Download and Install Google Camera Port on OnePlus 6/OnePlus 6T

Latest Google Camera (GCam) Ports for OnePlus 6/6T

Here you can download the latest Google Camera (GCam) port for OnePlus 6 and OnePlus 6T, followed by the instructions on how to install it.


Installing Google Camera on your OnePlus device will allow you to use Pixel camera app features like Astrophotography Mode, NightSight, HDR+, Playground (AR Stickers), and more for an overall better camera experience. Ports of Google Camera v8.1, v7.4, v7.3, v6.2, and v6.1 are available, along with corresponding XML config files, and recommended settings. These are compatible with any OnePlus 6 or 6T running Android 10 and Android Pie.

At the time of its release, the OnePlus 6, as well as the OnePlus 6T, were well and truly among the best mobile devices in their segment. The critics and users were all heaps and praises for these two smartphones. Powered by the Snapdragon 845 chipset, with an octa-core processor and up to 8 GB of RAM, one could hardly ask for anything more. Add to the fact that it had Android 9.0 Pie out of the box and was updated to Android 10 recently, surely ticked all the boxes.

Coming to the camera department, it surely gave a tough time to the biggest player in this segment (aka Pixel devices). Having a dual rear camera with f/1.7 aperture, it is capable of recording videos at 2160p at 30 and 60 fps. The front camera too is an impressive 16MP with amazing features like Auto-HDR and Gyro Electron-Image-Stabilization.

However, some users still feel that stock OnePlus camera features like the NightScape and Slow Motion are not as finely tuned as they should have been. Also, there are opinions that the stock camera could have incorporated some additional features as well. This includes a Motion Auto Focus, ‘Pro-Mode’ and ‘Manual Focus’ for video recording and ‘Timelapse’.

Table of Contents

OnePlus 6/6T Google Camera vs Stock Camera

Google Camera (GCam) port, apart from improving the image and video quality, brings with itself tons of other features. These include Zero Shutter Lag (ZSL) HDR+, Astrophotography Mode, Motion Photos, Portrait Mode, Photobooth, Super Res Zoom, NightSight, Slow Motion, and much more.

The best part about installing this GCam port is that you neither need to unlock the bootloader nor root the device. This is due to the fact that the OnePlus 6/6T fully supports Camera2 API by default.

With that said, have a look at the below pictures clicked by the stock OnePlus 6 camera as well as the Google Camera Port. The images on the left are clicked by the stock camera whereas those on the right are from Google Camera. Which of the two cameras managed to impress you more? Do share your views in the comments section.

These pictures speak for themselves. The ones taken by the Google Camera Port are more finely tuned and have much more detail than their counterparts. Also, the ‘Night Sight’ feature of GCam is way ahead than the ‘NightScape’ mode of the stock OnePlus camera.


Download OnePlus 6/6T Google Camera Port APK

The recommended and best GCam Ports for OnePlus 6 and OnePlus 6T are from developers Arnova8G2, BSG, macro, Nikita, and Urnyx05.

Along with the link for the Google Camera, there are also corresponding XML config files that could be used to configure the best settings automatically. We strongly suggest that you also go through these important notes to know more about each port and their recommended settings to get better results with Astrophotography and other camera modes.


  • The ports linked below are the latest at the time of updating this page. If you’re visiting here on a later date make sure that you check the respective developer’s database to check for the latest GCam port available.
  • Ports from developer macro already have several XML config files built into them. But if you wish to load configurations manually, then they should be copied to [internal storage]/GCam/Configs7/Miniqueta
  • Starting with Google Camera v7.0 ports, the default path to store/load the XML config files is: [internal storage]/GCam/Configs7
  • GCam 8.1 port by BSG does not support XML config files. When using this port, make sure to change the HDR+ device in camera settings to “Pixel 3 XL”.
  • Some ports also have a cloned version. These cloned versions use a different package name and are helpful if you want to install and use two (or more) different ports simultaneously.
  • Also, when switching or upgrading ports, make sure that you first clear the data and cache of the existing GCam Port from the device settings. Once that is done, uninstall the existing port (uninstall it, don’t overwrite it) and install the new one.

Google Camera 8.1.101 Port by BSG

  • Filenames: MGC_8.1.101_A9_PV0e.apk (
  • Download link
  • BSG’s database
  • Known issues: Slow motion and 4K@60fps recording does not work

Google Camera 7.4 Port by Nikita

Google Camera 7.4 Port by macro

Google Camera 7.3.018 Port by macro

Google Camera 7.3.018 Port by Urnyx05

Google Camera 7.3.018 Port by Arnova8G2 (5BetaFinal2)

Google Camera 6.1.021 Port by MJL (MJL Minikon V3.4)

How to Install Google Camera Port on OnePlus 6/6T

Installing the port on your OnePlus 6/6T is a pretty straight-forward process. Just follow the below steps in order to install it. The method of subsequently configuring it using the XML file is also provided.

Note: Before installing this port, ensure that you have uninstalled any GCam ports that you might have installed previously.

  1. Download the Google Camera Port APK for your OnePlus 6/6T device.
  2. Also, download the corresponding XML Config File.
  3. Transfer both the files to your device’s internal storage.
  4. On the root of your device’s internal storage, create a new folder by the name ‘GCam‘.
  5. Inside the ‘GCam’ folder, create another folder named ‘Configs7‘.
  6. Transfer the downloaded XML file to this newly created ‘Configs7’ folder.
    Download GCam OnePlus 6 6T- Configuring GCam
  7. Next, navigate to the folder where you have downloaded the Google Camera port.
  8. Tap on the APK file and then follow the on-screen instructions to install the Google Camera Port APK on your OnePlus 6/6T device.
  9. Once installed, launch the Google Camera app and give it all the necessary permissions.
  10. Doube tap on the black area next to the shutter button.
    Download GCam foar OnePlus 6_6T- Chose Config
  11. Choose config‘ dialog box would appear.
  12. Finally, tap on the ‘RESTORE‘ button.

Google Camera is now successfully installed on your OnePlus 6/6T device. Go ahead and try clicking amazing pictures with it now. However, if you still aren’t satisfied with the results, go to the ‘Settings’ menu of the camera and try tweaking it as per your requirement or simply load a different config file.

Some of these ports and XML files have been sourced directly from the OP6/6T telegram group. Huge thanks to them!


    1. Almost all, at this moment I am using Google Camera 8.1.101 Port by BSG.

    2. Ivan, BSG’s GCam 8.1 port is known to have issues.

      You might want to switch to ports of Google Camera v7.4 or v7.3. These are more stable.

      Just so you know, I have just updated the list of ports.

    1. Hello. Which phone is it? And when exactly did you start facing this problem? Is it while using one of the GCam ports?

  1. Wonderfull work! OP6 and android 10. My one problem and only problem is still with slow motion. Cant make any movie with it :/
    Only bug but how important :/

  2. Hi Buddy – Huge thanks for all your work first off!! 🙂

    I tried installing 7.3_GCam_Arnova_5beta10.apk after copying it into the new GCam folder I created. I tap the APK, then click installed via ES File Explorer. It comes back with “Sorry, no application available”

    The config7 folder and xlm file are also placed where in the sun directory. I tried restarting my phone but again and also Unknown Sources is enabled for ES File explorer. Im out of other things to try?

    Im running a oneplus 6 with Android 10 and Oxygen version 10.3.2
    Any suggestions to get it working?

    Huge thanks!

    1. Hi Jono. The credit goes entirely to the developers!

      There’s no need to move the APK into any folder. That folder location is only for XML files.

      Please re-download the port APK (I have added a more recent version to the post) and install it. If you see an error message while trying to install the APK, please take a screenshot and share it with me.

  3. I have installed Google Camera 7.0.009 Port by Arnova8G2 (4.0b5) and followed the configs7 instruction. Now how do I enable RAW capture and where are Raw files located. I have android x on my 6t.

    1. Hi Seth. For RAW support, please try using Urnyx05’s latest port that I have just added.

  4. Hi
    I really enjoy the port, but I think the android 10 update might have messed it up because it crashes a lot… Without saving files

    Selfie – crash, when taking picture
    Lens blur – crash, after completion
    Slowmotion – phone turns into snail

    Not tested much but zoom crashes app

    I’m using the latest version on a oneplus 6 with Android 10 from oneplus, not altered in any way, the phone is as stock as can be (except this app) 😁

    Thx for your hard work 👍

    1. Hi Max. Thanks for the kind words.

      I have just updated this post with a newer version of the available ports, that should be stable on Android 10. Could you tell me specifically which port are you talking about?

      I have also tried to reformat the downloads section to make things easier to understand.

  5. Not work for me one plus 6
    1foldr gcam
    Foldr configs7
    Foldr Arnova4.0
    Copier JUAN_ 7_ALL.xml
    Installer 7.0_GCam_Arnova_4.0b5.apk

    1. Hi Stef, please try placing the file in ‘GCam’ > ‘Configs7’ instead of ‘GCam’ > ‘Configs7’ > ‘Arnova4.0’.

  6. Hey,

    Zoom is not working in 6T for “Google Camera 7.0.009 Port by Arnova8G2 (4.0b5)”.

    1. Hi VASEEM, please try the newer version of Arnpva’s port and see if it fixes the problem.

      Before installing the newer version, clear the Google Camera app’s data from settings, then uninstall that port, and finally install the newer version.

  7. I followed every steps, but I still could not change the configs.

    I’m using :

    Google Camera 7.0.009 Port (SimpleCam v7c):

    APK File: 7.0_SimpleCam_v7c.apk

    XML Config Files: JL7for_SimpleCam.xml |

    1. Same here bro, it says “You don’t have any Configs!” I followed the first one (Google Camera 7.0.009 Port by Arnova8G2 (4.0b5))

    2. Okay, I figured it out! If you’re using Google Camera 7.0.009 Port by Arnova8G2 (4.0b5), then change the “Configs” folder and rename it to “Configs7” and it’ll work 🙂

    3. Hi. If you’re using Arnova’s port, please place the config files in “[internal storage]/GCam/Configs7”.

  8. Hi I downloaded the latest version of the apk, after installing, the camera shoes a black screen and crashes. My Oxygen Os is 10.3.0

    1. Hi. Could you please let me know which port did you use exactly?

      Also, make sure that no other GCam port is installed on the device. If you have another/older version of a GCam port, first erase the app’s data, uninstall that port, and then install the new port.

  9. Hi, Installed ArnovaG2. But works fine only when used without Juan7 XML config. After applying the image is not being saved. Also found picture quality is better without the config.

    1. That’s great Sarath. Thanks for sharing your feedback, it will surely be of help to others.

      Also, a new more recent version of Arnova8G2’s port has been added, which is based on Google Camera v7.3.

  10. Do you have settings where I can store both Portrait and normal pic without creating separate folders each time and all pics are available in main DCIM folder only?

    1. Hi Devang. It depends on the GCam Port you’re using, along with the config file you loaded. Have you tried exploring the camera settings for it? It would be nice if you get acquainted with the available options. It will not only help you get to know the system, but also get the most out of image quality.

    2. Thanks Dhananjay! Will explore more in to given settings and try and tweak settings to get the best of gcam.

  11. Hello,

    Currently i am using older version of Arnova but now want to install newer which is better Gcam ?

    1. Hi Kiran. I have just updated the post with the most recent ports available ranging from version 7.3 to 6.1.

      Personally, I have been using GCam 6.1 by MJL alongside Burial’s 7.2.010 port (with the provided XML). It seems to provide me with everything I need.

  12. I installed apk file as well as xml,there is no dialog box appeared on my screen after double tapping.Could u pls help me with that

    1. Hi Bhargav. Please let me know the port you have used so that I can help you load the corresponding XML configuration file on it.

  13. Thank you for the apk and well explained steps. I still have few issues.
    1. Normal camera – when I click a photo and click on preview button next to shutter button it directly takes to gallery instead of showing in the app like it does in other camera modes.
    2. Can you explain me what changes I should do in the developer setting to improve things more…

    1. Few more things which I noticed..
      3. Zoom doesn’t work in camera mode using JUAN_7_ALL.xml but working perfectly in the SRZ. XML
      4. portrait mode not working for back camera. I tried front camera it was working perfectly..

    2. Hi Himanshu, it could be specific to the port you have used or the settings. Could you please let me which port exactly did you use?

  14. Thanks for the guide! Just to let you know that the apk link for Google Camera 7.0.009 Port (SimpleCam v7c) takes you to somewhere else entirely.

    1. Hi EmZee. You’re welcome! And thank you for pointing it out. I have updated the link now to the correct file.

    1. Hi Kudin. Do you mean the “Shot on” watermark? Sorry, it isn’t clear to me.

  15. Hello,

    You’ve stated: “On the root of your device’s internal storage, create a new folder by the name ‘GCam‘.”

    Since my phone is not rooted and I can’t select a xml to restore, I suspect that ones phone needs to be rooted to get the pre-configs in place?

    Is my assumption correct?

    1. Hi Bert. I know how confusing that line could be.

      When mentioning “root” here, I am not talking about rooting your phone. It means the root directory (the top-most directory of your phone’s internal storage). See the Wikipedia page here.

      In simpler words, connect the phone to the PC via the USB cable and open the internal storage. That’s what the root directory is, where all the folders like “Download”, “Pictures”, etc are present. You have to create the “GCam” folder right there and NOT inside any folder.

    1. Hi. I am glad it does. I have now added another GCam 7.0 and 6.1 Port to the list.

  16. Oneplus 6 Mobile User.

    Google Camera 7.0.009 Port by Arnova8G2 (4.0b5):
    APK File: 7.0_GCam_Arnova_4.0b5.apk
    XML Config Files: JUAN__7_ALL.xml | JUAN_7_SRZ.xml

    Should I download bothe the xml files? I have downloaded the JUAN__7_ALL.xml and have followed all the steps and restored the XML but I am not able to see the Astro option and also the camera after clicking a photo and when I press the photo thumbnail, it’s not opening but I am able to see the image in the gallery.

    Am I doing something wrong?

    1. Hi Pravin. No, you have done everything correctly. I have provided the two most stable configs. You can try both of them individually, and see which one gives more accurate results and stability.

      Also, you need a dark environment to be able to trigger Astro mode. As for image preview, there must be an option in the app’s settings to use Google Photos for preview. Please check.

    2. I followed the above steps and when i tap in btw t shutter button it says no config file found . Where have I gone wrong ?

    3. Hi Gowtham, it probably means that the XML file isn’t placed in the write directory. Could you tell me which port did you use exactly?

  17. Thanks to our readers Vindoor, John, Alex, and Miller for correcting my mistake.

    The path for the XML file should be: [Internal storage]/GCam/Configs7

    Again, thanks to everybody who took the time to dig into this and informed others about the same. I have updated the post with the correct path.

    1. Hi Vindoor. Thanks for posting here. I have updated the article with the correct path to the XML files.

  18. How it worked for me:
    Using the
    I copied the 2 xml-files
    JUAN_ 7_ALL.xml and
    JUAN_ 7_ALL.xml
    into GCam/Configs7/ (Not into /Arnova4.0)
    and after starting the App and doubletapping at black space it showed up the selection dropdown where i chose the *ALL.xml.

    1. Thanks, Peter for taking the time to inform me. I have updated the post with the correct path now.

  19. Using oneplus6, put .xml into fellowing path.
    But it is not work.
    “You don’t have any configs” was displayed.
    Tried for both GCAM APK, and already tried reset app and reboot phone.
    Not working for me.

    1. Hi Yangl. Please put them in [Internal storage]/GCam/Configs7. It was an error on my part, have fixed and updated the article now.

  20. Finally found the solution! All of you having problems with GCam 7, you need to have config files in GCam/Configs7. That’s it!

  21. Hi. I am fixing the same problem that the camera is saying “you have no confligs”
    I have done everything you have said previously, but it still is not working.
    I am using g cam mod 7.0.009

    Xml files downloaded JUAN. 7.ALL
    Please help

    1. Hi Asif. In case of Arnova’s port, you need to place the config files under “/GCam/Configs7/Arnova4.0”.

      After placing the config files, you might need to clear the app’s data as well.

    2. Got mine working by putting it in ‘\GCam\Configs7’ folder, not inside ‘Arnova4.0’

    1. Hi Yerrr. Is your phone running Android Pie? If yes, then I don’t think you should face any problems installing the 7.0.009 port.

  22. Hey, OP6T on Android 10

    Created GCam/Configs7/Arnova4.0 placed xml files inside, still get “no configs” message.

  23. Hai Sir , I have same problem with my One Plus 6
    I am using 7.0_GCam_Arnova_4.0b5.apk

    I create a “GCam” folder , inside GCam folder , create “Configs7” folder , then inside Config
    folder , create a “Arnova4.0” folder , correct ?

  24. hi man, i am doing the exact same settings, on my oneplus 6t, but i am getting the “you dnt have any configs” when i am double tapping!!!
    i can still open the app and take a photo, and it does appear to be different than the default app, colors appear puncheir

    1. Hi Dhananjay I’m using this version “Google Camera 7.0.009 Port by Arnova8G2 (4.0b5)” and getting the same response “You don’t have any configs” toast even when I’ve done all same steps, could you help please?

    2. Hi. Arnova8G2 changed the default XML path to “GCam/Configs7/Arnova4.0” to prevent any conflicts with previous or future releases.

    3. Hi Rick. Please add the XML to “GCam/Configs7/Arnova4.0” on the internal storage. The developer changed the default path to prevent conflicts.

    4. I also got the same problem for my one plus 6t .. you don’t have any configs .

      I am using Google Camera 7.0.009 Port by Arnova8G2 (4.0b5):

      Android 10 ( recently updated)

    5. Hi Nishant. Please take a look at my comments below. I will add the same to the post and update it.

    6. Even after putting the right path Gcam/Configs7/Arnova4.0

      I am getting the same message”you don’t have any configs”

      Device : OnePlus6

    7. Google Camera 7.0.009 Port by Arnova8G2 (4.0b5):
      APK File: 7.0_GCam_Arnova_4.0b5.apk
      XML Config Files: JUAN__7_ALL.xml | JUAN_7_SRZ.xml

      xml in GCam/Configs7/Arnova4.0 and “You don’t have any Configs! ”

      Please help me?


    8. Hi Lubos. I was wrong. The actual XML path should be: [Internal Storage]/GCam/Configs7

  25. Thank you for this guide! One thing to note is there is a new path for 7.0: “GCam/Configs7/Arnova4.0”

    1. Hi Darius! You’re welcome. Yes, I noted that as well and have updated the post with the info.

    2. doesnt work with updated directory for GCam7 configs.
      someone please send me a screenshot of the configs actually working on GCam 7 app

    3. Hi. Have you tried [internal storage]/GCam/Configs7? Also, which port have you installed? Is it Arnova’s?

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