How to Hard Reset Xiaomi Mi A1 to Factory Settings (2 Methods)

Hard Reset Xiaomi Mi A1 using Stock Recovery and Settings

In this article, we will guide our readers on how to hard reset Xiaomi Mi A1 using stock recovery or settings menu.


First, let us talk a bit about ‘Factory Reset’ or traditionally called ‘Hard Reset’. It is basically a restoring process of software of an electronic device (like Xiaomi Mi A1 in the present case). This restoring process will bring the device to its original system state. Just like it was when you first took the device out-of-the-box.

This could be done by wiping away all of the information/data amassed on the device so that the software of the device can be brought back to its manufacturer settings.

One of the main reasons as to why you are reading this article is probably the Xiaomi Mi A1 Android Pie update. As we all know, this recent update has caused the device to become vulnerable to many issues. One of the best methods to deal with these issues is to factory reset Xiaomi Mi A1. So the present article is here for your rescue wherein the next few paragraphs will assist you to hard reset Xiaomi Mi A1.

But before you get there, go through a list of situations where factory resetting the device will help you.


  • Apps or data slowing down your device over time.
  • In case you’re planning to sell your Mi A1.
  • Facing software issues like lags, force-closes, etc.
  • The latest software update has minor issues.

Well, those are just a few to count. There could be several reasons for why you would want to factory reset Xiaomi Mi A1.

Now, you can factory reset Xiaomi Mi A1 using two different methods. The first method is via device settings and the second one is based on using the stock recovery. Out of the two methods, the former is the easier one and widely adopted by the users.

Hard Reset Xiaomi Mi A1 in Settings

  1. Go to the app drawer and launch ‘Settings‘.
    Hard Reset Xiaomi Mi A1 in Settings - 1
  2. Open the Reset menu. Out of the following two, choose the one that fulfills your configuration:
    • For Android 7.1.2 Nougat: Select ‘Backup & reset option.
    • For Android 8.0 Oreo: Go to System‘ -> ‘Reset‘.
  3. Tap on ‘Factory data reset‘.
    Hard Reset Xiaomi Mi A1 in Settings - 2
  4. Scroll down and tap on ‘RESET PHONE‘.
  5. Finally, select ‘ERASE EVERYTHING‘ to hard reset Xiaomi Mi A1.
    Hard Reset Xiaomi Mi A1 in Settings - 3

After following the above steps, your phone will reboot and perform a full reset. Now, if your device is stuck in a bootloop or you’re not able to access the OS for some reason, then follow method 2 below. The steps will help you factory reset Xiaomi Mi A1 using stock recovery.

Hard Reset Xiaomi Mi A1 using Stock Recovery

  1. Switch off the Xiaomi Mi A1
  2. Press and hold together the Volume Up and Power buttons until Mi logo pops up on the screen.
  3. Then release the buttons to boot into Stock Recovery.
  4. An Android bot with the ‘No command’ message should appear on the screen.
    Hard Reset Xiaomi Mi A1 - No Command Screen
  5. Hold down the Power button and tap the Volume Up key once.
  6. Scroll to ‘Wipe data/factory reset using Volume button.
    Hard Reset Xiaomi Mi A1 using Stock Recovery
  7. Select it using the Power button.
  8. When prompted, select ‘Yes‘ to confirm and hard reset Xiaomi Mi A1.

Once your device boots, you will see the initial setup screen. Which means the process was successful.

So you have just been able to factory reset Xiaomi Mi A1 using Stock recovery or Settings. If you have any questions, leave them in the comments below.


    1. Nataraja, I think you’re confusing two different things. The “no command” screen is just an initial screen that you’ll see when entering recovery mode on your Mi A1.

      The internal process of factory resetting is essentially the same. When you perform it via the Settings (Method 1), the phone will reboot, enter recovery mode, and perform a reset automatically. Whereas in the second method, you do the same, but manually. Also, the latter is only needed if your phone couldn’t enter the OS for some reason.

  1. Hi,

    I forgot password of my mia1 and volume up botton is not working.

    Is there any other alternative?


    1. Jin, the only way I can think of is if USB debugging is enabled on your Mi A1. Did you enable it previously?

  2. Hi,
    Please note I tried to flash lineage os in my mi a1. The os was installed properly but Google apps were missing. So, I tried several times to install gapps but not successful. So I formatted all the data recovery , data, boot etc. With bacon root tool kit. Now I am not able to to get the the phone in my stock rom. Please note I want my phone to be in the first rom like a new one. So, please help.

    1. Hi Sandeep. I would suggest staying away from one-click toolkits as much as possible. You never would know what they would do in the background. When you opt for doing things manually, you will know exactly how things work.

      Anyhow, let’s focus the attention on getting your device back to full stock. To do this, first download the latest V10.0.23.0 (July update) fastboot ROM from here:

      Once you have downloaded it, let me know so that I can guide you further.

  3. I have hard reset using the menu under setting. But after that, my Mi A1 shows some pop up advertisement, even though I have change the google chrome no adds setting. What could happen to my phone?

    1. Hi. Such issues shouldn’t pop up, especially after a hard reset. The ads are either triggered by the website you’re using OR by a shady third-party app installed on the phone.

      May I know the exact list of the apps that you have downloaded and installed on your phone?

  4. hi can you help me my mi a1 it takes 4hrs to fully charge how to fix this? its too long to full charge even its swich off 🙁 tnx 🙂

    1. Hi Kenike. If it takes the same amount of time when charging in the powered off state, then it’s probably the charger or the phone’s battery unit that’s a culprit.

      Have you tried using a different charger with a similar power output?

  5. Hi , My MI A1 Phone is showing is in ON condition but its showing process system not working
    Kindly help me in how to fix this?

    1. Hi Jeevan, how exactly did this happen? And let me know, is your phone’s bootloader unlocked?

  6. i have rooted Mi A2, i wanna go for Stock. can i hard reset or how to flash stock zip, plz help

    1. Hi Anuj. A hard/factory reset is not at all similar to restoring the stock firmware. A hard reset just erases all the data on your phone, including the storage.

      If you would like to restore the stock firmware, you can download the fastboot image from here and flash it using the Mi Flash Tool. Make sure that you take a full backup of all your data first.

    1. Hey, I’ve done the second method as my phone is stuck on mi logo while restarting but when I initiated this process, it again stuck on the wiping data….. & formatting /data.
      What to do now, please help me.

    2. Hi Mayank. By any chance, did you unlock the bootloader and try modifying the software (Magisk, etc) prior to this?

  7. Hello!
    I have used Hard Reset on my Xiaomi Mi A1.
    But the screen stuck forever with the following message:
    “Supported API: 3
    –Wiping data…
    Formatting /data”

    I have tried several times – no luck to reset to factory settings
    Any ideas guys?

    1. Hi Jim, did you have any modifications done to the device previously? Such as Root using Magisk?

    2. Hey same problem there, I’ve never done modification to the device, suddenly one day went off and cannot start again. Now after no command and click power + volum up it get stucks on screen with a message on the bottom left corner with Supported api : 3 and rest of the screen black. Could you help mw?

    3. If you have not done any modification, I will recommend you to take your device to the nearest service center. Any major modifications from our end may result in the breakage of the warranty.

  8. Didn’t have ‘backup & reset’ option in settings.
    When I used the Stock Recovery, it restored Oreo, not Nougat, even though the device came with Nougat.

    Any suggestions?
    Thank you!

    1. Hi Scott, I believe you’re trying to downgrade the firmware back to Nougat, right?

    2. I tried to do this to get back to nougat but it was still oreo, im wonderiing if i dont sign into my google account in the first steps next time then will maybe it reset to nougat and I can sync my stuff from the drive later?????

      My issue is reboots during calls

    3. Hi Jose, a hard reset and software downgrade are two different things. The issue you’re talking about should be fixed with the latest update. Use the fastboot ROM (method 1) from here to upgrade to v9.5.10.0.

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