How to Manually Install Moto X Pure Nougat OTA

Manually Install Moto X Pure Nougat OTA

Moto X Pure Edition finally gets the Nougat update. Follow this guide to manually install Moto X Pure Nougat OTA on your device right now!

Indeed, Motorola has lately been the company who abandoned many of its devices when it comes to updates. Only a handful of old devices from Motorola have seen more than one major Android version and others were just left to die. At least that’s not going to be the case today for the Moto X Pure Edition. The device was launched 2 years ago and came with Lollipop out-of-the-box. It was updated to Marshmallow a few months after the release in December 2015 and has only been fortunate enough to recieve security patches until Decemeber 2016. A complete year of no updates whatsoever, the Moto X Pure Nougat update has finally arrived.

Manually Install Moto X Pure Nougat OTA
Manually Install Moto X Pure Nougat OTA

Several users on XDA have already reported that they have started receiving an update notification for Android 7.0 Nougat in the US. However, there has been no official announcement from Motorola’s end. It seems like the company is not ready to do until the rollout begins worldwide.

If you have still got your hands on the device running stock Marshmallow, you can follow this guide to manually install Moto X Pure Nougat OTA.

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Moto X Pure Nougat Update

The update is ready for those who are in the US. You may just head over to Settings > About phone > System updates and check if you have already got it for your device. The current update is still based on Nougat 7.0 with the latest September Security Patches, fixing the infamous BlueBorne vulnerability. The Build number as tagged with the Moto X Pure Nougat update is NPH25.200-22.

Moto X Pure Nougat OTA notification
Nougat OTA notification on Moto X Pure Edition

Thankfully XDA member – gokart2 has managed to grab the OTA zip and mirrored it on Google Drive. The action has been a blessing for those who are still struggling to update in regions other than the US. You can pick up this OTA zip and manually install it on any Moto X Pure Edition phone using the stock recovery.

So now, go on and install Moto X Pure Edition Nougat OTA manually.

Steps to Install Moto X Pure Nougat OTA

Manually installing the OTA requires your device to be complete stock, which means you should not have any custom recovery, ROM, or root installed on your device. If so, then please return back to stock Marshmallow and then follow this guide.


  • As mentioned above, your Moto X Pure Edition device should be in completely stock state.
  • The current Marshmallow build installed on your device must be 24.49-18-16.
  • Take a backup of your phone: Tutorial


  1. Download the Moto X Pure Nougat OTA package:
  2. Connect your phone to the PC in MTP/File Transfer mode and copy the OTA zip to the root (Not in any folder) of the internal storage.
  3. Disconnect the device and power it down.
  4. Press and hold the Volume Down + Power buttons until you see the bootloader mode.
  5. Now, tap on either of the volume keys a few times until you see “Recovery” selected. Then tap on the Power key once to boot into recovery mode.
    Moto G Bootloader Mode
  6. The device will not directly enter into stock recovery, you will see an Android bot with no command text on the screen. When you do see this, press and hold the Power button and tap the Volume Up button once.
  7. Your device should now be in stock recovery.
  8. Navigating in stock recovery is not operated by touch. You will need to use the Volume keys to highlight an option and select/enter it using the Power button.
  9. So highlight “apply update from phone storage” or “apply update from SD card” and select it by pressing the Power key.
  10. You should now be seeing the “” file selected, so just press the Power button to select it and begin the update process.

Now, let the update take its course and wait for it to finish. Once it does, select “reboot system now” option.

Moto X Pure Nougat update has now been installed on your device. You can now enjoy all its major features include split-screen multitasking, improved Doze, notification controls, data saver and much more. You also move along and root Moto X Pure on Nougat using Magisk.

How to Install Magisk Systemless Interface

If you have problems installing this update or rolling back to stock Marshmallow, you can let us know by commenting.


  1. Looks great, and I will get one as soon as one of my current desktops needs replacement.What would be appreciated by me and many others would be a version with an EMPTY hard disk slot and EMPTY RAM slots.This will allow the users to put in the devices they want- I larger HDD, an SSD, or 16 GB of RAM for example. This way we don’t have to waste money on the parts that ship with the box: 2×2 GB RAM and a 500 GB HDD.Honestly, I have many of such spare parts (small RAM modules and 500 GB HDDs) laying around unused, simply because they are not needed anymore.Cheers,PEdit by Clem: Hi Peter. CompuLab also sell barebones units, not for the MintBox 2, but with similar specs and with the same case as “Intense PC”.

  2. Hi my phone has a system version 24.11.18.clark_retus.retus.en.US retus
    Build number TruePureXMM 2.9
    I have tried installing an OTA zip file manually but kept getting an error.
    How would you advice I go about this?
    Thank You.

  3. I tried it and it gave me the same error.

    Will this still work for me?

    Or will i have to wait untill official release of 7.0?

    1. Kindly let me know the build number you are currently on? So that I can try and find the appropriate OTA to update from your current one to Marshmallow and then to Nougat.

      Also mention your device, is it the Moto X Style or the Moto X Pure?

    2. You will first need to update to MPHS24.49-18-8, then to MPHS24.49-18-16, and then use this tutorial. I am unable to capture any OTA for that. If you really wish to update, you can follow the steps below.

      1) Download MPHS24.49-18-8 full firmware:
      2) Flash it using the instructions here:

      Once you have flashed it, let me know I will guide you further so there are no confusions. This will wipe you entire device, so make sure to take a backup first.

    3. I have the build MPHS24.49-18-8 ..Apparently I am also getting the same errorE3001: Package expects build fingerprint of motorola/clark_retus/clark:6.0/MPHS24.49-18-16/8:user/release-keys or motorola/clark_retus/clark:7.0/NPH25.200-22/21:user/release-keys; this device has motorola/clark_retus/clark:6.0/MPHS24.49-18-8/4:user/releas
      E: unkown command [log]
      E: Error in /sideload/
      (Status 7)

      Installation aborted.

  4. It gives me this (after verifying and trying to install):

    E3001: Package expects build fingerprint of motorola/clark_retus/clark:6.0/MPHS24.49-18-16/8:user/release-keys or motorola/clark_retus/clark:7.0/NPH25.200-22/21:user/release-keys; this device has motorola/clark_retus/clark:6.0/MPHS24.49-18-4/5:user/releas
    E: unkown command [log]
    E: Error in /sideload/
    (Status 7)

    Installation aborted.

    1. Hello, this is an incremental OTA and requires your system to be on MPHS24.49-18-8 build number.

  5. Hello, I updated with the link listed above on 11/9/17 but just found out AT&T is updating the Moto x pure with a build number nph25.200_23 and the download from the link is build nph25.200_22. Do you know if there is any difference in the builds? also is there any way to update to the .23 build after doing a manual update with .22?

    1. Hello Mark, I have researched a bit on this and found that the update is same. According to another user at Lenovo forums, 23 is for T-Moble/AT&T(GSM and 22 is for Sprint/Verizon(CDMA).

      I am not sure to what extent that is true. My advice would be, that you stick along with the current firmware you have since there is no difference. In case if I find something, I will make sure to put that up on the blog too.

  6. Dhanajay,

    What do you think the prospect of getting the 7.1 update for Moto X would be? Do you suggest using another update path for further updates?

    Thanks again for the help!


    1. Hi Sean,

      Looking at Motorola’s history with updates, I doubt they will push any further updates, at least not anytime soon. It is a shame, that a close-stock device has been treated like this.

      But that doesn’t stop you from getting unofficial updates through custom ROMs. I now highly suggest custom ROMs for older devices, because not only do they provide more features but also bring the latest security patches.

      It’s nice to see the readers engaging in conversations. Let me know if there’s any other question.

  7. Is there any way to stop the install after you start it? I rooted my phone, unlocked the bootloader, I had thought it would be an improvement like with Windows being able to control everything, but you still can’t control everything and apps like Snapchat break. So last night I did a wipe using twrp after getting stuck in a boot loop after hitting yes to the update. It kept going to twrp and I couldn’t find the file. I still can’t. After the wipe root checker said no root access found. Snapchat worked again, so I kind of figured maybe I could do the ota. I just tried and now I’m stuck in that boot loop again. It takes me to twrp. I can’t find the file in any folder. So I was kind of hoping there might be some way to disable it from trying to install every time I restart. Otherwise I’m going to have to wipe again and just keep hitting no twenty times a day to updating. This is a Moto X Pure.

    1. Root or TWRP, both will prevent the OTA file from flashing. You need to be stock firmware to flash this OTA.

  8. I wish an Oreo update but we know it could be happen, at least we have nougat :D. Thanks Dhananjay.

    1. Yes, we can only hope that Lenovo gives enough attention to the device. The hardware specs are enough to support Oreo. But then, it totally depends on the manufacturer.

    1. Thank you, Rohan, for the appreciation. And apologies for this late response. I am glad it got resolved.

  9. Finally it is moving ahead after 20 minutes or so, so it takes little time on patching system files step and then move ahead fast.

  10. My mobile is stuck on Patching System Files. How long it takes and also what is the size of zip file to just make sure it is completely downloaded.

  11. Thank you so very much for this post, the file and instructions. I updated my phone last night and noticed a huge improvement in battery life today and feel much better knowing that the security patches have been applied. I would not have undertaken this without your help, it is very much appreciated after the long wait for this update.

  12. I want to do it but I don’t know if this is safe, I want to know if it could comes more bugs or problems with the update.

    1. There shouldn’t be any problems. I have gone through different forums like XDA and almost everyone is loving the updating, in every aspect. But if you’re still not sure, I would only ask you to wait until it reaches out to your device, officially.

    2. Well, I did it, everything looks good, but I don’t know, the audio sounds different, speakers doesn’t sound strong and clear as before, I can listen distortion, well that part I listened before the update and I notice it. Thanks.

    3. Go ahead and update your phone. I have been using this new update and its is working perfectly fine.

    4. I’m going to try it in these days. It scare it me a little bit that my phone can not work good after the update.

    5. My phone is working perfectly like old marshmallow OS. No hick up so far. UI is very smooth and phone is behaving faster compare to old marshmallow.

    1. You’re welcome. I just hope I was able to help to the best of my knowledge.

  13. Thank you for the instructions. I tried another person’s instructions and wasted about 30 minutes because they said to hold down the power button and up volume at the “No Command” spot. Your instructions worked perfectly. I wish I’d used them first! I’m now, FINALLY running 7.0 on my 2015 flagship Motorola phone. Lenovo, you are horrible for not updating until now!!!!

    1. You’re welcome, Rob. And thank you so much for the appreciation. I try to do my best to break down the instructions for everyone, in a manner so that every user could understand. I hope I was descriptive enough. Glad you got your phone updated to Nougat! Enjoy!

  14. Thank you for posting the information! It took about 20 mins to update, but it’s working great!

    Very cool of you to post this info for all of us!

    1. Thank you for the kind words, Sean! Glad you found this to be helpful.

  15. I am getting the following error: E3001: Package expects build fingerprint of
    E:unknown command [log]
    E:Error in /sideload/
    (Status 7)
    Can you please provide me a link to where I can download the above build number zip file? My device is a Motorola X Pure Edition phone.(XT1575)

    Thank you for any help you can give in advance!

    1. Hello Chris, could you please confirm the current build number installed on your device? It will help me easily find the correct OTA to update to MPHS24.49-18-16, so that you can further update to Nougat using this guide.

    2. The Current Build Number is: MPH24.49-18
      It shows the System Version as:
      24.12.18.clark_retus.retus.en.US retus

      Thank you for your help!

    3. I had tried this before but tried it again and I get this message: Package expects build fingerprint of motorola/clark_retus/clark:6.0/MPHS24.49-18-8/4:user/release-keys or
      ; this device has:
      E: Error in /sideload/
      (Status 7)

    4. Okay. So it seems like the firmware required to flash is not installed on your device. It must be either MPHS24.49-18-8 or MPHS24.49-18-16. But in your case, it is MPHS24.49-18.

      I have found another instance where another user is stuck in the same situation:

      I believe it is something related to the carrier. IMO, what you can do is, manually flash the MPHS24.49-18-16 factory image and then update to Nougat using this guide.

    5. I have been trying to find the factory image to manually flash it to but I have been unsuccessful in finding the correct image to use. Would you happen to have a link to where I can find the MPHS24.49-18-16 factory image?

      Thank you again for all of your help btw!

  16. Everything went smoothly for me. Took around 15 minutes on the Patching system files step and a couple of minutes on the Unpacking new system files step. Thanks 🙂

  17. Thanks so much for the very detailed instruction. I flashed this last night and it went flawlessly. Some of the best instructions I’ve ever seen. Keep up the good work and thanks for Nougat! I still hadn’t received my OTA upgrade and now I don’t have to keep watching & wondering when. Thanks again!

    1. Thank you so much, Ed. Means everything to us. We are only here to share our knowledge and help you get the best out of your Android. Hope to see you around.

  18. fantastic! worked great but you need patience as the ‘updating system files’ must have taken 10-15 minutes. also after the reboot takes quite a bit till you get to updating apps…
    really apprecitate your work on this…btw I’ve cancelled my Pixel 2 XL order and will now be happy to use my XT 1575 for another year. Hopefully Google will get Samsung to make their next Pixels….lots of issues popping up with the Pixels 2’s
    cheers from Canada…

  19. Good evening:

    What security patch is included in the upgrade? Is it the September patch level?

    Thank you for doing this.

    1. Good evening to you too. Yes, this update includes the September security patches. And you’re most welcome, we are always here for you.

  20. Just completed the update. Everything went smoothly. The entire process from installing the .zip file to optimizing the apps took about 25 minutes. Thanks!

  21. Awesome! Glad I found your site, been wondering where the update has been for months. Definitely the clearest set of instructions I’ve found also. Guys like you that put the time in make it all possible for the rest of us, so we Thank you for that!

    Same as others above, took about 10 minutes on patching system file, probably 15 minutes total and back up and running. Also, my last note, the selection I had to pick was ‘apply update from SD card’, but the new zip file showed up just fine even when placed onto internal memory.

    Can the zip file be deleted after, or does it do that automatically?

    1. Thanks for all the appreciation. That’s what I am here for, trying my best to help Android users. Comments like these just make my days so much better and pushes me to do more 🙂

      As for the “apply update from SD card” selection, I have updated the instructions above to reflect the same. And yes, you will have to manually delete the OTA zip file. There’s no need of it now. Again, thanks for the taking the time to comment here and also for all the nice words.

  22. It took a while on the on the “patching system files” step but otherwise worked great. Thanks.

    1. Hello. Kindly comment in English, so that I could understand it easily. Although I did a translate.

      What is the current build number of the firmware installed on your device?

  23. My build number is MPHS24.49-18-8 will this update work for this build number? Also since I have an SD card as adoptable storage can i use ADB to put the update on my phone?

    1. It should work. And yes, you can use ADB to sideload the OTA. Often times, people find using ADB commands more difficult, that’s why I opted to use the manual selection method.

    2. I tried updating to nougat however it gave me an error saying i require MPHS24.49-18-16 in order to apply the update. Where can i get the update to update to this build number so i can then update to nougat?

    3. Hello Zaid. Okay, it’s still pretty easy to get it.

      The process to install it is similar to the one mentioned in this post. You just gotta use this file instead of the Nougat one posted above. What this OTA will do is, it will update your system from MPHS24.49-18-8 to MPHS24.49-18-16.

      Once you have done that, you can pick up the Nougat zip that is linked above and again perform the procedure to finally update to Nougat.

      I hope it was understandable. If not, feel free to let me know.

    4. It worked flawlessly, thx man nougat is much better and runs faster as well. Your a legend thx for all the help.

  24. After some research and thinking about it, The issue ended up being I was using the SD card as internal storage.
    Once I reversed that and formatted the SD card as external, both internal storage and SD card showed in windows explorer using MTP.
    I had forgotten I did that with the SD card.
    I copied it to Internal and chose update from SD card on the boot and there it was ;=)

    Update was successful.
    I have to admit that Lenovo logo flipping around for awhile had me nervous but then Android was finishing it’s updating and voila’ I have Android 7.0. Thanks so much.

    1. I tried this and only the SD card shows when I’m connected via MTP mode. Internal Storage is not available. Is there a way to correct this?

    2. I did get it to work by doing the following:
      – Turned off the phone and ejected the SD/SIM tray
      – Turned it on and switched to MTP mode on the phone. Internal Storage was now visible in Windows Explorer
      – Copied the update ZIP over to the Internal Storage and performed the steps above again

    3. Thank you for notifying. It seems like for those using adoptable storage, needs to eject the SD card for the time being and then copy the OTA zip to the internal storage over MTP.

    1. Have you tried to place it in the internal storage (Outside all folders)?

    2. Hi Dhananjay, I am trying to place the file at the root location in the internal storage but it seems to have only readonly access. Does not let me paste the update file at the root location

    3. Also, I pasted and tried to install it from SD card, but the recovery does not see the zip file at the location in which I had stored it.

    4. Hello. If you’re using adoptable storage, then kindly eject out the SD tray. Then connect your device to the PC in MTP mode and transfer the zip. I hope it solves your issue.

    1. Great! Nice that you got it working! Hope you enjoy Nougat on your phone now.

  25. I am stuck on “Patching Files” for about ten minutes. How do I restart the phone with 6.0 now?


  26. I also cannot see it on the phone when the SD card option is chosen.
    Seems to want to look for the file in a folder /dat/media/0
    ../ is in the selected area
    I’ll just have to wait for the OTA I guess.

    1. I see articles saying You can’t get access to “/data/media/” without root
      when I Google. I have Marshmallow since I got the phone last year.
      I do not recall doing anything.
      The version is 24.231.16.clark_retus.retus.en.US.retus
      So perhaps that is part of this. I’ll read further

    2. The location you are mentioning is simply the root of the SD card/Internal storage. First of all, make sure that you have the latest stock Marshmallow firmware. Next, download the provided OTA and place it in the root of your Internal Storage. Then try it from the recovery. If it doesn’t show any file, try placing it in the root of SD card.

    3. What if I already use SD card as internal storage?
      Where is he root of SD card?
      Where should I place the zip file?
      Thank you for your help.

    4. Then please place the file in the SD card. Root is the main directory of any storage.

    5. I did paste it to internal storage But no zip file to select in recovery mode.
      Should I make the SD card as external SD card?

    1. Give it a minute or so. If it doesn’t proceed ahead, just force restart your device by holding the power button. Then, try the update again. Also, make sure that the update zip is not damaged/corrupted, due to incomplete download.

  27. Easy instructions and it does work! I would not wait around for Moto to get you updated! Thanks Dhananjay!

    1. I am glad it helped you, Trey! 🙂 Thank you so much for the appreciation.

  28. Everything worked fine UNTIL step 9. I see the in yellow text at the top of the stock recovery text screen, but there is no option ““Apply update from phone storage” – only “Apply update from ADB” and “Apply update from SD card” as stated in Marly’s comment above. However, when I try Dhananjay’s instructions to select “Apply update from SD card” I get the following results:

    ge 0/0
    Supported API: 3

    Internal and external memory cannot be mounted
    Installation aborted.

    This occurs even when I go back an use the option “Mount /system” and try again. Mine is a stock Marshmallow 6.0 with two official updates, the last one 12/2016, no other add-ons or changes. I have tried this pushing to the root dir of the SD card, and pushing it to the root of the Internal storage using Windows, and evn the latter with the SD card completely removed. Nothing gets me past the “Internal and external memory cannot be mounted” issue.

    1. I have the same issue as Scott. Tried mounting/system. Text indicates mounted/system completed. click back on apply update from phone storage and I get the message above.

    2. Normally, it should work without any problems. You may try the ADB option if direct update is not working.

  29. Will this delete any files or app data? Trying to decide if I need to backup everything or just a few.

    1. It should not delete any data on the phone. But, I personally prefer taking a backup beforehand because if anything goes wrong, I can restore back.

    1. I wouldn’t recommend that. The OTA zip will detect that the system has been modified and fail to install. I would advise you to turn back completely stock and then use this OTA method.

  30. Hello .. I do not see the zip file when I put in root storage or in another folder like download. Its like its not recognizing the *.zip files. I do not extract it right?

    1. Are you placing the file in the internal storage or the SD card? No, there’s no need to extract it.

  31. I transferred the OTA update to my phone’s internal storage but when I get into stock recovery mode I don’t see an option for “Apply update from phone storage”. The only options I have are “apply update from ADB” and “apply update from SD card”.

    1. Hello, Marly, the option you need to choose is “apply update from SD card”. I will also update the steps accordingly. Let me know how it goes 😉 Good luck!

    2. Everything went well. Nougat was successfully installed on my MXPE. I couldn’t be happier. I was growing too impatient waiting for the OTA update. Phone is a lot snappier now with many software improvements.

    3. I am happy to know that! I can understand your situation. It’s a sense of relief with the Nougat update. 😉

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