Are you facing battery drain on the newly installed Android Oreo? Here are a few tips that will help you fix Android Oreo battery drain problem.

Android Oreo 8.0 was released a few days ago, accompanied by some really interesting additions that make the whole user experience way better. We have already talked to you about the top Android Oreo features that you should know of. If you have recently updated to Oreo and your device is not performing well in terms of battery-life, then we are here to assist you. The steps below are a bunch of tips that will help you Fix Android Oreo Battery Drain.

Fix Android Oreo Battery Drain

Now, there’s no certain bug in Android Oreo 8.0 that shall cause a battery drain (nothing that is reported until today). If you have updated by manually flashing the system image, then you should probably be fine. But there could be several reasons to a drain if you have updated through OTA.  So just follow the tips below to resolve Android Oreo battery drain issue.

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Steps to Fix Android Oreo Battery Drain Problem

  1. 3G/4G LTE bands are known for battery hogging due to the high peak power ratio, when compared to 2G. So if you’re not using 4G/3G data, it is better to switch to 2G/GSM for calling and texting purpose.
  2. Switch off the Wi-Fi if not in use or assess if you abandon it on since the time you used it. Android Oreo does offer a very useful feature, that would automatically turn ON the WiFi if you’re in the location of a saved WiFi network.
  3. Keeping the location/GPS services ON at all times could be the least of it, but keeping it OFF at times of no use should have a bit of effect on battery.
  4. Similarly, if your device is not connected to your automobile’s sound system or portable Bluetooth system, then it better to keep it OFF.
  5. You may also fix Android 8.0 Oreo Battery Drain Problem by keeping the brightness level to lowest, in the provided conditions. Or, you can also set it to Auto for optimal brightness usage.
  6. Battery drain issues are mainly a result of unnecessary apps running in the background. Android Oreo intelligently maps any app running in the background, so if you have unused apps running, swipe them off from the Recents (Multitasking) screen.
  7. Some apps require more virtual memory to work and thus drain the battery rapidly. So get rid of any such apps that hog the battery (Uninstall them).
  8. Additionally, you may turn ON the Battery Saver option in Settings > Battery to conquer battery drain issues. Battery Saver automatically takes the appropriate steps to lower battery consumption due to factors like brightness, audio profile, etc.
  9. It could also be a problem with the current build installed on your device. If it is so, you may just hold on until an OTA update arrives with the fix.

Those are all the tips that shall help you solve Android Oreo battery drain problem in a jiffy. If you have a rooted Android device, you can make use of the popular BetterBatteryStats app that lets you analyze the device for a system or app wake-locks to deal with drainage issues.

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So with these essential tips, you can easily fix Android Oreo Battery Drain Problem. You can try them all on regular basis to solve battery issues. In case if you have some doubts or suggestions then please write us in comments system.

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