How to Easily Install ViPER4Android on Android Oreo 8.0/8.1

Install ViPER4Android on Android Oreo 8.0

Give a nice uplift to your Android’s audio through one of the most popular sound mods available for the platform. This guide will help you install ViPER4Android on Android Oreo pretty easily.

ViPER4Android has been around our Android customization community for a long time now. It has enabled us, users, to take full advantage of the inbuilt audio of our Android devices. The mod is like no other and has helped us on previous occasions, including Marshmallow and Nougat. Using the steps below, you will be easily able to install ViPER4Android on Android Oreo devices.

Update (10 October 2018): The old method is now deprecated. This tutorial has been updated with a new method that utilizes Magisk.

Install ViPER4Android on Android Oreo 8.0/8.1

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ViPER4Android on Android Oreo 8.0/8.1

There has been no official news from the V4A developer’s end (Yet) about support for Android Oreo. At first, we were quite unsure if the same installation method would work on devices running the latest Android version. But after several days of trials and immense failures, we have managed to install ViPER4Android on Android Oreo successfully without any hiccups.

It seemed that Oreo brought a bunch of its own security-related changes that affected a lot of root-enabled apps. But there’s a solution to everything when you are a part of the Android customization community. The method has been personally tested and is working on both the test devices – Google Pixel 2 XL (Android 8.1 Oreo), Nexus 6P (Android 8.0 Oreo), and OnePlus One (custom ROM).

Thanks to XDA Recognized Developer ahrion, you can now install ViPER4Android on any phone running Android 8.0/8.1 Oreo. This could be done simply by installing the dedicated Magisk Module. Please visit the original XDA thread for more information.

Now before you head over to the instructions below to install ViPER4Android on Android Oreo, take a quick look at some of the features that it offers.

ViPER4Android Features

The V4A app interface was given a retouch with Nougat release and the menu is now much more refined for new users to get handy to. If you’re new to the whole scene, you would first want to look at the different sound modifications that ViPER4Android offers.

  1. Playback Control: Control the output audio volume of Android by amplifying or abating it.
  2. FET Compressor: Limits the FET circuits in Android to avoid any damage to audio hardware.
  3. Viper-DDC: Pre-defined profiles for a large list of supported headphones to get the most out of them.
  4. FIREqualizer: 10-band FIR (Finite Impulse Response) filter equalizer for refined control over every audio tone.
  5. Viper Bass: Get the best control over Bass by customizing the frequency and using different modes – Natural, Pure Bass+ and Subwoofer.
  6. Viper Clarity: Balance out the heavy bass and clear audio while listening to music.

These were some of the features that are implemented in V4A. I understand they could be somewhat difficult to understand by just reading them, but they do give you a fair idea. Once you start using it, you will understand ‘what-does-what’. To get these, follow the instructions below to install ViPER4Android on Android Oreo.

Build Information

ViPER4Android version:

Codename: Beautiful

Operating environment: Android 2.3 / 4.0 / 4.1 / 4.2 / 4.3 / 4.4 / 5.0 / 6.0 / 7.0 / 8.0 (Unofficially)

Supported CPU platforms: ARM, ARM64, and x86


  • ViPER4Android requires your device to be rooted with Magisk. If you still haven’t rooted your phone, then you can also follow our detailed tutorial or find your device-specific guide by using the search bar on the top-right of this page.
  • Next, make sure that you take a Nandroid backup of your current ROM setup. In case anything goes wrong (It shouldn’t if you follow the instructions correctly), you can have the chance to restore back to its stable state.

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How to Install ViPER4Android on Android Oreo

  1. Download ViPER4Android FX Magisk
  2. Connect your phone to the PC and copy the Magisk module to your phone’s internal storage.
  3. Once transferred, go to the app drawer and launch ‘Magisk Manager‘.
  4. Tap on the menu icon on the top-left of the screen.
    Install ViPER4Android on Google Pixel 2 - Go to Modules
  5. Select ‘Modules‘.
  6. Tap on the plus “+” icon.
    Install ViPER4Android on Google Pixel 2 - Open ViPER4AndroidFX Module
  7. Navigate to the internal storage and select the ‘ file to install ViPER4Android on Android 8.0/8.1 Oreo.
  8. The installation screen will appear.
  9. When prompted for ‘Select version‘, tap the Volume Up key for v2.5.0.5 or Volume Down key for v2.3.4.0.
  10. Next, tap Volume Up or Volume Down if you want to install material UI V4A app or the original one, respectively.
    Install ViPER4Android on Google Pixel 2 - Install ViPER4AndroidFX Module
  11. As soon as you do that, the module will instantly install ViPER4Android on Google Pixel 2 or Pixel 2 XL.
  12. Once installed, tap on the ‘REBOOT‘ button.
Install ViPER4Android on Android Oreo - Driver Status
Install ViPER4Android on Android Oreo – Driver Status

Select “Driver Status”. It should display the status value as “Normal”. You are now ready to give a nice push to your phone’s audio experience by customizing settings in the ViPER4Android app.

Great, you have succeeded to install ViPER4Android on Android Oreo. Go on and modify the settings to enjoy a more soothing and enhanced audio experience. You may also want to check the Impulse Response Sample (IRS) index at XDA forums.

If you have any problems while installing ViPER4Android on Android Oreo, feel free to ask us through the comments.


  1. Hi Dhananjay, glad the module’s working for you! Since I still update the mod occasionally, the link changes with the version number (I just updated it to 1.7.5 so the link you have posted here is dead). The url that’ll always have the latest build is: Just click the ViPER4AndroidFX link and it’ll download whatever the current version is for you 🙂

    1. Hello, it’s a pleasure to see your comment here. Thank you for pointing me to the right link. I have updated it so that the readers can directly get the latest version available.

  2. V4a says error installing driver, due to busybox is not installed, though i had busybox installed and root is with magisk, there is a screenshot i captured , i could mail it to u if i get you mail id, help would be appreciated.

    1. Hello Lohit, since you’re using Magisk, I will recommend you an easier and more direct method. You can install V4A using a Magisk Module. The one I am talking about is mentioned here in this tutorial. The steps are the same for any device. I am currently running it on my Pixel 2 XL running Android P DP5.

    2. Hi Dhananjay, thanks for the guide.
      First time I was following this guide but failed, then I read this comment and then follow your other guide (using Magisk) and it works. Great.
      Now my question is: Can I delete (uninstall) the BusyBox and SELinuxSwitch apps since I don”t use them because I follow your other guide instead? If it’s ok I prefer to have no useless app on my phone, but if you tell me to keep them, I’d do that.

  3. Hi! I did not find audio_effects.conf. I found audio_config.xml(sorry for any error in my english)

    1. Me too found only audio_effects.XML in DU12 ROM and AOSP EXTENDED for nexus 5.any way out.

    2. Hi Sandeep, where exactly did you look in for the ‘audio_effects.conf’ file? Kindly share the location to the exact folder.

    3. I also found the .XML file instead of the .conf file also the .conf file is nowhere to be found. Searched in /Vendor/etc.

      Also my drivers won’t install. The app tells me to restart the phone and after i open the app again it asks me again to install the drivers.

  4. V4android everything done as you said. After driver installation rebooted the phone , but doesn’t working. The app displays driver installation window again.

  5. Thank you so much! Been lokking for g for a not shitty android oreo Eq for ages!
    Didn’t work fist time around but tried again and had more patience when installen the Viper driver and it works now on my oneplus one running aosp android 8.1.
    Do I need to keep selinux switch on permissive mode after installing or can I delete it and will Viper keep working? Google keeps spamming me its a dangerous application

    1. Hi Bobby, I am glad it worked for you as well. I am using the same at my end too. As for the SELinux status, it is meant to be kept. And don’t worry, since we are modifying a security protocol on our device, it will show that error via Google Play Protect.

      You can either ignore it or go to Settings -> Security & location -> Google Play Protect and disable the following two options.

      1) Scan device for security threats
      2) Improve harmful app detection

      I hope this will help.

  6. Hello Maurice! Thank you for the kind words. I am glad the instructions proved useful to you.

  7. Thanks a bunch m8,. Very refreshing to find proper instructions on a website I’ve never seen before 😀
    Running it now on my Mi5 with Lineage Os 15.1

    It’s good to note that it won’t work on some players like Shuttle+ and stock Lineage Music.

    Thanks for your efforts!!

  8. Still getting error driver install failed. Busybox selinux all set..couldnt found audio_effect.conf in system/vendor/etc. Rom is pixel experience 8.1.0 19/1/18 build. Please help me.

    1. Hi Rakesh, audio_effects.conf file is present under /vendor/etc and NOT /system/vendor/etc. Kindly let me know how it goes further. All the best!

    2. can’t find audio_effect.conf in /root/vendor/etc. only find xxxx.xml
      ROM Los 15.1

  9. Guys why this much locha if u have custom ROM just unzip the file and install and open grant access driver will install and reboot m currently running on android 8.1 no zhamela ml a???

    1. Yes, but the thing is that many users here aren’t running custom ROMs. Further, not all custom ROMs come with Busybox pre-installed. It can vary from device-to-device.

      Just like you, I am using it on my Nexus 6P. But the method fails when I tried on the OnePlus One and OnePlus 5. Thank you, Sunny for taking the time to comment. Appreciate it.

  10. Hi,

    I keep getting the message “Driver install failed: The busybox installation found on your device does not work. This usually means you installed a wrong or broken busybox. V4A needs Stericson’s busybox to work. If you are sure you installed the proper busybox, then please confirm your device has been completely rooted.”

    My setup: Oneplus 2 on Lineage 15.0 beta, rooted with Magisk, TWRP recovery. Stericson’s busybox 1.27.2 installed to /system/xbin and /system/bin. Root Checker confirms root. Have tried even with complete wipe for several times. I had V4A (guitardedhero version) running on CM 14.1 custom ROM before (deleted old folders).

    Any help would be appreciated 🙂

    1. It’s amazing how you found the solution to your problem, as well that of many others here. Appreciate your contribution.

  11. I installed busy box, changed the name, set selinux to permissive, installed the IO test APK and downloaded the latest drivers. But the driver status says
    Neon not enabled
    Enabled No
    Status abnormal
    Audio format unsupported
    Processing no
    Sampling rate 0

  12. ok i very thankfull for ur attantion, but i think i just wait for another upgrading Viper for Oreo OS, if i have to wipe again my apps, setting, etc
    Thanks Dhananjay ??

    1. You are welcome. I will keep this article posted if there’s an update.

    1. In your case, what I would recommend is, make a clean/fresh install. Are you using TWRP or OxygenOS Recovery?

  13. ya i trying all, still not working, viper always ask for update driver, i do not know what i miss, i did try start from the beginning still not working ?

    1. No, you wouldn’t be missing anything. With everything done, it should work, until and unless the problem is with the ROM. We have to take that into consideration too.

      Instead of OOS 5.0, have you given a try to latest Open Beta 19?

    1. Normally, sbin/supersu/xbin should work the best. As it works for me on my Nexus 6P.
      You may try /system/xbin though as a secondary option. And I hope you’re using the Nougat IO Fix APK in /priv-app folder. If not you may also try to install it as a user app.

    1. The error is caused either due to audio_effects.conf or busybox installation. Mostly due to the latter. Kindly check what other busybox installation locations are available?

    1. Everything looks good. Kindly try changing SELinux status to permissive.
      After you have set it to permissive, reboot your device and check the drivers again. See if it helps.

  14. hallo, i’m from Indonesia, sory for my english, i using a oneplus 3t OOS 5 Oreo & viper is the best, i already try all thing, but still the viper not working, please help….

    1. Hello Ivan. Could you please show me a screenshot of the exact error you’re getting? It will help analyze the problem in a much better way and help you faster.

    2. not showing error, always ask for viper update driver, i already using busy box pro 1.27.2

    3. 1) Have you renamed “audio_effects.conf” file?
      2) Which root method are you using?
      3) Busybox is installed to which location?

  15. Hello, I come from China, because my English is not very good, so I can only use Google translation, when installing the busybox mobile phone that can not be installed, I am sure that I am using Stephen (Stericson) Busybox, but still cannot install, what what method can be installed busybox, my equipment is Google nexus 6, there is no official update, use third party ROM update to the Android O, if there are other ways to please tell me.Because there is a Chinese the Great Wall firewall in mainland China, it is difficult for us to visit foreign content. If you can, please reply to this email in If you can’t send mail to this mailbox, you can go to thank you

  16. 4) The file contains two APKs:
    – ViPER4Android_FX_v2505_A4.x-A7.x.apk
    – ViPER4Android_FX_v2505_A7.x_Nougat_IO_test_fix.apk
    Which one did you use?

    You can upload your screenshot to and then share the link here.

    1. Please answer the following questions for me to better understand the problem.
      1) Have you renamed “audio_effects.conf” in /vendor/etc?
      2) Kindly provide a screenshot of the busybox app.
      3) Have you installed V4A Nougat IO Fix APK?
      4) Have you installed the APK as system or user app?

    1. I have recently been in touch with another user who tried this on Moto X 2014 running LineageOS 15. And his installation got stuck at the same, that is status: abnormal. How are you rooted on LineageOS? Through SuperSU? Also, have you set SELinux as Permissive.

  17. Installed the drivers sucessfully .done rebooted the phone n when i open viper it again asks for installing drivers over n over again no mater how many time i install the driver

    1. Seems like a common busybox error that I have faced several times before. It is basically caused due to incorrect or incomplete busybox installation. Kindly share a screenshot of Stericson’s Busybox app.

    2. Hello Pranav, have you renamed the audio_effects.conf file? Also, have you installed the V4A IO Fix APK to /SYSTEM/PRIV-APP?

      Which root method are you using? and kindly mention the device and ROM too.

  18. Did you make sure to remove/disable any other possible equalizers? Even those within apps such as Google Play Music.

  19. Hi, I am running OOS Beta 16 on my OP3T. Followed your method but whenever I install drivers, reboot and run the app it shows me dialogue to install drives. Do you the fix for this ?

    1. Was able to get the drivers installed.

      1. Set SELinux permissions
      2. Installed drives from viper app without reboot
      3. Rebooted.

      Now drivers are installed but status says –
      Driver Status :
      Neon Enabled : No
      Status : Abnormal
      Audio Format : Unsupported
      Processing : No

      Any idea ?

    2. Was able to get this work.

      Opened root files system in Solid Explorer
      Switched to busybox pro and re-installed busybox
      Switched to Permissive SELinux
      Installed V4A apk

      It is working.

    3. Will it work with magisk,( not SuperSu) ?
      Because magisk has built in busy box and other busy boxes wont install…

    4. Technically, it should. You can skip the busybox part in the instructions above and give it a whirl. If it doesn’t work, kindly report back.

  20. not working for me, my device is moto x 2014 with rom aosp extended android 8, selinux is permissive, root with magisk, busy box installed, install viper and driver but message in driver status “abnormal” “audio format: unsupported” how fix issue:?? thanks bro

    1. Hello. Did you make sure that the audio_effects.conf file has been renamed? One more thing. Please cross check that no other equalizer (standalone or inbuilt in music player apps) is active.

    2. Okay. There could be two things that I could point out for this situation.
      1. V4A is conflicting with another app/equalizer running on your device. Perhaps a sound mod included in the ROM? Or, it could be an equalizer in a music app that is installed?

      Also, go to Settings > Apps & notifications > App info and check for AudioFX or MusicFX. If there’s such an app, disable it. Then reboot and try again.

      2. It could be a busybox error. While for me, on both my devices, Stericson’s FREE busybox worked just fine. However, for the user below, the problem was solved my installing the PRO version.

      Kindly check in with these two things. Also, make sure that after every modification/installation you do, reboot your phone for the changes to take effect.

    3. I send message for you in instagram, look tour box messages, i install busy box pro in xbin, bin, su/xbin, su/bin, delete musicfix in system/private/APP reboot and nota working for me 🙁

  21. just completed this on op3t on LOS15 alpha (1005), the only part it failed was the installing of busybox where instead I had to flash the zip file in twrp, so if you run into similar problems, this would be the only change to the steps mentioned above. everything else worked perfectly!

  22. Sadly not working on my N6P. I first flashed System, Boot, Vendor again from the October Factory Image. Afterwards I flashed EX Kernel 5.04 and SuperSU 2.82 with TWRP. Used Root Checker to make sure I am rooted correctly and I am rooted like Root Checker shows and apps like Greenify work in Root Mode to without problems. Then I started your tutorial. I installed Busybox from the PlayStore and in BusyBox I got the message the installation was successfully done. After completing all the other steps just like you´ve shown them here I always get the error in Viper4Android when I open the app to install the kernel that Busybox wasnt installed properly or if I am sure that BusyBox works correctly I am not rooted successful. But like I said before I´m rooted correctly and BusyBox works like it should. Any solution ?

    1. Okay, so I am running it on my 6P as well. Here’s a brief overview of what I did exactly.

      Setup: Nexus 6P | Stock | Rooted (SuperSU 2.82 SR5) | Stock Kernel (decrypted)

      1) Sericson’s Busybox
      2) Rename “Audio_effects.conf” to “audio_effects.conf.bak”.
      3) Change SELinux to Permissive (Very important).
      4) Reboot
      5) Install V4A Nougat IO Fix APK as user app.
      6) Driver installation

      and done! Kindly keep a check with the things I mentioned above and let me know if anything is changed.

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