that the source code will be published soon on Github so that others can use to enable Treble as well. So go ahead and enjoy the awesome new Oreo features like Autofill Framework, Notification channels, Picture-in-Picture mode, and more.

Now that your phone supports Project Treble, unofficially, you can go ahead and also try installing a Generic System Image on your phone. So you have just been able to install Redmi Note 4 LineageOS 15.1 ROM with Project Treble support. If you have any questions, leave them down in the comments below.



    1. Hi Ajay. I think you mean “Uninstall”. Then yes, you have to uninstall it completely before you flash Magisk.

  1. bro
    have u update any facelock function in this other same rom i use that function but there was some bugs and your rom is perfect

  2. aadab n hiii bro,
    ( Allhum dullilah ) many many thanks atlast i am using your rom ..its realy great..keep it up god bless you

    1. Good. Enjoy the ROM. And you’re much welcome! Please let me know if you have any further questions.

    1. Hello again, please download the latest official LineageOS 15.1 build from here and GApps from the link above.

      Then go to TWRP > Wipe and swipe the button at the bottom to factory reset (This will wipe all the data except the internal storage data such as photos, music, etc). Once wiped, go to the Install menu in TWRP and flash the latest LineageOS 15.1 official ROM and GApps. Then reboot.

  3. aadab,
    i used twrp provided by you but it dosent work so i download twrp from xda developers but sorry i didnt remember that it was official or not anywz rom is wonderfull but my badluck about sim so i didnt use ..any suggestion again…thanks from heart for your quick reply ( allah blessed you )

  4. aadab,
    thanks for your quick reply,at last i succeded in installing rom,and gaps file but file is not flashing and the rom after booting dosent support sim and wifi
    is anything i did wrong ( i hav used 3.2.1twrp )

    1. Hi again, did you use the TWRP recovery provided above or the official TWRP recovery?

  5. Aadab bro,
    i m getting problem in 12 step when i am unziping rom file ..i got the message ” updater process ended with error:7..error installing zip file
    whats the problem

    1. Hello, you mean while installing the ROM? Then please redownload the file and try flashing again. Also, please let me know which version of TWRP recovery are you using right now?

  6. In the settings of LineageOS update. When I am trying to install new update of 28th May It is showing verification failed. I tried downloading the zip file from website and tried flashing it. But that too failed.

    Is it because the version given by you is just .zip and the one I am trying to flash is

    1. Hi Suhas, the reason why you’re not able to update is that this ROM supports Project Treble by creating an extra /vendor partition on the phone. If you wish you update, kindly check the ROM’s download link above, grab the latest ZIP and flash it via TWRP.

      You need to use the Treble-enabled TWRP as provided above.

      However, if you wish to install the official LineageOS build, you will first need to flash the latest stock fastboot ROM using MiFlash tool and repeat the whole process of installing TWRP.

    1. Hi Sadep, the ones mentioned in this post will do good for the Mi Note 4 as well.

    1. Hi, the official LineageOS ROM (released pretty recently) is a regular custom ROM for the phone. The unofficial build shared in this post is compiled by a third-party developer and adds Project Treble support to the device.

      Other than that, everything else would be same as in the regular version.

  7. i have installed lineageos 15.1 official one but iam not able to flash magisk through twrp. it shows me error 1 “cant mount /vendor”. what can i do?

    1. Hi Ravi, the official LineageOS ROM will require the regular Magisk version (Link here) and not the Treble-enabled Magisk as provided above.

    1. Hi, Vinay. The ROM is sourced from the XDA forums. The link to the original thread can be found at the bottom of the post. Kindly check.

  8. I’ve got another issue: I installed everything the wy you said, but I don’t find the “treble”-stuff, neither the “Phh-Treble Vanilla” under “Model” (on my phone it is still “Redmi Note 4”), nor the “Treble-Check”.
    Did I miss something out? Do I have to to activate something more? Is there a link to the camera failure?
    Thank aou in advance for your reply
    Kind regards

    1. Hi again, the model should be “Redmi Note 4”, which is correct. The screenshots that you saw above are from a very early build. The latest builds are now more organized with things on the place, where they are meant to be.

      Treble is not something we could enable within the settings. If your phone booted into LineageOS, it means that your phone is perfectly fine and supports Treble, unofficially. You can find more explanation about Treble here. I have tried and explain the whole concept in simple words. You can also check out Google’s own documentation on the same.

  9. Hi,
    I was actually quite happy to ahve done the step to use lineage 15.1 on my Xiaomi Redmi Note 4.
    Unfortunately I cannot use my camera anymore. I always get: “Camera error -Can’t connect to the camera.”
    I tried out al I can find in forums: I force stopped the camera, emptied cache and data and turned off the phone, I wiped cache and Kadvik cache in recovery mode, I tried out other camera apps like “A Better Camera and “SNAPit”, I tried to use the camera viaother apps like “WhatsApp”.
    Nothing worked.
    I fear – and also hope – that it has to do with Lineage 15.1.
    Do you have an Idea or – even better – a way to guide me out of this calamity?
    Thanks for your reply

    1. Hi Ulrich, first please make sure that you have flashed the latest nightly. If there’s a problem with the current build, it will most likely be fixed in the next build.

      Now, over to the camera issue that you have been facing. While researching for the same on the forums, I found that setting the SELinux status to Permissive could solve the problem. So please try that and confirm. You have to go to Settings > System > About phone to see and change the SELinux status.

    2. Hi Dhananjay,

      Thanks for your reply.

      I ‘ve got the “15.1-20180423-NIGHTLY-mido”.
      This seems to be the most recent one, doesn’t it.

      The SELinux status is “Permissive” and it cannot be changed.

      Do you have other ideas?

      Thanks again


    3. Thank you.
      So I downloaded even the very newest, the “”. So far I have never replaced a OS-version. How do I install it?
      Will I lose all my data and settings?
      Do you have a foolproof installation guide for this upgrade?
      Thanks in advance

    4. Simply boot into TWRP and flash the LineageOS ZIP and GApps package. No need to wipe anything. Oh, and if you flashed Treble-enabled Magisk, simply reflash it again.

    5. Glad that it worked out for you! Just keep a tab on that link and update to the latest nightly build, whenever a new one is available.

  10. I’m getting error 7 first, and if I delete “assert” line in a file, I get error 6. What do I do?

    1. Hi Kiril, kindly let me know the exact ROM build (That’s what you’re getting the error for, right?)that you flashed on your Redmi Note 4. Also, it is the Snapdragon variant, correct?

    1. Hi Ulrich, thank you so much for notifying. The ROM developer has now moved all the builds to a dedicated server instead of Google Drive. So, the link won’t go down anymore.

    1. Hi Teja, first off, thank you for the heads up. I have updated the new links.

  11. First, Thanks for your work
    Second, I just want to understand some points
    – I already running official Lineage OS 14.1 on My Xiaomi redmi note 4 and getting OTA updates regularly
    – Since Project Treble is all software experience and fast updates so, does this rom support any kind of OTA updates and if so does it will be direct from google or from Lineage team (since there still no official build)
    Thank in advance

    1. Hello,

      This ROM is basically a hack, that converts an unused partition to be used as ‘vendor’. Not Xiaomi, LineageOS, or Google support this in any way. Every time the ROM is updated, the link here will be updated as well. And you will have to manually flash it over using TWRP. Your data in this process will not be erased, it will stay intact.

      You will only get LineageOS OTA while on the official build. If you favor OTAs over the manual installation, I’d advise to stick with LineageOS 14.1 and wait for the official 15.1 support.

  12. Hi, I just came here to say Thanks! I was scourging reddit, and other websites for hours now to find out what’s going on with the Project Treble (technical explanations to the codebase). I use a Mido (running RR 5.8.5) myself, your post neatly outlined what’s going on, and why I would like to do what I’d do (switching to treble-enabled Oreo). I haven’t tried this ROM or anything yet but just came here to comment about how well-put this guide and you as a person are (in terms of explaining and for helping out people with respect and passion in the comments section). Great job! Have your site bookmarked. Please do cover more topics on LineageOS moving forward to Oreo and P. Thank you!

    Also, If you’d answer, could you please tell me if I wanted to go with AOSPExtended or Resurrection Remix or LineageOS, I’m a customization behemoth and have a perfectly-tweaked setup for my needs (special mentions to Tasker + Xposed + LastPass), so the answer obviously would be RR Nougat, but, I’m starting to feel pushy about how AOSPExtended and LineageOS are way ahead of RR in terms of pushing regular updates/builds for the community (I’ve noticed tons of updates to their Oreo builds). I also want to live on the bleeding edge with little compromise towards features but am having hard time figuring out which ROM to go with to stay “updated” and “feature-rich” at the same time.

    I’m really sorry for my long and nagging comment, just something bugging me for quite sometime, wanted to get it off my chest. Please do explain in much detail as you can, if you will. Again, Thank you very much! 🙂

    1. Hi Ashok,

      First off, I really appreciate that you wrote that many lines just to show generosity towards my work. I am glad that my passion is paying me off. Seeing the commenting literally put a smile on my face. So thank you for that!

      Now over to your question. I’d probably rule out LineageOS. That’s because RR itself is majorly based on LAOS code. Plus, I do feel that RR is meant for users who really want to customize. As for AOSPExtended, I haven’t really tried it. But from what I could tell from the ROM screenshots available on the net, it doesn’t really stand a chance in front of Resurrection Remix.

      I would suggest that you give it a try though, who knows, maybe it holds something that RR doesn’t. Both the ROMs are pretty much updated once or twice a month, which means the update frequency is almost the same.

      I recently tried Resurrection Remix Oreo to revive my old OnePlus One, and it feels fantastic. And definitely rich in features.

      In case I missed anything, please let me know. And please don’t feel that your commenting is nagging. I like it when readers take out time to get into a conversation about the topic. After all, that’s what the blog is about, isn’t it?

  13. I have some questions regarding differences between packages.

    What is TWRP on provided link different from the official one for mido? (official: – both are 3.2.1-0.

    What is MindTheGApppsdifferent compared to OpenGapps for Android 8.1 (ARM64)?

    Will official Lineage OS 15.1 have full support for Treble and when is expected to be published on site?

    Thank you.

    1. Hi Nokos, I’d love to clear the differences.

      1) This ROM is different than other regular custom ROMs altogether. In order to install it, you’ll need to use a special compiled build of TWRP recovery.

      2) MindTheGApps is what people from LineageOS recommend. That’s because several users reported compatibility issues initially with OpenGApps. The recommendation was more likely for the broader set of OEM devices. For some OG may work fine, but then not much for others.

      I have checked the official Github for any traces of the device name and its corresponding codename, but couldn’t find any. Which means there are yet no plans for it.

      Even if it does get official support, project Treble won’t be supported unless the OEM chooses to add it. What’s done with this ROM is a clever hack by the developer. As for the official Treble implementation, it is alleged to accompany the Android 8.1 Oreo (Read here).

      Hope this clears it up. If you still got some questions, feel free to ask.

  14. Do I need to install the fastboot/adb files, or the official Xiaomi fastboot utility would be able to flash TWRP for me properly?

    1. Hi Eugenia, I would recommend installing fastboot/ADB first and then manually flashing the TWRP image. I am unsure if the Mi Flash tool allows us to do that.

  15. Hey there, My Redmi Note 4 is stuck at checking for updates screen from more than 20 minutes now. It isn’t responding. Is it normal or some bug?
    Kindly give me some fix for this if possible.

    1. Hi Kanishka, there’s no such bug present in the ROM. I hope you have followed the steps correctly and only used the TWRP, ROM, Gapps, and Magisk files as provided in this post?

  16. Just installed this ROM. Works great and is very fast. 2 things: I had trouble with sharing Internet over Wifi which works but the conecting devices can’t access Internet – and I had trouble to get my HUE app to reconize the bridge – which I was able to solve in the end entering it’s IP address manually. A part from this it seams good enough to be used as a daily driver. Question: Is this ROM updated/maintained by somebody? Where would updates be posted?

    1. Hi, the ROM is being updated by a third-party developer at XDA (Check the source link). I just noticed that a new build was pushed on 24th this month and have updated the links above.

      Hopefully, the new build will bring a solution to your current problems.

    2. Kindly update the Gapps link also.
      LOS is Oreo 8.1
      Gapps are 8.0

    3. Hello Bhupendra. Thank you for notifying us. I have updated the links with the latest GApps for Android 8.1 Oreo.

  17. Since its a treble based ROM so can we use the same to flash in other treble enabled device, namely Honor 9 Lite.

    Have already flashed the AOSP V12 (Phhs) but its way too scrappy as a daily driver & since the stock rom of H9L hasn’t been out yet so need to rely on a custom rom for the time being.

    1. Actually, no. I wouldn’t recommend. The ROM is sort of an hack and changes the Note 4 partition layout by adding an individual partiton. You may look forward to phh-Treble for this.

  18. Any known issues with this ROM?
    like encryption pattern for rebooting like that.

    I really want to use this ROM. Is it safe to use this ROM for a long time?

    1. Hi Akhil, according to the source, there isn’t any issue. You can freely use it for the long term.

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