Nokia 9 to have PureView on its name!

We know that HMD now owns trademark for PureView. And we also know how hard it tries to imitate the old Nokia products by riding along the nostalgia each one of us has for the Finnish brand. From Nokia 3310, to mending partnership with German Zeiss, Nokia 8110, and later Nokia 8 Sirocco, HMD always makes sure that we will have a bit of old familiar taste. Now, stepping up the game is the alleged Nokia 9 PureView. A reminiscent of the award-winning and well-loved Nokia 808 PureView. That if adding five rear-cameras is that revolutionary.


According to tech-leaker Roland Quandt, HMD will promote the Nokia 9 with PureView on its name. Hopefully that lives up to the standard of the Nokia 808 PureView.


Going counterclockwise, the PureView name refers to the camera technology of Nokia’s (later Microsoft) high-end smartphones. It could either be “Phase 1”, or “Phase 2”, although later phones combines the two techs. The first phase refers to PureView cameras with high-megapixel count to initiate pixel oversampling to allow lossless digital zoom. As with the case for Nokia 808 PureView, and its massive 41-megapixel camera. The second phase is all about clearer low-light shooting with the help of the revolutionary optical image stabilization (OIS) every other OEMs now uses today. The first to have this is the Nokia Lumia 920. Although future devices such as the Lumia Icon, and 1020 combines the technology together with super high-resolution camera. Phases was later “phased-out”.

We never know what lies behind that penta-lens setup that has been triggering trypophobics since it first came out. But because HMD is calling it PureView. It better be good. The company is also set to launch a new Nokia device tomorrow.

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