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How to Backup WhatsApp Messages to Your Google Drive

You can now easily backup WhatsApp messages to your Google Drive, with just one tap. WhatsApp has been through a complete makeover since the last few months, several features have been added, while the previous ones were removed or overwritten, in a much better way. The one big change that came to the app, was […]

Guide to Parental Control on Android

These days, kids get hold off a smartphone earlier than their milk bottles. And it’s the responsibility of a parent to look after what his or her kid is using the device for. Today, we will help you – the elders, to enable parental control on Android smartphones and tablets. It contains several apps and […]

List of Google Now Commands That You Should Know

The one feature that makes Android a uniform platform is “Google Now”. Today, we are going to discuss a list of Google Now Commands that you should know, and put to use, to ease out your lifestyle. Google Now is an intelligent personal assistant, that came into existence with the release of Jelly Bean 4.1. […]

Now Replace GApps with COSApps and MSApps

Do you feel short for GApps? You can now replace GApps with COSApps and MSApps, which is currently a part of a fresh project, which is being developed by XDA member Ninnix96. The idea is pretty thoughtful, and for sure is the first of its kind. We have been using GApps since the beginning of […]

How to Flash Custom ROM on Android

Flashing a custom ROM on Android is an emerging trend these days, that helps users to expand their experience over this powerful and amazing platform. I have been using custom ROMs ever since I bought my first Android (during 2011) when TWRP didn’t even see the daylight. I remember banging my head, reading several threads […]

Enjoy multiple ROMs with MultiROM on Nexus 6P

MultiROM is by-far, one of the most innovative tweaks ever made for Android. Trust me when I say “I switch ROMs, almost daily” – Why? Because I love to explore the uniqueness in each ROM since all of them have something different to offer. You can now boot multiple ROMs using MultiROM on Nexus 6P. […]

Top 5 easy ways to reduce data usage on Android devices

Android is a high consuming platform, both when it comes to data and memory. But, Android users can easily slow down this consumption using several steps. Today, we are going to take data usage into consideration and help you reduce data usage on Android devices. Carrier-based data services are extremely costly these days, and not […]

WhatsApp or Google Hangouts, Which fits in better?

As you got an idea that we are here to discuss the most familiar and in use topic “Messaging”, let us do some of the talking here first, before turning towards the topic of deliberation! So, from where should we start? Without grabbing anymore from the content in these chirpy talks, let’s have an eye pointing to […]

How to Enter Safe Mode on Nexus 6P

The tutorial below will guide you on how to enter safe mode on the Nexus 6P. We often face several issues on our Android devices like instant reboots, force-closures, software freezes, wake locks, but the cause of such issues is always subjective. There might be a chance that you’re tackling one such problem on your […]