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Download Google Installer v2 for Xiaomi/Redmi Devices (APK)

Here’s how you can download Google Installer v2 and use it to install Google Play Store on MIUI China ROM. For long enough, Chinese policies have omitted Google Play Store and other Google apps from the Android devices sold in the country. Which means if you wish to download any of the 3.5 billion apps (Source) available […]

How to Download Google Play Store Update

Want to get the latest Play Store version on your Android? In this tutorial, we will demonstrate how you can download Google Play Store update automatically and also force-update it manually. The Google Play Store (Also formerly known as Android Market) is the center of all apps that are published for Android devices. Of course, […]

How to Download Android Apps Outside Play Store

The primary source of most of our third-party apps is the Play Store, and these apps tend to seek various sorts of permissions on the device. But are you absolutely convinced that these permissions are only being used for the correct and stated purpose? I mean, how do we know. While Android is completely open-source, most apps that run […]