How to Unbrick ROG Phone 2 from a Hard-Bricked State using EDL

How to Unbrick ROG Phone 2 from Hard-brick using EDL

Has your ROG Phone 2 entered an endless boot loop or is it showing a black screen and not responding? This could be caused while performing things like rooting, flashing custom ROMs, restoring stock firmware, or performing any other sort of manual flashing. In this guide, you will learn how to unbrick your ROG Phone 2 from a hard-brick by flashing the stock firmware using EDL.


Asus’ ROG Phone 2 has received some decent support from the custom development community in terms of software modding. You can root the phone via Magisk, install TWRP recovery on it, flash custom ROMs, and do much more. However, any of these sorts of software modifications also come with a slight possibility of bricking the phone if done wrong.

Normally, these are soft-bricks, which means the phone can easily be recovered by manually flashing the stock firmware, which should also be your first plan-of-action in such situations.


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A Hard-Bricked ROG Phone 2

But what should you do if it’s a hard-brick? In such a case, your phone wouldn’t be able to enter Fastboot Mode, could show a black screen, and might even not respond to any physical button presses. You might feel like the phone is beyond recovery and the last resort would be to take it to an official service center for a repair, which could also be costly.

But here’s some light of hope for you – It can be recovered with the right tool and the right firmware! If your ROG Phone 2 has landed in such an ordeal and has been hard-bricked, you can unbrick it by flashing the stock firmware via EDL mode.

Emergency Download Mode or EDL Mode is a special mode triggered by the primary bootloader that allows users to force-flash the software on Qualcomm Android devices. While not all phones equipped with a Qualcomm chipset support EDL mode, and some times even if they do, the required firmware or flashing tool is not available.

Thankfully, that’s not the case with the ROG Phone 2. XDA Junior Member Johnny886 has shared a firmware file that could be flashed on the phone in EDL mode, using QPST (Qualcomm’s Flash Tool) or Xiaomi’s Mi Flash tool. For demonstrating in this guide, I will be using the Mi Flash Tool, since it’s much easier to operate and use, especially if you’re new to firmware flashing.

How to Unbrick ROG Phone 2 from Hard-brick using EDL


  • The flashing tools used in this guide only supports Windows PC. So, make sure that you’re operating on one.
  • Charge your phone for about 40-50 minutes to ensure that it has sufficient battery juice to last for the flashing process. This will prevent your phone from shutting down during the flashing.
  • For step #5 (bootloader relocking) in the instructions below, you will need the Android SDK platform-tools. Simply download the latest package of the tool from here, then extract its content to the C:\ drive of your PC. After extracting, the required tools will be inside “C:\platform-tools“.

Instructions to Flash Firmware on ROG Phone 2 using EDL Mode

The process itself is quite simple. I have split the instructions below into 6 major steps in an attempt to make it easier for you to understand every part of the process. So, follow the steps below to flash the firmware and unbrick ROG Phone 2 using EDL.

Step 1: Download EDL Firmware for ROG Phone 2 and Extract it on PC

Below, you will find the direct link to download the EDL firmware file for the ROG Phone 2, as a ZIP package. Download the firmware package from above and extract it to an easily accessible location on your PC (like Desktop, Documents, etc) using an archive utility like 7-Zip.

Extract EDL Firmware on the PC

The package contains the individual partition images that need to be flashed to the phone. The flash tool that you’ll need for this procedure is also included in the firmware package, so you wouldn’t need to download it separately.

This firmware is based on Android 9 Pie. So, if your phone was running Android 10, it will be downgraded to Pie. But don’t worry, you can easily upgrade later once you have unbricked.



Step 2: Boot ROG Phone 2 into EDL Mode

The first step of the unbricking process is to put your phone into EDL mode. If your ROG Phone 2 is showing a black screen and vibrates upon press the power button, it’s probably already in EDL mode and you skip to step #2.

In case your phone isn’t already in EDL mode, you will need to do it manually. First, make sure that your phone is powered off completely. Then hold the Volume Up and Power keys together until your phone enters Fastboot Mode. Once your ROG Phone 2 is in Fastboot Mode, connect it to the PC by plugging the USB cable into the side port (not the bottom port).

Connect your ROG Phone 2 PC in Fastboot Mode

Now, open the folder where the firmware file was extracted and double-click on the “reboot into EDL mode.bat” file. This will launch a script in the Windows Command Prompt and automatically boot your phone into EDL mode. It will show nothing else apart from a black screen at this point.

Step 3: Install Required Qualcomm USB Drivers on PC

In order to flash the firmware via the Mi Flash Tool, your ROG Phone 2 in EDL mode must communicate with the PC over a special serial interface known as “Qualcomm HS-USB QDloader 9008“. To check this, go to ‘Control Panel‘ > ‘Device Manager‘ on your Windows PC.

ROG Phone 2 Qualcomm HS-USB QDLoader 9008

In case the phone is detected through “QUSB_BULK“, it means that the required USB drivers are missing. Normally, Windows automatically downloads and install these drivers. But if it doesn’t, then you’ll need to do it manually by yourself.

It’s actually very simple. Just download the latest version of the Qualcomm USB drivers from this link and follow the provided instructions to install them. Once the drivers are in place, your phone will be ready for flashing.

Step 4: Flash Firmware on ROG Phone 2 in EDL Mode

Now, this is the step where the recovery process actually takes place. That is, flashing the firmware using the Mi Flash Tool to your phone while it’s in EDL mode.

Start by opening the folder on your PC where the firmware package was extracted. This folder should contain another folder named “MiFlash2018-5-28-0“, which holds the tool you’ll need. Open this folder and double-click on the ‘XiaoMiFlash.exe‘ file to launch the Mi Flash Tool on your PC.

Launch Mi Flash Tool on PC

When the tool opens, it will prompt you to install the required USB drivers. Since you have already done this during the previous step, there’s no need to do it again. Simply close the prompt.

The tool should automatically recognize your ROG Phone 2 in EDL mode and you should see your phone’s unique serial under the “device” column. If not, then try clicking the ‘Refresh‘ button.

Select Firmware in Mi Flash Tool

Now, click on ‘Select‘ in the tool’s GUI and then navigate to the folder where the firmware package was extracted. Select the ‘images‘ folder and click on ‘Ok‘ to confirm. Finally, click the ‘flash‘ button to begin the flashing process.

Click on 'flash' to flash firmware on ROG Phone 2 in EDL Mode

The tool will now flash the firmware on your ROG Phone 2 to unbrick it. This could take a few minutes to finish, so leave the phone-PC connection uninterrupted. Once finished, you will see ‘success‘ in the tool’s window.

Note: From here on, if you want, you can re-root your phone, install TWRP recovery on it, or flash custom ROMs. If you want that, then there’s no need to follow the next two steps.

Step 5: Relock the Bootloader

Now that you have unbricked your ROG Phone 2, you can relock its bootloader, that is, only if you do not want to root or install custom ROMs, and want to stick to the stock firmware. Relocking the bootloader will not only make your phone more secure but will also restore its Widevine status to L1, thus allowing you to stream HD content in apps like Netflix.

To relock the bootloader, first power off your ROG Phone 2. Once it is off, hold the Volume Up and Power keys together to enter Fastboot Mode. Then connect the phone to your PC via the USB cable.

Relock ROG Phone 2 Bootloader - Launch PowerShell in Windows

Now, go to the folder where you have the Android SDK platform-tools installed (e.g. C:\platform-tools). Hold the Shift key on the keyboard, and right-click on any empty space inside the folder. Then select ‘Open PowerShell window here‘.

Enter the following command in the PowerShell to relock the bootloader:

.\fastboot oem asus-csc_lk

Step 6: Perform a Factory Reset via Stock Recovery and Reboot

Now, your phone’s bootloader has been locked again. But before you boot it back into the OS, it is important to perform a factory reset. To do this, press the Volume Up/Down keys until you see “Recovery Mode” on the top of the screen. Then press the Power button to confirm and boot your ROG Phone 2 into the stock recovery mode.

Factory Reset ROG Phone 2 via Stock Recovery
Image for reference only. The actual info on the screen could differ.

Once in stock recovery, use the Volume keys to select ‘Wipe data/factory reset‘ and press the power button. Then select ‘Factory data reset‘ and press the Power button again to confirm and perform a factory data reset. Finally, select ‘Reboot system now‘ in stock recovery to boot your phone into the system (OS).

That’s it! You have just flashed the stock firmware and unbricked your ROG Phone 2 using EDL successfully. If you feel stuck anywhere while performing the instructions or have any questions regarding this topic, feel free to ask me through the comments.

Firmware source: XDA


  1. Hi . i followed all instruction and its working properly on Android 9 but when i try to update i cant update. is there any way to update android 10?

    1. Hari, share the error message that you see when you try to install the Android 10 update.

  2. Hi – Tried flashing my ROG phone 2 strix. I’m stuck on making the device into EDL mode. But when tried to skip that step, my device is showing the Miflash app. Tried to flash and it’s successful. But it seems my phone was not flashed at all.

    Anyway, tried flashing it as i have problem is connectivity. No signal for both sims and WIFI cannot be opened. I have factory reset my phone thinking it would resolve the issue but it did not. Now, I need to connect my device to data or wifi in order to log in my previous google account to start my phone. Can you help with this one? thank you.

    1. Jerome, please help me get a clear picture of the current situation.

      Are you facing issues with the network and WiFi? Is that’s why you’re trying to flash the firmware to fix the problem?

      Or did this issue happen after flashing the firmware using Mi Flash tool?

  3. Hi there, i have follow each of ur steps carefully but it seems that I was unable to do my flash, it just keep getting error in the result tab with the status, [4:09:03 AM COM4]:System.Exception: set boot partition failed at . So I was wondering why this still happen I even charge my phone for 30 – 45 minutes like u mentioned on your previous reply. Still, it just keep on popping error. So I was wondering can u help me out with it. And also I did try out all my USB port. By the way, this just happen to me so sudden like in the afternoon my phone still working fine but in the evening it suddenly just blacked out I still remember that my phone has around 70 percent of the battery at that time. Really hoping that u can help me out with it

    1. I can tell that you’re not alone. Several Xiaomi/Redmi phone owners have faced that error without a possible solution.

      According to the person who shared the firmware, it could also be flashed via the QPST/QFIL tool. I have a pretty detailed guide on using QPST/QFIL to flash firmware, you might wanna give that a go.

  4. i try to flash the images but wasn’t successful. i copy the flashing log.

    [9:08:24 PM COM3]:MiFlash 2018.5.28.0
    [9:08:24 PM COM3]:flash in thread name:COM3,id:20
    [9:08:24 PM COM3]:flash in thread name:COM3,id:20
    [9:08:24 PM COM3]:[COM3]:start flash.
    [9:08:25 PM COM3]:cannot receive hello packet,MiFlash is trying to reset status!
    [9:08:26 PM COM3]:try to reset status.
    [9:08:28 PM COM3]:write time out try agian 1
    [9:08:30 PM COM3]:write time out try agian 2
    [9:08:33 PM COM3]:write time out try agian 3
    [9:08:35 PM COM3]:write time out try agian 4
    [9:08:38 PM COM3]:write time out try agian 5
    [9:08:41 PM COM3]:write time out try agian 6
    [9:08:43 PM COM3]:write time out try agian 7
    [9:08:44 PM COM3]:error:The write timed out.
    [9:08:44 PM COM3]:System.Exception: write time out,maybe device was disconnected.
    at XiaoMiFlash.code.Utility.Comm.WritePort(Byte[] send, Int32 offSet, Int32 count)
    at at XiaoMiFlash.code.Utility.Comm.WritePort(Byte[] send, Int32 offSet, Int32 count)
    [9:08:44 PM COM3]:no provision exit:COM3
    [9:08:44 PM COM3]:flashSuccess False
    [9:08:44 PM COM3]:isFactory False CheckCPUID False
    [9:08:44 PM COM3]:before:flashSuccess is False set IsUpdate:True set IsDone True
    [9:08:44 PM COM3]:after:flashSuccess is False set IsUpdate:false set IsDone true

  5. i have charged the phone about 1 hour( earlier before i wrote the first comment). and have try to connect the phone. the pc does recognized the phone as Qualcomm HS-USB QDLoader 9008 (COM3).
    but i need your guide for the next step.. Thank you in advance.

    1. That’s some progress. I also saw the error message you have posted. As far as I know, the error is caused due to a connection issue. In most cases, it’s the USB port or the cable to blame. Have you tried connecting your ROG Phone 2 to other ports of the computer? Are you using the original cable that was delivered in the box?

  6. hello, my phone dead today while playing PUBG. It’s suddenly goes black and wont turn on. after awhile, trying to boot using power button + volume down, It goes alive again.. doing some calling, trying to watch youtube.. etc except gaming. it stays on for about 3 hours.. and soon after i try to play PUBG. it went dead again and won’t turn on or booting up even i press the power button and volume down. no vibrate, no led. completely dead.
    connecting charger also no charging led light.

    i want to try flashing the stock firmware but i cannot enter to EDL Mode. Need Help

    1. Shanze, please try and plug in your ROG Phone 2 to the wall charger and leave it there for 20-30 minutes.

      After doing this, connect it to the computer by plugging in the USB to the side port. Then go to ‘Control Panel’ > ‘Device Manager’ and check if the computer can detect the device.

      If the computer couldn’t recognize the phone, there’d be no possible way to recover it using the EDL flash.

    2. I have try flashing the images but got error result. status is “cannot receive hello packate”
      Does it because the phone is not in Recovery mode?

    3. No. Your phone is right where it’s supposed to be for flashing, that is, in EDL mode. Please see my reply to your previous comment.

  7. after I flashed the images the phone does not turn on or anything. when i connect it to the pc a error occurs with the usb saying the device was not recognized and does not appear on device manager. Is there a way to fix this?

    1. Gus, are you sure that your ROG Phone 2 has enough charge in it to boot? In the unbricked state, it’s quite hard to know that.

      So, I would suggest that you charge it for at least half an hour and then try connecting it to the computer. Let me know how it goes.

  8. it is work, but the problem now i cannot install manual update from asus website firmware, it has message failed, always. any solution??

    1. Are you downloading and using the CN or the WW ROM? Is your ROG Phone 2 the Tencent edition or the Global edition?

  9. “The tool should automatically recognize your ROG Phone 2 in EDL mode and you should see your phone’s unique serial under the “device” column. If not, then try clicking the ‘Refresh‘ button.”

    It is not showing my number device, it only shows COM3/COM4/COM1 depend I put the USB.

    Please help to unbrick my device.

    1. Pasya, when your phone is connected to the computer, check under ‘Control Panel’ > ‘Device Manager’ and see if the device is detected there without any problems. It would be better if you could also provide me with a screenshot for the same.

  10. I have tried all the instruction.. My ROG 2 is not responding (showing black screen) but Qualcomm (9008) is showing on my device manager means it is in EDL mode, Upon flashing using the MIflash tool it says “cannot receive hello packet” do you know what to do in this scenario? Thank you for your reply more power!

    1. Don, the error generally appears when EDL mode times out or it could also be the USB port you’re using. First off, try force-powering off your ROG Phone 2 and then reboot it into EDL. Then try again with Mi Flash.

      If that doesn’t work, try switching between the available USB ports on your PC/laptop.

  11. Hi my rog phone 2 back to life now, thank you so much. But i can’t update the mobile always saying system update fail, please help,thanks

    1. Before I can guide you any further, I would need to know if it’s the Global or the Tencent variant of the ROG Phone 2?

      The error you mentioned is generally triggered due to mismatching software fingerprints.

  12. hello, it seems the link for edl firmware doesnt work anymore.
    would you kindly give the new one
    thank you for this

    1. okay so i found a way to get out of edl mode. i also have done everything all over again but my phone still stuck.
      it keeps saying cant load android system, your data maybe corrupt.
      the flashing is success but somehow it doesnt work.
      i tried to flash it a few times but the problem still persist
      is it maybe that during flash i should check the clean all and lock option ?
      or do i miss something

    2. Andro, after the flash finishes, boot your ROG Phone 2 into the stock recovery mode and perform a factory reset.

  13. hello,
    My phone doesnt boot at all to anything. even when holding volume up or down button. totally dead. but when i plug it to pc usb, it is recognised as Qualcomm HS-USB QDLoader 9008.

    1. Hello. This indicates that it’s in EDL mode. All you have to do is follow the steps in the article.

      Since your ROG Phone 2 is already in EDL mode and detected as “Qualcomm HS-USB QDLoader 9008” by your computer, you can skip step #1 and step #2 of the instructions.

  14. Hello
    I did all the described process, step by step, and in the end it appeared success, when I took the mobile phone it was with black screen and when I tried to connect it doesn’t turn on anymore or pressing the volume and power key and when I connect to the computer via USB it appears that the device does not was recognized!
    is there any way to solve it or does the phone go to waste?

    1. Hi David, are you sure that the phone had enough charge left after the flashing process finished? If it’s still showing a black screen, it should be in EDL mode, in which case I would suggest doing the flash again.

      But this time, make sure that you charge your phone through the official wall charger for at least 30 minutes.

    2. Same with mine. I fully charged it before I do the process. But now it turned to Black screen.

  15. Hola he echo esto en mi Asus y el teléfono no hace nada simplemente me deja entrar en fastboot sin opciones de entrar a revovery solo se queda hay no hay manera posible de arreglar esto he probado todo y nada mi móvil nunca se modificó simplemente un día la encenderlo apareció este problema

    1. Hi Christian. When you connect your phone to the PC over USB (while it’s in Fastboot mode), and run the ‘reboot into EDL mode.bat’ file, does your phone power off and enter EDL? Or does it stay in Fastboot mode?

  16. This is good info BUT i have a stock Global ROG 2 that is stuck at the boot logo (republic of gamers) and its impossible for me to boot into EDL mode. It just stays on the boot logo until it runs the battery empty. No combination of key presses will do anything or even power it down. Its stock with the OTA Android 10 being done a few months ago. Still bootloader locked and not rooted. Any suggestions?

    1. Hi Jerry. First off, charge your ROG Phone 2 for about 40-50 minutes to make sure that it has sufficient battery charge. Once done, try booting the phone into Fastboot Mode by holding the Volume Up + Power buttons.

      See if it enters fastboot mode or shows just an empty black screen. Either of these would mean some progress.

  17. Hi Dhananjay,

    I tried to convert fron CN to WW version. The process goes smoothly at first only at the time when I tried to delete “hidden” file which failed. I did not bother to delete it and proceed with unroot and relock bootlooder. Unfortunately I was not able to boot after flashing as error occured. Something like unable to boot error, I should have write it for reference. I was thinking that my phone brick and proceed with this Unbricking guide. Error was encountered status says “write timeout, may be device was disconnected”. I can still see that my laptop detected my phone with the following info: ID = 3, Device = COM3,

    Appreciate help in advance

    1. Hi Onil. Thanks for briefing me up on the situation.

      The “hidden” file could take a couple of tries before it’s deleted. Sometimes even around 10 retries. So, you will need to close the Root Explorer app forcibly, then re-run it and try. Repeat this until the file actually gets deleted.

      As for unbricking now. Could you boot your phone into Fastboot Mode?

    2. good night I wanted to ask you for help I bought a cell phone Rog phone 2 tencent game that comes with global rom but I want to know how I can update it since all the firmware that I download comes out installation failure please if you can help me

    3. Hi Carlos. The updates are probably failing because the phone isn’t fully converted to Global edition. Could you please install the Device Info HW app on your phone and share a screenshot of the ‘System’ tab?

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