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How to Install Google ARCore on Any Android Device

Want to try Augmented Reality experience on your Android? This guide will help you install Google ARCore on your Android device. Google has worked for years on project Tango and is finally bringing Augmented Reality to Android via ARCore. Augmented Reality will allow you to bring in digital and physical worlds together. While the project […]

Guide to Parental Control on Android

These days, kids get hold off a smartphone earlier than their milk bottles. And it’s the responsibility of a parent to look after what his or her kid is using the device for. Today, we will help you – the elders, to enable parental control on Android smartphones and tablets. It contains several apps and […]

List of Google Now Commands That You Should Know

The one feature that makes Android a uniform platform is “Google Now”. Today, we are going to discuss a list of Google Now Commands that you should know, and put to use, to ease out your lifestyle. Google Now is an intelligent personal assistant, that came into existence with the release of Jelly Bean 4.1. […]