Send Uncompressed Images on WhatsApp without Losing Quality

Here are 2 ways to send Uncompressed Images on WhatsApp and preserve the original quality of the images. The time is long gone when we used to share our photos with friends and family through emails and text messages (those could be chargeable too). We are now in an era where sharing your moments is […]

5 Best Secure Messaging Apps for Android [September]

All of the power and capabilities we now get with today’s technology comes at a considerable price; risk of information security and privacy issues. Each time we send a photo, create a call and maybe even text a friend; that info is being stored someplace. This information is allegedly designed to be available only to […]

How to Backup WhatsApp Messages to Your Google Drive

You can now easily backup WhatsApp messages to your Google Drive, with just one tap. WhatsApp has been through a complete makeover since the last few months, several features have been added, while the previous ones were removed or overwritten, in a much better way. The one big change that came to the app, was […]

WhatsApp or Google Hangouts, Which fits in better?

As you got an idea that we are here to discuss the most familiar and in use topic “Messaging”, let us do some of the talking here first, before turning towards the topic of deliberation! So, from where should we start? Without grabbing anymore from the content in these chirpy talks, let’s have an eye pointing to […]