Samsung’s first foldable smartphone to come with Bixby 3.0!

Bixby is probably the least exciting feature of the recent Samsung flagships but that didn’t stop the South Korean giant to push through its effort for the further development of its exclusive virtual assistant.


During its first-ever Bixby Developer Day in Seoul, Eui-Suk Chung, company’s vice president confirms that the new Bixby will be heading to the Galaxy F, the company’s first foldable smartphone.

“The new Bixby currently in the pipeline will be featured in the foldable smartphone,” said Eui-Suk Chung. The new Bixby will more likely be called Bixby 3.0. However, they are still quite uncertain for the branding. The second iteration of Samsung’s virtual assistant rolled out to Galaxy Note 9 earlier this year. They call it Bixby 2.0.



The company also showcased the Bixby Developer Studio aiming to get traction from developers. Furthermore, Samsung now allows third-party developers to create features for Bixby. Developers can then distribute them via Bixby Marketplace. These Bixby Capsules will be similar to Amazon’s Alexa Skills which allows Alexa to book an Uber ride and many other neat features. These capsules act as a plug-in that will enable Bixby to do certain tasks more than what it ships with. The feature will also be available across Samsung products ranging from mobile phones to TVs, and even smart appliances.

Earlier this month, Samsung shares a glimpse of its foldable phone prototype during the SDC 2018 keynote. The device looks like a tablet from the inside. When folded, the outside secondary display acts out like a typical smartphone. It is a bit chunky for now, but a more polish design is on for release next year.

Source: Sammobile

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