How to Install Google Assistant on Lollipop (No Root)

Installing Google Assistant on Lollipop is now possible and you don’t need root for it! Nougat brought some really fine goodies with it, including the all new AI-powered personal assistant. While initially Google Assistant was only limited to the Pixel phones, the support soon expanded to other devices running Nougat and Marshmallow. During this whole scenario, […]

Firefox Focus – What is it and How to Install it on Android

Today we are not talking about the regular Mozilla Firefox browser, but a more sophisticated browsing mechanism dedicated towards the user’s privacy. It is known as “Firefox Focus” and was first announced during November 2016 for the iOS. The browser is still not officially available for Android, but it seems like we have beaten all odds […]

How to Download Android Apps Outside Play Store

The primary source of most of our third-party apps is the Play Store, and these apps tend to seek various sorts of permissions on the device. But are you absolutely convinced that these permissions are only being used for the correct and stated purpose? I mean, how do we know. While Android is completely open-source, most apps that run […]

How to Install TWRP and Root Galaxy Tab S3 (T820/T825)

Customization on Android is limited by the barricades laid down by the manufacturers. But you can get past those by a simple trick, known as “Rooting” – a term that any advanced user will be familiar with. It will allow you to customize your device’s software according to your will, and thus enhance its performance, […]

How to Easily Root Moto G5/G5 Plus and Install TWRP Recovery

If you wish to customize your Moto G5 beyond what the OEM offers, then the word “Root” must have already clicked your mind by now. So here, we’re going to help you root Moto G5 and G5 Plus. Rooting will enable you to gain complete control over your device partitions, so you can mount them, access […]

Get Samsung Galaxy S8 NavBar on Galaxy Note 5 and S6 Edge+

The S8 is the trending new story by Samsung. I bet you would admire some of its best on your 2015-manufactured Note 5 and S6 Edge+. Today, we are going to help you get Samsung Galaxy S8 NavBar on either of the listed devices. So what is special in it? Well, it’s the first time that Samsung has got […]

How to Partition SD Card for Adoptable Internal Storage

Android 6.0 brought Adoptable Internal Storage function, that allows the users to adopt their external storage as internal. It is a more sophisticated and potential way to expand your phone’s internal storage than just moving your apps and data to the external storage. So if you insert an SD card, Android will prompt you to use it as […]

How to Unlock Bootloader on Huawei Devices

Unlocking your device’s bootloader opens the gate to endless modifications and tweaking, and it is also considered as the first thing to do when stepping into the custom Android universe. With this tutorial, we are going to help you unlock bootloader on Huawei devices. Update (3 October 2018): Huawei has officially stopped supporting bootloader unlock. […]