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Downgrade Android Oreo to Nougat on Nexus and Pixel

Not happy with the latest Android Oreo update? Don’t worry. In this guide, we will help you to downgrade Android Oreo to Nougat on your Pixel and Nexus devices. Android Oreo is the latest update of Android OS, which is now publically available for most of the popular devices, both officially and unofficially. While Oreo […]

How to Install Android Oreo AOSP ROM on Nexus 5

Android Oreo 8.0 was officially released a week ago. And it had been rolled out into the Google Pixel along with the Nexus devices. Google afterward released the factory images for all these devices and programmers are currently trying to make customized ROMs according to Android Oreo due to their devices. Today, we are here […]

Full Nexus OTA images are now officially available

Nexus OTA Images are full system images, meant to sideload on locked or unlocked bootlaoder. Rolling up and down on firmware is easy as pie on a Nexus device, and it goes well without many issues. But flashing factory images have its own downside, where if you would like to flash stock firmware, it is imperative […]

Disable Forced-Encryption and Decrypt Nexus 5X

  Security is an attribute that is taken very seriously nowadays. Especially when there’s a lot of advanced technology all around, it is an imperative task to preserve personal data. Google, about two years now, introduced the concept of forced-encryption for its upcoming lineup. Starting off with devices like the Nexus 6 and Nexus 9, […]

How to Enter Safe Mode on Nexus 6P

The tutorial below will guide you on how to enter safe mode on the Nexus 6P. We often face several issues on our Android devices like instant reboots, force-closures, software freezes, wake locks, but the cause of such issues is always subjective. There might be a chance that you’re tackling one such problem on your […]

LG Nexus 5X Guide: Unlock Bootloader, Install TWRP Recovery, and Root using Magisk

In this tutorial, I will guide you on how to unlock the bootloader, install TWRP recovery, disable forced-encryption (optionally), and simultaneously root the Huawei Nexus 5X (codename: bulkhead) using Magisk. Released in 2015, the Nexus 5X and Nexus 6P were the last devices from Google’s infamous Nexus lineup. Apart from offering powerful hardware at a […]