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5 Best Secure Messaging Apps for Android [September]

5 Best Secure Messaging Apps for Android [September]

All of the power and capabilities we now get with today’s technology comes at a considerable price; risk of information security and privacy issues. Each time we send a photo, create a call and maybe even text a friend; that info is being stored someplace. This information is allegedly designed to be available only to the parties involved in the conversation itself, but is it really? This question makes us think about secure messaging apps for Android which can protect our privacy.


But, there are loads of programs which oppose this tendency. Some encrypt your messages until they leave your device, so if they’re intercepted, they will be meaningless. In this article, we have highlighted 5 of our favorite Secure Messaging Apps for Android.

5 Best Secure Messaging Apps for Android [September]
5 Best Secure Messaging Apps for Android [September]

A few of these programs support self-destruction, which deletes the routed data itself following a particular time. No messaging program comes with failsafe and has worries about privacy. Have a look at these most protected messaging programs for Android to ship information security and maintain privacy in daily life.

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List of 5 Best Secure Messaging Apps for Android

1. Signal

A sophisticated end-to-end encryption protocol is found in the program. The program stores only the time in which users continue connected to their servers. There is absolutely no kind of backing up process current in Signal like other programs. ZRTP, a quite famous and analyzed protocol is present for secure voice communication. This protocol permits you to talk privately whenever you would like to.

Best Secure Messaging Apps for Android [September] - Signal
Best Secure Messaging Apps for Android [September] – Signal

This privacy-conscious messaging program comes in Open Whisper Systems who endure Edward Snowden’s seal of approval, no less. Not merely is Signal easy-to-use, but like WhatsApp, conversations are encrypted end-to-end. Moreover, the app generates encryption keys for your phone number during the initial login. This makes it one of the best Secure Messaging Apps for Android.

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The source code for Signal is available online, so security specialists can constantly assess it for vulnerabilities, too. In reality, WhatsApp utilizes some Signal’s source code for messaging.

2. WhatsApp

WhatsApp is one of the hottest messaging programs on the market. In 2016, the firm revealed that it had over one billion consumers. While it might not be the most protected, it may provide a fantastic amount of protection even in times of controversy.

Best Secure Messaging Apps for Android [September] - WhatsApp
Best Secure Messaging Apps for Android [September] – WhatsApp

End-to-end encryption signifies the content of communications isn’t stored in plain text (i.e., as sent/received), but instead as a script which makes no sense to anyone unless they have the key to decrypt it. Even WhatsApp itself is not able to decrypt users’ messages if they are not holding the keys. This final part is really a big step for privacy and information access as authorities cannot pressure WhatsApp to disclose some information since they themselves do not have access.

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3. Secure Chat

Secure Chat brings a new and different concept of communication and security. This app uses OTR (Over-The-Record Messaging Encryption) to protect your privacy. It permits users to produce all of their messaging and calls via the Secure Chat application, which further simplifies the information and functions with nothing but another Secure Chat user on the opposite end, whom the communication is directed to. It is one of the perfect Secure Messaging Apps for Android today.

Best Secure Messaging Apps for Android [September] - Secure Chat
Best Secure Messaging Apps for Android [September] – Secure Chat

So Secure Chat is basically staged by which you may produce your same everyday calls/messages at about a higher degree of security. And you will still be using the same messaging programs you utilized as they are sometimes integrated into Secure Chat.

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4. Telegram

Telegram arrived in the marketplace with anxiety on security attributes. This secure texting program was supported by the Google Play Store as the very best Secure Messaging Apps for Android. Telegram had over 100 million active users in only two and half years with all the qualities of instant messaging apps. The information could be synced on all of your devices.

Best Secure Messaging Apps for Android [September] - Telegram
Best Secure Messaging Apps for Android [September] – Telegram

The encryption of this program is quick and efficient. The encryption key changes each week or instantly after 100 messages for forwarding secrecy. If your phone is beneath the hacking procedure or the encryption keys are in wrong hands. The messages never existing can’t be decrypted.

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5. VIPole

VIPole is a stable, instant messenger created for protected communication. Businesses operate with sensitive and confidential information on a daily basis and communication between its staff members has to be protected. When it is discussing financials linked to some other proposition or sharing contracts involving different sections, businesses can’t rely on just any program available in the marketplace. Only a tool which concentrates on high data security and protecting privacy may satisfy the stringent requirements of an enterprise.

Best Secure Messaging Apps for Android [September] - VIPole
Best Secure Messaging Apps for Android [September] – VIPole

VIPole Application is made for secure messaging, video, calls and file sharing. Individuals may use the program in addition to by groups as well as larger enterprises. An end-to-end encryption ensures that all of the data stored and moved within the program is protected and remains protected at all times.

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Check out more apps:

So, these were some of the cool and very best Secure Messaging Apps for Android. In our opinion, you can go with Signal or VIPole as they are considerably more reliable. Choosing the best of all these is just the state of mind and it varies according to the choice of the user and their need.

In case if you have any problem or doubt regarding the article or you want some other apps in the above list then you can write us in the comments section.

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