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5 Best Launcher Apps for Android

There are quite a number of customizations options available for Android including themes, icon packs, and Launchers which are highly customisable and full of features. Here we will be talking about 5 Best Launcher Apps for Android. Have a look at these launchers and enhance your user experience and personalization. The first step towards making […]

5 Best Android File Manager Apps

Among the numerous apps available on Google Play Store, finding the best Android File Manager apps could be very confusing. That’s why we have listed the 5 Best Android File Manager apps here. These apps are listed here after a dedicated research. They are all very efficient and personally tested by us. A File Manager plays […]

10 Top Root Apps For Android – August Edition

Are you looking for Top root apps for Android? Here we have listed 10 Top Root Apps for Android that you should use in August. These apps are very useful and powerful to customize your android and for simplifying your personalization. These apps are very useful and powerful to customize your android and for simplifying your personalization […]

Install Pixel Launcher 2.1 on Any Rootless Device (5.0 or above)

Here you can download and Install Pixel Launcher 2.0 on any Android device running Lollipop 5.0 or above. The best part? You don’t need to root at all. Till now we have only tasted the Pixel Launcher that was pulled out from the O Preview builds and even while the official Pixel Launcher is available […]

Firefox Focus – What is it and How to Install it on Android

Today we are not talking about the regular Mozilla Firefox browser, but a more sophisticated browsing mechanism dedicated towards the user’s privacy. It is known as “Firefox Focus” and was first announced during November 2016 for the iOS. The browser is still not officially available for Android, but it seems like we have beaten all odds […]

Set SELinux to Permissive with SELinuxToggler App

Want to set SELinux to Permissive mode on your Android? This app will help you do that in a matter of seconds. SELinux is a Linux kernel security module that was implemented to the Android ecosystem in Android 4.3. While it was a huge step towards better Android security, but at the same time also […]

CustomADB – The enhanced ADB UI for Windows

CustomADB offers a more interactive UI to connect with your Android Android Debug Bridge (a.k.a ADB) is a crucial part of Android devices. It is the one way to communicate with your device and perform a variety of actions. While ADB (along with other command-line tools) on a whole is available for three major operating systems […]

ADB and Fastboot are now available as separate downloads

It gave us a sense of relief, knowing that Google has now made ADB, Fastboot and other platform tools available as separate downloads. We all, at some time, have felt the need of tools like ADB and Fastboot, especially the Nexus users, they will be acquired with the situation very well. Be it flashing partitions or […]

Google Wallpapers App officially available on Play Store

The Official Google Wallpapers App has finally made its way to the Play Store today and you can have it on your non-Nexus devices too! We all have been waiting to see it there for a long-long time. Especially non-Nexus smartphone owners who like the minimalist nature of these wallpapers have always faced the need to […]