How to Install Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Android Pie (One UI) Update

How to Install Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Android Pie (One UI) Update

After the Galaxy S9/S9+, Samsung has started rolling out Stable Android Pie Update for Galaxy Note 9. You can follow this guide to manually install Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Android Pie (One UI) Update right now. This could be easily done by sideloading the OTA package in stock recovery.


About a week ago, Samsung pushed Android Pie-based One UI for Galaxy Note 9 over-the-air. Initially, the update was only limited to the beta users, but recently SamMobile reported (Source: 1, 2) that it is now available for non-beta users in UAE and Germany as well. The new firmware comes with N960FXXU2CSA2 software version and OTA weighs about 1590 MB.

If you still haven’t got the OTA update notification, you can go to phone’s Settings > Software updates and tap on the Download Updates Manually button. If you still didn’t get it, then you can follow the instructions below to install Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Android Pie Update manually.

Table of Contents

Samsung’s One UI on Galaxy Note 9

Samsung has done a tremendous job with its new stock OEM skin. Not only does it feels light, but it also looks clean as well. Unlike its predecessors, Samsung’s One UI focuses more on the user experience and makes it easier for users to get things done on their smartphones. Analyzing how users actually operate their smartphones, Samsung has changed the interface so that it significantly impacts navigation within the OS.

Android Pie-based One UI on Samsung Galaxy Note 9 - Dark Mode

Not just that, the new minimal UI focuses on things-at-hand, which means there are no distractions when you’re doing something on the phone. On the other hand, system-wide Dark Mode in One UI aids in a very comfortable viewing experience. Once enabled, it adjusts the screen’s tone, brightness, and contrast that easies up on the eyes. Don’t forget to check out the list of all Samsung One UI features.

Overall, Android Pie-based One UI on Galaxy Note 9 is a massive update. Along with the standard Android Pie features, it also accommodates significant changes and brings new features to the OS.


  • The process below will not wipe any data. However, we still strongly recommend that you take a complete backup of all your data on the phone including the internal storage. You can also follow our Android backup guide for this purpose.
  • Charge your Galaxy Note 9 to a sufficient battery level. This shall help avoid any sudden shutdowns during the update process.
  • Make sure that you install Samsung USB drivers on your PC
  • Important: On your phone, go to the security settings and delete your current fingerprint data. This shall be done in order to prevent corruption of secure data/fingerprints after the update.
  • The provided Android Pie OTA packages will require you to be on a specific firmware on your Galaxy Note 9. It shall work as follows:
    • For Galaxy Note 9 Exynos variant (N960F): ZRLT (Latest Pie Beta) > CRLT (First Android Pie update) > CSA2 (Second Android Pie update)
    • For Galaxy Note 9 Snapdragon variant (N960U): ARJA/ARL1 (Android Oreo) > CSA7/CSB3 (Android Pie update)
    • For Galaxy Note 9 US Carrier Snapdragon variant (N960U): ARL1 (Android Oreo) > CSB3 (Android Pie update)

Download Galaxy Note 9 Android Pie (One UI) Update

Odin Firmware

The fastest way to download latest Android Pie firmware for your Galaxy Note 9 (Exynos or Snapdragon) is by using the SamFirm tool. Simply download SamFirm tool and enter your phone’s model (e.g. SM-N960F, N960U, etc) and the product code (e.g. TMB, VZW, BTU, etc) and hit the download button.

Exynos Galaxy Note 9 (SM-N960F):

Snapdragon Galaxy Note 9 (SM-N960U):


Snapdragon Galaxy Note 9 (SM-N960U1):

Snapdragon Galaxy Note 9 (SM-N960W):

Snapdragon Galaxy Note 9 (SM-N9600):

OTA Package

The Android Pie OTA for the Exynos variant was provided by XDA Senior Member henklbr. Make sure to visit the XDA thread and press the ‘Thanks’ button for him. As for the Snapdragon variant, the OTA was captured and provided by the folks at and XDA Senior Member tx_dbs_tx.

Galaxy Note 9 (Exynos – N960F):

  • ARL3 (Android Oreo) > CSA2 (Stable Android Pie): Download link (It’s a “.bin” file, rename it to “” after download)

Galaxy Note 9 (Snapdragon – N960U):

  • ARJA (Stable Android Oreo) > CSA7 (Stable Android Pie): Download link
  • ARL1 (Stable Android Oreo) > CSB3 (Stable Android Pie; 2nd March): Download link

How to Install Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Android Pie Update

You can update your Galaxy Note 9 to Android Pie using two different methods. The first method will guide you to flash the Pie firmware using Odin Flash Tool, but it is only limited to the Note 9 Exynos (SM-N960F) variant for now. The second method will help you update your phone by manually installing the OTA package via stock recovery.

Method 1: Using Odin

  1. Download Galaxy Note 9 Android Pie (One UI) firmware
  2. Extract the downloaded firmware file on the PC
  3. Power off your phone completely
  4. Hold the Volume Down and Bixby buttons together and connect the USB cable
  5. Once the Warning screen appears, press the Volume Up button enter Download Mode on your Galaxy Note 9
    Install Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Android Pie Update - Boot into Download Mode
  6. Download the Odin 3.13.1 zip and extract it on the PC
  7. Double-click on ‘Odin3 3.13.1.exe’ file to run the Odin tool
    Install Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Android Pie Update - Launch Odin Flash Tool
  8. The ‘ID:COM’ port should light up ensuring that your phone is successfully detected by the tool
  9. Now, click on the ‘BL’ button in Odin and select the firmware file starting with ‘BL_N960FXXU2CSA2.
  10. Do the same for ‘AP’, ‘CP’, and ‘CSC’ and select the corresponding firmware files.
    • In the case of ‘CSC’, make sure to select the ‘HOME_CSC’.
  11. Once all the files have been selected, click on the ‘Options’ tab in Odin
  12. Make sure that ‘Auto Reboot’ and ‘F.Reset Time’ have been checked
  13. Finally, click on the ‘Start’ button to install Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Android Pie Update

After the installation finishes, you shall see the ‘PASS!’ message in the Odin tool window and your phone should reboot into the updated OS.

Method 2: Using OTA

Once you have made sure that your phone is on the required firmware, you can follow the steps below to sideload the OTA and manually install Android Pie-based One UI on Samsung Galaxy Note 9.

  1. Download Android Pie-based One UI OTA package for your Galaxy Note 9
  2. Connect your phone to the PC
  3. Copy the downloaded OTA package to the root of the SD card (external storage). By ‘Root’, we mean outside all the folders.
  4. Disconnect the device and power it off completely
  5. Boot your Galaxy Note 9 into stock recovery mode
  6. Release the buttons when you see a blue screen with the Android logo.
    Install Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Android Pie (One UI) Update - Install OTA Package
  7. In stock recovery, use the Volume buttons to highlight “Apply update from SD card” and select the option using the Power button
  8. Navigate to the SD card and select the Android Pie-based One UI OTA update package
  9. Finally, select “Yes” to install Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Android Pie Update
  10. When the sideloading process finishes, select the “Reboot system now” option.

In case you do not have an external SD card, you can also alternatively install the OTA using ADB Sideload. We would also strongly recommend you to do a factory reset via the device settings or stock recovery. This shall help prevent any unusual behavior after updating.

Your phone should now boot into the OS. Now go ahead and explore new features on your phone Android Pie and Samsung’s One UI. So, you have just been able to install Samsung Galaxy Note 9 One UI (Android Pie) Update. If you have any questions regarding the process, feel free to drop a comment below.


  1. Can someone help me ?

    I followed all the steps but for some reason the main update file , “AP_N9600ZHS3CSJ1_CL16705343_QB26269076_REV00_user_low_ship_MULTI_CERT_meta_OS9.tar” will not for the darn life of me save onto a SD card , I have tried multiple different ones and none of them will accept the file , it does all the other files CSC, BL , HOME , CP

    I tried using both methods, Odin says FAILED and the other one everything is fine until I try and move that darn file , why won’t it let me move the file ? i’m so confused, it’s all unzipped and and im moving them in the root area of the sd card

    I have a UNLOCKED SAMSUNG NOTE 9 phone from PANAMA on Telelink SM-N600

    1. Hi Sebastian. Are you trying to copy the AP firmware file to the micro SD card?

  2. Hello, Dhananjay.

    I just got my Note 9 today and everytime i check for update it says up to date, hence i am stuck in Android Oreo and no One UI. Can you help guide me to update to One UI? I am located in Indonesia and my phone details are as follows:

    AP : N960USQU1ARL1
    CP : N960USQU1ARL1
    CSC : N960UOYN1ARL1

    Can you please help me update my phone.

    Also do u know why is it not updating over the air automatically? and, will the updated one ui be autimatically updated OTA?

    Thank you so much,

    1. Hi. The phone you have is the US carrier-locked model. Where did you purchase it from? Are you able to use an Indonesian SIM card in it?

  3. Hi, I stopped receiving OTA Note 9 updates in January after I followed these steps and and updated to PIE.
    I have the N910U Verizon version. I’m not sure but I might have flashed on the international unlocked firmware at the time instead of the US Variant one and It worked.

    1. Hi Victor. Please open the dialer, enter *#1234# and let me know the exact info that’s displayed on the screen. Also, is your phone locked to Verizon?

  4. Hi Dhananjay , great article, i have some questions i hope to get some clarification, hope u can help.
    I have a Sprint Note 9 (SM-N960U) and i unlocked it yesterday, now the phohe is fully unlocked. My issue is that the whole android is sprint branded, it is not with the One UI as Samsung has it released, but has some other look into it, even after the OTA update. can i install an other version of the android 9, will my phone still work and still be unlocked if i do that.

    thanks in advance

    1. Hi Loni. I think (But not sure) that once a device is carrier-unlocked, it won’t switch back by just a software restore.

      Theoretically, it should work normally if you flash the Pie firmware, of let us say, USC product code. But then again, since I have never done it personally I couldn’t confirm much.

      Although, there is something I have read a lot of Note 8 forums. Once carrier-unlocked, take out the SIM card and perform a factory reset in recovery mode. Then use the ‘Reboot into bootloader’ option in recovery to enter Download Mode and flash the firmware using Odin. (Source of this info)

      Again, I am not so sure and wouldn’t recommend anything in this case. I think it’s best that you create an ID on XDA forums and ask the question by creating a thread here. I am sure users who have had the experience will be able to guide you much better.

  5. hello friend I’m from Mexico, send me to buy my note 9 in the USA But I use it with AT & T, IT’S THE N960U
    good evening greetings

    I am the same one below

    1. Hi again. The one you need could be downloaded from here. Once downloaded, follow method #1 to install it.

      If the download speed is slow, you can also use the SamFirm tool. If you need to know how to use it to download Pie firmware for your SM-N960U, then let me know.

  6. Good evening friend, I hope you read me I need your help please, I have the same problem of the 2 previous people who posted this post.
    my baseband version is N960USQU1CSAA (with your .rar package it’s like this).
    Or how can I go back to the previous OS since I still have the security layer of January that would be the N960USQU1ARL1

    What solutions can this problem have?
    I hope and have good afternoon or evening, greetings.

    1. Hi Emmanuel. The first and foremost thing I’d like to know to be able to help you better is your device model. Is it the US Unlocked N960U1 with a Verizon SIM in it OR is it the Verizon-brander N960U?

  7. Okay I’m so sorry to be asking again but I have the us Verizon note 9 in the links above it gives the Verizon as a sm-n960u1 but mine is a sm-n960u I downloaded the update off here for the Verizon pie update and my current version is N960USQU1CSAA which now is not an option to download I get on verizons website and the pie updates are in this order N960USQU1CSB3, N960USQU1CSC1 and when I search the N960USQU1CSAA it comes up as a sprint software so im at a loss how can I get back on track because if I try to download N960USQU1CSB3 and install it it will not install on my phone so do I need to go back to stock software and if so how do I do so any help would be greatly appreciated

    1. Hi Andrew. Just to be clear, you have a US unlocked Note 9 with a Verizon SIM, right? Or was the phone directly purchased from Verizon?

  8. Hi I was curious I downloaded the update about a month ago and now Verizon has had 2 update for pie and I can not get them ota I live in the us and my model number is sm-n960u also I have my phone registered through Samsung and ever since I downloaded on my Samsung account it shows 2 note 9s when I downloaded the software it didn’t change the imei of my phone but the serial number changed?

    1. Hi Andrew. Please go to Settings > About phone > Software information and share a screenshot of that with me.

  9. Hello, I’m so sorry if this has already been answered. I have the Verizon Note 9 SM-N960U. I updated from ARL1 to N960USQU1CSAA manually last month. Now that Verizon has released the OTA version, I have not received it. Do I have to download this manually now? Or do I have to somehow revert back to my previous UI? I only have the capacity to use the SD card method. I dont own a PC and cant do the Odin method. Thank you!

    1. The same thing happens to me I have the same problem of it help us by favor, I still have oreo or how to remove the OS that installs by the SD
      today a new update came out and I do not get

  10. hello, I have a problem, I updated it with method 2, before March 12 the official Verizon version came out, but my phone no longer notified me that I downloaded it, since it was damaged or something?
    otherwise thank you and I hope you answer me

    1. Hi Emmanuel. Just let me know the phone’s model number. Is it the N960U or the N960U1?

  11. Hi here is my phone
    AP: N960FXXS2ARH6
    CP: N960FXXU2ARH7
    Model :SM-N960F

    Which method should i use

    1. Hi Ali. You can download the Pie firmware for your Exynos Note 9 and use Method 1 to install it.

  12. I was a little skeptical because my phone is on Xfinity and that carrier wasn’t mentioned anywhere but went ahead and did method 2. Works perfectly and was easy to even for me who has never done anything like this before. Thank you sir !!

  13. The new UI update removes the split screen function button, it totally SUCKS.
    Had to install a 3rd party app to get splitscreen function back..pfffft

    1. Hi Mark. That isn’t true, once upgraded to Pie, it requires a different method to trigger split screen. More clarification and instructions on how to trigger it on your device running Pie are here.

  14. HI, I updated my T-Mobile Note 9 via SD card a few weeks back, and since they released their own Pie update I have continually checked and mine will not update OTA to the new CSB3 version. Will I need to downgrade back to Oreo to get it?

    Current Device: T-Mobile Note 9 – SM-960U
    Baseband Version: N960USQU1CSAA

    Thanks for any help you can give.

    1. Hi Travis. Yeah, T-Mobile directly updated from ARL1 to CSB3.

      The easiest way to upgrade is by directly installing the CSB3 firmware via Odin. Once you have updated to CSB3, you will get normal OTAs via the settings, so stay out of worries for that.

      I can see that the TMB CSB3 firmware for T-Mobile is already available at SamMobile. However, the download speed would be slow on a free account.

      For fast downloads, you can make use of SamFirm Tool. Simply download SamFirm Tool and enter “SM-N960U” in the model number field and “TMB” in the region field.

      Once the firmware is fetched, make sure to select ‘Check CRC32’ and ‘Decrypt automatically’ options under the ‘Download’ section.

      Once the firmware has been downloaded successfully, you will need to use the steps in Method 1 above to install it.

    2. Thank you very much! That worked like a charm and I’m now back up to date with the right firmware! Thanks again!!!!

    3. Hi again, Travis! Glad to know. Enjoy the latest update on your phone now.

  15. Hello once again. A few weeks ago followed your great instructions and updated my Verizon Note 9. I love the update, and outside of the US version compass not working properly, this has made the experience so much better. As Verizon drags their feet, it becoming increasingly likely that they will be releasing a newer version. What is your degree of confidence that those who sideloaded will still get this as a normal OTA. If not, how difficult will it be to get back on track?

    1. Hi Steve! Glad to hear from you again.

      I am quite sure that will get the next stable update when they roll out. However, even if there’s a slight chance that they don’t, then I will try my best to help you update. And don’t worry, it won’t be hard at all. Just a 10-minute job.

    2. Hello there. I guess I should have comment or asked this question BEFORE I started this update on my verizon Note 9. I the method 2. And it’s been around 5 minutes now and its stuck on “patching system image after verification..” How long does this update take? OMG I am so scared now. I did everything the directions said…hopefully it comes out good. Also, since I put this file on the SD card of my phone if something goes wrong can I just take that SD card and the phone would work? If the download doesn’t that is.

    3. Hi Carolina. That whole process might sometime even take about 15 minutes to complete. It’s been time since you posted this comment. So, I reckon that the process succeeded, did it?

  16. GOOD DAY,


    AP: N960FXXS2ARL3
    CP: N960FXXU2ARI4
    CSC: N960FOXM2ARK2
    MODEL: SM-N960F/DS


    1. Hi Rod. Which OTA package did you exactly download and use? Also, what error did it show when it failed to install? An image of the error would help me find the problem.

  17. Hi I updated my t-mobile note 9 to the stable one ui pie update without any problems two weeks ago but now that t-mobile have decided to push it’s own ota one ui pie update to its galaxy note 9 will i still get the update through ota or do is have to downgrade back to oreo 8.1?

    1. Hi Michael. Can you please share the model number of your Note 9? Also, what’s the current software version installed on it?

  18. Hello,

    I have a note9 at&t SM-N960U dialer codes are,


    Where should I start?

    Thank you,

    1. Hi Mark. You will need to start by installing ARL1 firmware and then using the ARL1-to-CSB3 OTA package to update.

      Refer to my reply below to Alexander for the links.

  19. I’m currently running ATT N960USQU1ARG9 and I want to do this update but nothing I pick works please help

    1. Hi Alexander. As I mentioned in the prerequisites, your model needs to be on ARJA or ARL1. I just cross-checked on firmware-science, that a more recent build is now available for your model.

      Here’s what you can do:
      1) Flash ARL1 using Odin. You can download it from here. Download the one from USA.
      2) Once you flash it, reboot your phone back into stock recovery and perform a factory reset.
      3) Download ARL1-to-CSB3 OTA package from here and put it on the SD card.
      4) Use method 2 now to install this OTA package from stock recovery.

      Once done, your phone should be updated! Let me know if you have any other questions.

  20. Hello,
    First off great blog!
    I’m running a Tmobile Note 9 M1AJQ.N960U_8.1.0_0007
    Will I have any issues updating? Also will it void my warranty or cause any problems with my carrier and will I be able to receive futute updates and patches from Tmobile?

    Thank You

    1. Hi Chris! Thanks for the nice words.

      I would personally suggest you wait for some more time. According to a recent SamMobile report, T-Mo has already started testing Pie on Note 9. It shouldn’t be far off. I know it’s hard to wait, but it’d be best for now.

      Out of curiosity, can you launch the dialer and enter *#1234#. Let me know the exact details that you see on the screen.

    2. Doesnt process..
      “Unable to process request”

      Also when I download the firmware and extract it there is no BL file?
      Am I downloading the correct firmware?

    3. Hi again, Chris! I guess you’re mixing the two methods. For the N960U/U1 there is no Odin-flashable firmware (Which uses Method 1 above) available yet. There are only OTA packages available, which can be installed via stock recovery, which is Method 2.

    4. Hi Tim. Is it the U.S Unlocked variant being used on Verizon? Or a Verizon-locked Note 9?

  21. Hi there, I have the SM-N960U1 running on Verizon on ARL1.

    I tried putting the ZIPs for both of these on an SD card and update via SD card but no luck. Any ideas?

    Galaxy Note 9 (Snapdragon – N960U):
    ARL1 (Stable Android Oreo) > CSAA (Stable Android Pie)

    Galaxy Note 9 (Snapdragon – N960U U.S Carriers like Verizon, etc):
    ARL1 (Stable Android Oreo) > CSAA (Stable Android Pie)

    1. Hi Eric. The files provided above are for the N960U and NOT the N960U1 (Your model). I am afraid, but you’ll have to wait for the official update to roll out to your device. Since there are no files available for your model (At least not yet), you cannot upgrade manually (for now).

  22. I want to update to pie. I have the current firmware from October, N960QU1ARJ5 … How can I upgrade?

    1. Hi Jeff. Please go to the dialer and enter *#1234#. Let me know the exact info you see on the screen.

  23. hello my note 9 was left eb patching system image after verification how long it takes more or less to install the new operating system ???

    1. Hi Cindy. No, there’s no need for rooting or anything like that. This is the official stock firmware, directly from Samsung.

    2. Hi buddy I have an issue regarding this software update I own note 9 Sm-n960U whenever I try to update from from the settings manually it shows latest updates been installed which shows August security patch it’s kinda unbelievable there’s no update can I use those methods to upgrade it from 8.0.1 to pie if yes there will be any problem or something after the update related to network ?
      Ap: N960USQU1ARH2
      Csc :N960UOYN1ARH2

    3. Hi Sam. It seems odd. Have you tried doing a factory reset and then checking for the OTA update via settings? That’d be my first go-to advice for your situation.

      A factory reset will wipe all the data including the internal storage, so please make sure that you backup everything before doing it.

      If even that doesn’t work, I can suggest you something else as well, as a last resort.

    4. I’ve tried that method right away after figuring out my phone isn’t getting an update unfortunately is there a way out to cope this issue cause desperately I wanna update my phone to android pie

    5. It shows the same even after applying the factory reset unfortunately this method haven’t worked out

    6. Okay. So before I ask you to do anything, please let me know if your phone is carrier-locked or the unlocked model?

    7. As far as I heard there are some issues related to those unlocked versions regarding software updates what would you reccomend

  24. @Dhananjay sir my phone info is this:
    AP N960FXXS2ARL4
    CSC: N960FOXM2ARK2
    Model :SM-N960F/DS
    Until now there isn’t update via OTA, how should i update my phone?

    1. Hi Jercy. You can simply download the Pie firmware (See the ‘Downloads’ section) and flash it using Odin (See Method 2). Since your’s is the Exynos variant, it would be the quickest method to upgrade.

  25. Hi, my name is Oscar, I have this version (Oreo):
    AP N960USQS1ARI5
    CP N960USQS1ARI5

    My device is from the AT&T company and it is unlocked, I am currently using it with mobile networks in Mexico.

    Thanks for the help you can give me.

    1. Hi Oscar. Here’s what you need to do.

      1) First, you have to move from ARI5 to ARJA (The more recent version). To do so, download the ARI5-to-ARJA OTA package from here. After downloading, use the steps under Method 2 to install it via stock recovery.

      2) Next, you need to download ARJA-to-CSA7 OTA package, that will take you from ARJA (Stable Oreo) to CSA7 (Stable Pie). You have to perform this the same way (Method 2).

      Once done, you should be running Android Pie-based One UI on your N960U.

  26. Hello. I have the Note 9 from Verizon(not unlocked) running the newest software version. I do not have a PC. Can I download the firmware file straight into my phones sd card and follow the manual OTA method accordingly?

    1. Nevermind. I just saw a reply to someone before me and you answered that question. Sorry.

    2. Hi Lindsay. Can you please list the model number, CSC, AP, and CP? You can find the latter info by dialing *#1234# in the dialer app.

  27. Hey there
    mine is N960F/DS
    AP: N960FXXS2ARL3
    CP: N960FXXU2ARL2
    CSC: N960FOXJ2ARJ1
    which method should i use ? and will get updates after doing this ?

  28. My Note 9 is this version:

    Which method or file download will work for me?

  29. I received an error e-signature required when I tried to install both by sd and ADB sideload. how to I fix so I can install?

    1. Hi. It seems that the zip file was corrupted. Can you please re-download it and try installing again?

  30. Hi! I bought my phone from Singapore with a Singapore Firmware but I’m currently in the Philippines which happened to receive the android Pie update already. I just want to know if it’s possible that I install a Philippine firmware instead of waiting the one from Singapore?
    Thie version that I have right now(Oreo) is this one:
    AP N960FXXS2ARK3
    CP N960FXXU2ARJ1
    Is it possible that I go from that to this one?(Pie):

    1. Hi. I will break it down for you. According to the CSC, your phone supports multi-CSC (See the “OXM” in “N960FOXM2ARK2”? ), which means you can install any multi-CSC firmware.

      In simple words, you can grab the firmware from here and flash it via Odin (See Method 1 above).

    2. I have the same case, buy the note 9 in Singapore but I live in Colombia that firmware should download

    3. Hi Sasha. For confirmation, I request you to open the dialer app on the phone, enter *#1234# and let me know the exact info you see on the screen.

    4. Hello,

      AP N960FXXS2ARK3
      CP N960FXXU2ARJ1
      CSC N960FOXM2ARK2

      that’s what came out, could you tell me what firmware to use and how to do it please

    5. Hi again, Sasha! You can download the firmware from here. Since your phone is part of the multi-OXM CSC, the region doesn’t matter. You can easily upgrade by flashing the firmware via Odin (See Method 1).

  31. Hi Dhananjay!

    I’ve already downloaded all the necessary files but I can’t install the Samsung USB drivers in my laptop since my company restricts it. Will this have any affect when I try to install Android Pie via Odin?

    1. Hi JD. That depends on the method you’re using to install. If you’re going to flash via Odin, the USB drivers are necessary. However, most machines (PCs) nowadays automatically install drivers when you connect the phone. There’s a chance that you might need to install the standalone USB drivers at all. But you’ll have to try first.

      For method 2, there’s no need for a USB driver at all. You can even download the OTA package directly to your phone, thus dismissing the need of the PC altogether.

    2. Thank you! Where can I download the OTA update? I currently have this:
      AP N960FXXS2ARK3
      CP N960FXXU2ARJ1
      CSC N960FOXM2ARK2
      Model SM-N960F/DS
      Is it ok I download a Philippine firmware?

  32. Good morning! My name is Constantin and I have this unlocked Note 9 on AT&T network on New York.This is the version:SM-N960U1with baseband version:N960U1UEU1ARL1.
    Can you please tell me witch is the appropriate version to install this new update?

    AP : N960U1UEU1ARL1
    CP : N960U1UEU1ARL1
    CSC : N960U1OYM1ARL1

    Thank you

    1. Hi Constantin. You can download the OTA package linked under the Galaxy Note 9 (Snapdragon – N960U U.S Carriers like Verizon, etc) and sideload it using method 2. If you have any further questions, feel free to comment.

    2. Good evening and thank you for your help. I try it with both updates , for USA and regular one but it keeps giving me error.Do you have any ideea what yo fo next? Thank you!

    3. Hi, again Constantin. Can you please provide me a picture of the error (via imgur[dot]com]) or possibly mention the complete error here in the comments?

    4. Hi. Apologies. I am afraid that the OTA is only for the N960U and not the N960U1 (your model). I’d suggest you wait for the official update. Keep a check in Settings > Software update > Download updates manually. The official OTA should arrive soon.

      Again, I deeply apologize for the error on my part.

    5. i tried to use the ota to install the update but I keep getting an error why

    6. Hi Stephen. What error exactly? The manual installation will only work for the N960U model, not for the N960U1.

  33. Hellow…mr Dhananjay…I am Dany frim colombia, but my note 9 is the singapure.nice to know you….Im a little bit confusiing which one exactly my firmware… and which one i should download pie for my model
    AP N960FXXS2ARK3
    CP N960FXXU2ARJ1
    Model SM-N960F/DS
    Thank you for your info

    1. Hi Dany, it’s nice to know you too. Your situation is exactly the same as of another reader (Ganad) below.

      You can download the stock firmware from here and flash it using Odin (Method 1).

      Note: Make sure that you use HOME_CSC and NOT the regular CSC provided in the package.

    2. my friend the link that you put does not work, you could help me with the original firmware to download it please

    3. Hi Dany. I made a mistake while adding the URL syntax. Corrected it now, the link should work.

    4. Hello friend, thank you very much for the link, I would like to ask you something and the link to download the firmware of the United Kingdom, that firmware is useful for my version? which is from singapure but I live in colombia can I update with security?

    5. Hi Dany. There wouldn’t be any issues. Your phone supports multi OXM CSC. The firmware I provided uses the same. Don’t worry about it.

  34. So I have an xda download zip file on my SD card downloaded directly from my phones chrome browser do I need a computer to do this or can I just go to recovery and load from SD card wat else do I need to download?

    1. Hi Eric. You can do it without a PC. Just move that zip file from the ‘Downloads’ (Folder where the zip was downloaded) to the root of the storage. That’s it. Then you can go to the stock recovery and install it. Oh, and there’s nothing else that you’d need to download.

  35. Hello, I am getting buggy waiting on Verizon to push out the final OTA. If I side-load this, is it effectively the same as what Verizon will be pushing? Will I continue to get security updates OTA if I do this?

    1. Hi Steve. Yes, it is probably the same what Verizon will be pushing out if there isn’t a newer version available at that time. Don’t worry, you will still be able to get OTA updates without problems after sideloading this.

  36. Hi Dhananjay,

    thanks for you this article. am kind a new on this samsung thing. i have note 9 but i havent yet recieved the pie update. can you confirm which method to i follow. image link below is my current version

    my phone model is SM-N960F/DS

    thanks, i will be waiting for your reply.

    1. Hi Ganad. You can use method 1 and flash the Pie firmware using Odin. Just let me know the region of your device.

    2. My phone country is SG. Why cant i use method 2?. My phone is from SG, can i still get the piw update even though am from the PH?

    3. based on my imie my phone region is in Singapore.

      what firmware i need to download?

    4. Hi. Please download from here and flash it using Odin. Make sure that you use HOME_CSC and NOT the regular CSC provided in the package.

    5. Hi again. I am sorry, I made a typo while adding the hyperlink. Corrected now, please try again.

  37. I have my note 9 through Spectrum Mobile. Which link should I use and will this cause any issues with my carrier like them bricking my phone?

    1. Hi. Please open the dialer app and enter *#1234#

      After that, you will see info regarding the CSC, AP, CP, etc. Please mention that info here.

  38. looking to see if i have to wait for OTA update.
    AP: N960USQU1ARG9
    CP: N960USQU1ARG9
    CSC: N960UOYN1ARG9

    1. Hi JR. You can download the stock ARL1 firmware and flash it via Odin.

      Once done, download the OTA package linked under the “Galaxy Note 9 (Snapdragon – N960U U.S Carriers like Verizon, etc)” section. You should be able to update to One UI Beta this way.

    2. Hey there, I have the ARL1 version installed from ARG9. Once I try to ota update from an sd card i’m getting the status 7 error. Any ideas?

    3. Hi Kellen. Do one thing, there are two things you can do:

      1) Backup the SD card, format it to exFAT and then retry
      2) Or, use ADB sideload to install the OTA package

    4. Hey thanks for the reply! Unfortunately I get a cannot read error whenever I try to flash via adb, and reformatting to exFAT didn’t work. Any other suggestions?

    5. Hi, again Kellen. I am sorry, it was a mistake on my part. You have to flash the SD card as FAT32 and NOT exFAT. Please try that and let me know if it works.

  39. Hi, Mr. Dhananjay I tried both for the N960F (I have N960F/DS) but nothing worked out for me (I tried method 2 only). If u could help me, please help me xD

    Here are my Note 9’s model informations:
    AP N960FXXS2ARL2

    CP N960FXXU2ARL1


    Model SM-N960F/DS

    1. Hi. You can only sideload the OTA package (Method 2) if your phone is on ZRLT (The last One UI Beta) or ARL3 (Android Oreo).

      Open the dialer app and enter *#1234#

      Let me know the exact info you see there. You can provide a screenshot via imgur or simply type it down.

    2. Hi again, sorry for the delayed response. I am sorry but you’ll have to wait for the official OTA to arrive. Your CSC is not included in the multi-CSC (OXM) and so, you cannot install via this method.

  40. Does it matter which version of oreo I start this process from?

    I have a note 9 n960f in New Zealand running latest version of oreo from here wanting to manually upgrade to android pie

    Thanks in advance,

    1. Hi Joe. I will only be able to tell if I can have more info from you. Please open the dialer app and enter *#1234#. It should show the details of the current firmware installed on your Note 9. Please put the exact same info here or share a screenshot via imgur.

  41. Hellow…mr Dhananjay…I am Dandy frim Indonesia.nice to know you….Im a little bit confusiing which one exactly my firmware… and which one i should download pie for my model
    AP N960FXXS2ARL3
    CP N960FXXU2ARL2
    Model SM-N960F/DS
    Thank you for your info

    1. Hey there.. I have tried with method 2.. but it would need zip file.. but the file in your link is BIN.. kindly suggest.. appreciate your help

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