Android Issues




How to Detect Procfs Android System Vulnerability and Fix it (Root)

Today, we are here to make you aware of a recently-discovered Android System Vulnerability. Magisk developer @topjohnwu, who discovered it, has also released an app called “ProcGate“. The app will help you detect the Procfs Android System Vulnerability on your device. If your phone is rooted, then the app will also help you fix the […]

How to Boot Safe Mode on Android Phone and How to Turn It Off (Guide)

In this tutorial, you will learn how to boot Safe Mode on Android phone. Booting into the Safe Mode will help you troubleshoot certain software issues. With the advancing development in the Android scene, the chances of recurring issues are increasing as well. These issues might as well come with an OS update, or with […]

How to Disable OnePlus Device Manager and Stop Data Mining

We have recently seen several reports and allegations on the social media and also on some renowned websites like XDA, reporting about a serious issue on OnePlus devices. It concerns your personal data being sent to OnePlus, without your permissions. Check this tutorial to easily disable OnePlus Device Manager and preserve your personal data from being […]

How to Fix Android Oreo Bluetooth Issue

Are you experiencing issues with Android Oreo’s Bluetooth connectivity? You are not alone. After the launch of Android Oreo, many users have reported about the variety of problems in the OS. If you’re one who is looking on how to Fix Android Oreo Bluetooth Issue” then, I have to say, you are at right place. […]