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Install Android O Emoji on Any Android 5.0+ Devices

Google has recently released the next developer preview of Android Oreo on August 22. There are a number of noticeable changes in this release when compared with the previous one. Largely, these are visual changes, and one of them happens to be emoji. For many years now, the inventory Android’s emoji collection has retained a blob-like look which rather looks like the Android mascot. Android O will bring a fresh pair of Android O Emoji instead that you will really know about. The new emoji would be the ones used on just about all popular messaging services. If you weren’t a lover of stock Android’s emoji, you might actually install Android specific emoji right now.


That is, if you’ve got an Android device running Android 5.0 Lollipop and over, which also includes a custom made retrieval installed at least or continues to be rooted with Magisk. Beneath you can see the difference between the new pair of emoji along with the previous ones who carried on until the first developer preview of Android O.

Aside from the emoji, in the new release, you can see the change in the quick settings panel and icon colors also. The new release also brings some more features like notification dots along with a redesigned program shortcuts menu which now also houses the option to select widgets. If you don’t have devices that are getting Oreo update, you’re probably going to have to settle with installing the Android O emoji for the current time.

Install Android O Emoji on almost any Android device


  • Take a Nandroid backup of your current setup: Link
  • Magisk 11.6 or higher: Link
  • TWRP recovery



Stock Emoji:

Instructions to Install Android O Emoji

Even if you’ve got Magisk installed, you may pick the typical flashable zip. It is advisable that you download the Magisk version since it is a systemless mod. Additionally, the flashable zip will modify your system’s font, so there is a slight risk involved. You should have to take a backup of your system partition first.

Install Android O Emoji

  • To install the newest emoji, download one of those zips above.
  • Boot your device into recovery mode.
  • In the TWRP menu, then pick Backup if you are flashing the standard zip and then pick the program partition. Swipe right to initiate the backup procedure.
  • Now select Install in the TWRP main menu and then navigate to the downloaded zip files that you have downloaded.
  • Then Select it and then swipe right to flash the zip. Like this, you can install the Magisk module zip along with the typical flashable zip.
  • When the installation is finished, tap Reboot System.
  • Your device needs to reboot at the moment, and you’re now prepared to send a few Android specific emoji for your friends.

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