Android Security


Prevent Prenormal KG/RMM State on Samsung Galaxy Devices (Guide)

Is the OEM unlock toggle missing on your Samsung Galaxy device? That’s probably because your phone has entered Prenormal KG/RMM State. In this guide, we will show you how to prevent Prenormal KG/RMM State on Samsung Galaxy Devices and avoid being locked again after flashing custom binaries. It is especially meant for users who would […]

How to Detect Procfs Android System Vulnerability and Fix it (Root)

Today, we are here to make you aware of a recently-discovered Android System Vulnerability. Magisk developer @topjohnwu, who discovered it, has also released an app called “ProcGate“. The app will help you detect the Procfs Android System Vulnerability on your device. If your phone is rooted, then the app will also help you fix the […]

What is Xiaomi’s Anti-Rollback Protection? Here’s All You Need to Know

Xiaomi has become quite popular in recent years owing to the wide variety of mobile phones it releases every year, across all price segments,  to suit almost every user’s pocket. It is also known for its signature flagship devices which offer top-notch hardware running the latest Android OS versions at affordable prices. The recently released Poco F1 […]