Download OnePlus Nord OxygenOS OTA Updates & Installation Guide (Latest: OxygenOS

OnePlus Nord OxygenOS OTA Updates Download and Installation Guide

This page serves as a repository through which you can download all OxygenOS OTA updates for the OnePlus Nord released to date. This includes the latest OxygenOS (Android 11) update that brings a slew of exciting new features and the latest March 2021 security patch. Further, we will show you how to manually install OxygenOS updates on OnePlus Nord using the Local Upgrade option in Settings.


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Manually Upgrading OxygenOS on OnePlus Nord

OnePlus offers quite promising software support for all its phones and the OnePlus Nord is no different. Ever since the phone’s launch in July this year, the company has rolled out monthly security updates in a timely manner. It’s expected that the OnePlus Nord will also be one of the next few phones from the company to receive the Android 11 (OxygenOS 11) update.

Like any other Android device, OxygenOS updates for the OnePlus Nord are rolled out over-the-air (what we normally refer to as “OTA updates“). Since the rollout takes place in a staged manner, these updates are made available for a small percentage of devices initially, followed by a wider rollout in the following days/weeks. This ensures that no critical bugs are present in the update before it is publicly available for everyone.


This also means that you’ll often need to wait for the latest OTA update to arrive on your phone. Well, not necessarily. If you wish to upgrade your phone to the latest OxygenOS version right now, then you can simply download the latest OxygenOS OTA package for your OnePlus Nord from below and install it manually using the provided instructions.

You could also use the Oxygen Updater app to immediately get the latest updates on your phone.

Before you attempt to manually upgrade your phone, it’s strongly advised to check if the OTA update for automatic installation is available for your device or not. To do this, go to “Settings” → “System” → “System updates” on your phone. Only resort to the manual installation if the automatic OTA isn’t available.

Download OnePlus Nord OxygenOS Updates

Below, you will find the download links of all OxygenOS OTA/Full ROM packages for the OnePlus Nord. These links have been sorted according to the different models of the phone and have been listed in chronological order.



These are pulled directly from OnePlus’ updater servers and are full OTA packages. Meaning, they can be installed over any previous OxygenOS version installed on your phone, unlike incremental OTAs.

Note: Tables below are scrollable.

For Global variant

For Europe variant

OxygenOS version Changelog link Google Security Patch version Full OTA download link
OxygenOS 10.5.2.AC01BA​ View release thread 2020-07
OxygenOS 10.5.3.AC01BA​ View release thread 2020-07
OxygenOS 10.5.4.AC01BA​ View release thread 2020-07
OxygenOS 10.5.5.AC01BA​ View release thread 2020-07
OxygenOS 10.5.6.AC01BA​ View release thread 2020-07
OxygenOS 10.5.7.AC01BA​ View release thread 2020-07
OxygenOS 10.5.8.AC01BA​ View release thread 2020-09
OxygenOS 10.5.9.AC01BA​ View release thread 2020-10
OxygenOS 10.5.10.AC01BA​ View release thread 2020-12
OxygenOS 10.5.11.AC01BA​ View release thread 2021-01
OxygenOS 11.AC01BA​ View release thread 2021-01
OxygenOS​ View release thread 2021-01
OxygenOS​ View release thread 2021-03

For India variant


Ensure that you fulfill all the requirements listed below before you proceed to the installation instructions.

1. Take a Backup: Manually installing updates does not erase any data on your phone. However, to be precautious and for safeguarding, make sure that you take a backup of all your data stored on the device.

You could take a look at our article here on backing up different types of data stored on Android devices.

2. Install OnePlus USB Drivers (if required): Download the latest OnePlus USB drivers from here and install them on your Windows computer.

These will only be required if you download the ROM package on your PC and need to transfer it to your phone’s storage during the installation instructions.

3. Charge your OnePlus Nord: Charge your phone to a minimum of 40-50% battery level. This will ensure that it doesn’t suddenly power off due to low battery during the software update process.

How to Manually Install OxygenOS Updates on OnePlus Nord

The stock OxygenOS software includes an in-built update option called ‘Local Upgrade’. This option is located in the phone’s settings menu and can be used to manually install OxygenOS updates on the OnePlus Nord. To do this:

  1. First, download the full ROM/OTA package of the OxygenOS update you want to install.
  2. Connect your OnePlus Nord to the computer and transfer the update package to the root directory (outside all folders) of the phone’s internal storage.
  3. Once the file has been placed in the correct location, open the Settings menu, and scroll down to the bottom.
  4. Select ‘System‘ and then ‘System updates‘.
    Go to 'Settings' > 'System' > 'System updates' on OnePlus Nord
  5. Press the cogwheel icon on the top-right of the screen and select the ‘Local Upgrade‘ option.
    • The system will automatically detect and fetch the OxygenOS full ROM file.
      Select Local Upgrade Option on OnePlus Nord
  6. Tap the ROM file and select ‘INSTALL NOW‘ when prompted. The in-built updater will now install the ROM file of the OxygenOS update on your OnePlus Nord.
    Install OxygenOS OTA on OnePlus Nord using Local Upgrade
  7. Once the installation finishes press the ‘REBOOT’ button shown on the phone’s screen.
    OnePlus Nord OxygenOS OTA Installation Complete

Your phone should now reboot into the updated OxygenOS software with the latest Android security patch.

It’s also possible to install the latest OxygenOS OTA update on your rooted OnePlus Nord, while still preserving root.

That’s it! You have just learned how to download and manually install OxygenOS updates on the OnePlus Nord. You can repeat the same process every time a new update is released. We will be keeping this page constantly updated with the download links for every new update that is released.

If you find any bugs or face any issues, use the OnePlus Community app or use the integrated feedback tool to provide your feedback. This shall help accelerate the development process and help OnePlus quickly roll out future updates.

If you have any questions regarding this update or feel stuck anywhere while performing the update, let us know.

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