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Hello, and welcome to The Custom Droid.

The comments section that appears on all posts of this website is always open. As great as this is for discussions, it also attracts SPAM often. All the comments posted by you are moderated by hand to battle SPAM and maintain a healthy standard of discussion that is constructive and nothing less.

And so, we have laid down a couple of guidelines we require you to follow before/while you post a comment on this website.

How to post a comment on The Custom Droid?

Here are a few things you should note when posting a comment.

1. Use your real name and email address

( This is the most common reason why your comment was not or will not be approved. )

Always use your real first name (or a nickname) and a valid email address when commenting, and let us have a meaningful conversation.

Injecting keywords or random words in the “Name” field is not allowed. Using invalid email addresses that appear like SPAM will be marked as SPAM and deleted right away.

We do not publish your email address in the comments section and your personal information is never shared with anyone. Please read our Privacy Policy to know more about how we process the comment data.

2. Post relevant comments that add value

Read the article before you make a comment and post comments that are relevant to the topic. Relevant questions, feedback, and ideas are a great way to add value and create an engaging conversation.

If you’re asking for help regarding a tutorial, always provide the context and other relevant information (like device name, model number, installed software version, etc). Vague comments do not help us or add any value to the conversation and thus will be deleted.

3. Be respectful

While posting comments, be respectful to fellow readers as well as the content author and the rest of the team. If you want to offer criticism, make it constructive and useful.

Personal or professional rants, hateful/abusive comments, and any sorts of defamation will not be accepted on this website at all.

4. Do not publish your (or others) private information

Do not post private or personal information (yours or others) in the comment contents, like physical or electronic address, device identifiers (IMEI, MMID, etc), phone numbers, etc. Such information will be deleted from your comments to protect all concerned parties.

5. Only add outbound links to reliable and authoritative resources

Online resources are a great way to share information and knowledge, but they are also a known source of spam and misinformation.

While adding links to your comment(s), make sure that they are from reliable and authoritative web entities, websites, and blogs.

Links to other online resources that we may deem as untrustworthy or SPAM will be removed. Links that promote yours/other’s products and services will be treated in the same manner.

6. Post comments in the English language (preferably)

This website uses English as its default language. So we expect the comments to be published in English as well. If you do not feel confident, please translate your comments to English using services like Google Translate.

If you do, however, post a comment in a language other than English, we will translate the message and add the corresponding translation to your comment. This should allow us and other readers of this website to understand the message you’re trying to convey.

7. Zero tolerance against racist or obscene comments

We adhere to creating a respectful and friendly community. Any comments posted on this website that reflect racism, sexism, or any other sorts of obscenity will be deleted instantly with no re-considerations.

How comments are moderated on TheCustomDroid?

As mentioned earlier, all comments posted on this website are manually moderated. This process alone is time-consuming and thus we request you to be patient after posting a comment.

Following are a few examples of the type of comments that will NOT be accepted on TheCustomDroid:

  • You do not use a real first name and/or a valid email address
  • Comments that indicate that you didn’t read/watch the content before posting
  • Comments that promote your own products/services
  • Vague comments that do not add any value
  • Defamation in any form
  • Off-topic comments
  • Comments that reflect racism, sexism, etc.
  • Comments that violate anyone’s trademark, copyright, etc.

Again, this is not a comprehensive checklist, but examples of the type of comments that go against our policy.

Rights reserved: We (TheCustomDroid) reserve the rights to edit, mark as SPAM, move, and delete any and all comments at any given time without notice or explanation. Certain comments may be deleted after they are posted to maintain the quality of our pages and keep them valuable. If this comment policy and laid guidelines are not followed, we also hold the rights to block an individual or a group from posting any comments in the future.

Liability: By posting a comment on this blog:

  • You agree that your comments are your own and solely your own responsibility.
  • And, you also agree to hold TheCustomDroid and alls its members harmless from any and all repercussions, damages, or liability.

Be patient: If your comment observes and follows our comment policy and laid guidelines, it will be posted. As mentioned, all comments are moderated by hand to ensure the quality of our website and maintain a good user experience. We ask you to be patient as we moderate.

Contact us: If you find comment(s) that violate our comment policy, let us know by sending an email at

Thank you, and see you in the comments section!