Upcoming Xiaomi smartphones to add dedicated button for a virtual assistant

Just as everyone hopes, Xaomi is set to launch a new bunch of smartphones to battle with the likes of Honor Magic 2, and Lenovo Z5 Pro. All of which will feature a slide-out camera.


Now, a new tip originating from China suggests that the next Xiaomis will also feature a dedicated button to use for a virtual assistant. This is similar to what Samsung does with Bixby, LG, or HTC, and Google for the Assistant. But coming from a not-so-Google-friendly country, Xiaomi is set to debut these phones with its own Xiao Ai. It is still not clear though if users will have the freedom to remap the button into something else. But knowing Xiaomi, a small customization on MIUI will easily fix the problem.


However, the assistant is said to be only made available for the Chinese market for now. As we all remember, Xiaomi’s Mi smart assistant has made its debut on Mi Mix 2 last April but didn’t make it globally. This is will be the same for the Xiao Ai. Possible devices that will feature the button were the Xiaomi Mi Mix 3, and the yet unknown Xiaomi LEX. If ever these devices hit the global market, it will be interesting to know what will be an alternative solution for the Xiao Ai button.


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