Samsung announces Galaxy Note 9; Bigger display, massive battery and the new S Pen

Samsung has finally announced the all-new Galaxy Note 9. It has all the specs worthy of the flagship status, improved performance, larger display, huge battery, and a better camera. The new S Pen has newer tricks to invite productivity, and Samsung’s DeX software is now built into the phone. What that means is that you can now plug in your Note 9 in a display, and pretend it like a desktop.


Image Courtesy of The Verge

To begin with, the new will come in two configurations: 128GB/6GB model for $999, and the top-end 512GB/8GB model for $1,250. The Galaxy Note 9 looks pretty much of its predecessor (at least it doesn’t have a notch), but the fingerprint sensor is now below the dual-cameras. It will be water and dust resistant (which is common for the line-up). There will also be fast wireless charging, the miserable Bixby button, and finally a headphone jack. Storage is also expandable up to 512GB, so maxing out the higher model could give you a whopping 1TB of memory.

The phone will ship with Android 8.1 Oreo (bummer), but at least you exclusively get Fortnite. If that’s a thing for you. The display now comes at 6.4-inch, but the bezel is also slimmed down (albeit not much). The panel will be a Super AMOLED Quad HD+, meeting the glass at the back is a matte aluminum frame with chamfered edges.



The battery is a massive 4,000mAh, which we hope won’t smoke in our pockets. But Samsung has learned its lesson, the hard way, and now runs the battery through its own multi-point safety checks before it went on their smartphones. Samsung even took it far as validating it to outside companies UL and Exponent.

The new Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 powers the phone, with Samsung claiming some GPU optimization on the device. According to them, the new Galaxy Note 9 has a “Water Carbon Cooling System” inside. What it does is ensure a consistent performance during a long gaming session. Of course, that might just be another marketing gimmick. Pretty much like every OEMs, today is doing. But we’ll see about that.

The camera on the Galaxy Note 9 is straight out the S9+, coming in with perks like variable aperture. The primary 12MP camera features a dual variable aperture (f/1.5, to f/2.4), with a wide-angle lens. The new Scene Optimizer (otherwise known as Scene Detection, or A.I camera). It can now identify up to 20 different scenes and adapt the settings to picture-perfect moments. It will automatically adjust the brightness, contrast, saturation, and white balance depending on which you point out the camera. It also features a new Flaw Detection which tells you if the shot is blurry, backlit, blown out or if someone photo blinked.

Last ky, it has a new S Pen which now includes Bluetooth Low Energy. The S Pen can now act as a remote control to the Note 9. It can now work as a remote shutter for the camera, slide clicker, or play/pause button for music apps. You can also customize it to work with other applications.

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