Restore and Install Galaxy Note 8 Stock Firmware

Download and Install Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Stock Firmware

There are so many cases when we need to revert your Galaxy Note 8 back to its stock/factory state. Through this page, you can download and install the latest stock firmware on Samsung Galaxy Note 8 for unbricking or manually upgrading the software.


Flashing stock ROM resolves several issues in a smartphone. Like if you have soft bricked your smartphone or facing a bootloop issue then you can download and install Galaxy Note 8 stock firmware to unbrick it and get out of the situation. Installing the stock firmware serves another purpose for those who have rooted their Note 8, and want to unroot their device completely. So, if your device has any of the problems mentioned above or if you want to unroot, then you can restore and install Galaxy Note 8 stock firmware using this guide.

Download and Install Galaxy Note 8 Stock Firmware

Restoring or flashing back factory (stock) ROM on your Note 8 is almost identical to any other Samsung device. All you have to do is download the stock firmware package and then flash it to your phone using the Odin program. That’s even easier when you get familiar with the whole process. You do not need any sort of expertise to perform this procedure.

Below, we are providing the download links of Galaxy Note 8 stock firmware for different models (Snapdragon and Exynos). You will need to check your Galaxy Note 8’s model number to download the correct firmware. You can check your model number by navigating to Settings > About. Further on the download page, make sure to select the file for your region.

Before we head over to the instructions to install Galaxy Note 8 stock firmware, let us go through a list of few benefits of using stock firmware and why it is useful for a user.


Benefits of Using Stock ROMS:

  • You can unbrick your Galaxy Note 8 if it’s bootlooping and is stuck at the Samsung logo during a reboot.
  • You can upgrade your Galaxy Note 8 to a newer Android version.
  • Restore Galaxy Note 8 to factory state.
  • You can completely unroot your phone.
  • Downgrade your Note 8 to a lower build/Android version.
    • NOTE: You can only downgrade to a lower software version if the Bootloader revision is the same, regardless of the Android version.
  • You can remove custom recovery like TWRP and CWM, if installed, on your Galaxy Note 8.

Now, if you want to do any of the above, you may proceed ahead and follow the instructions to restore and install Galaxy Note 8 stock firmware.

Table of Contents


Go through the list of requirements below and make sure that you meet them all.

  • This guide is especially dedicated to download and install Galaxy Note 8 Stock Firmware. Do not try this on any other device or variant.
  • Charge your Note 8 to at least 50-60% battery level to avoid any hiccups during the process.
  • Restoring stock firmware will delete all the apps and data on the device. So, take a full backup of your Note 8: Tutorial
  • Make sure you have downloaded and installed Samsung drivers on your PC: Link
  • Disable Samsung Kies on your PC before you start Odin to flash the firmware.
  • Also, enable USB debugging on your Note 8.

Download Galaxy Note 8 Stock Firmware

You will first need to download the ROM package for your model in order to install Galaxy Note 8 stock firmware. Make sure to download the correct firmware for the variant (Exynos or Snapdragon), model, and region.

The quickest and easiest way to download the stock firmware file for your Note 8 is through the Frija Tool. Simply download the tool, launch it on your PC, and then enter your phone’s details like the model number and CSC to get the latest stock firmware package.

Exynos Galaxy Note 8

Snapdragon Galaxy Note 8

Steps to Install Stock Firmware on Samsung Galaxy Note 8

Once you have downloaded the appropriate firmware package for your device, you can follow the steps below to flash the stock firmware on your Galaxy Note 8 using Odin.

  1. Download the latest version of the Odin Flash Tool from here and extract the ZIP file to an easily accessible location on your PC.
  2. Extract the firmware package (e.g. to the “Odin3 v3.14.4” folder that was extracted in the previous step.
  3. Open the folder where the Odin program has been extracted and double-click on Odin3 3.14.4.exe to run the program.
  4. Boot your Galaxy Note 8 into Download Mode:
    • Power off your device completely.
    • Press and hold the Volume Down + Bixby + Power buttons until you see a warning screen.
    • When you see the warning message, press the Volume Up key to enter Download Mode on Galaxy Note 8.
  5. Now connect your Galaxy Note 8 to the PC using the USB cable.
  6. The Odin window should show a highlighted ID:COM port for your device and also an “Added” message in Odin message box. If the ID:COM port doesn’t light up, then there could be some issues with drivers. So, make sure to properly install Samsung USB drivers, then reboot your PC and try again.
  7. Now, to flash and install Galaxy Note 8 stock firmware, select the following files for the corresponding slots. Note that the filenames below will change according to the model/region firmware. The ones mentioned below are only for your reference.
    • BL: BL_N950FXXU1AQIA_CL12007350_QB15109599_REV00_user_low_ship.tar.md5
    • AP: AP_N950FXXU1AQIA_CL12007350_QB15109599_REV00_user_low_ship_meta.tar.md5
    • CP: CP_N950FXXU1AQI7_CP7553962_CL12007350_QB15036794_REV00_user_low_ship.tar.md5
    • CSC: CSC_OWA_N950FOWA1AQI7_CL12312518_QB15052826_REV00_user_low_ship.tar.md5
  8. Make sure that only “Auto Reboot” and “F. Reset Time” options are selected.
  9. Now simply press the “Start” button.
  10. The firmware flashing process will begin. Do not disturb the process by disconnecting the phone.
  11. You will see a “PASS!” message on the Odin window when the process is complete.

The phone will automatically reboot into the stock firmware. You may exit the Odin program on your PC and complete the initial setup on your phone.

So, you have succeeded to install Galaxy Note 8 stock firmware and restore it to factory settings. If you have any questions regarding this procedure, you can comment right away.


  1. my phone failed
    ” All threads completed. (succeed 0 / failed 1)
    Enter CS for MD5..
    Check MD5.. Do not unplug the cable..
    Please wait..
    Checking MD5 finished Sucessfully..
    Leave CS..
    Odin engine v(ID:3.1401)..
    File analysis..
    Total Binary size: 6623 M
    Complete(Write) operation failed.
    All threads completed. (succeed 0 / failed 1)”
    that is the last little bit of infor it gave. any ideas???

    1. Garrett, the log doesn’t provide any information on why exactly it failed.

      But there are a few things you can check:
      1) Did you use the latest version of the Odin tool (v3.13.3)?
      2) Did you download and use the latest FW? In most cases, Odin would fail if you try and flash an older firmware than the one that’s currently installed on your Note 8.

  2. I have a galaxy note 8 which i purchased from china..model mumber sm-n9500….it doesnt install google play store and doesnt allow google services to run….will installing a new firmware fix this ?

    1. Harry, if you try and sideload the Google Play Store and Play Services APK files, do you see an error?

    2. If i try to sideload these apk files they keep stopping and im forced to close

    3. Oh, all right. You must be trying the latest versions targeting the newer APIs (Android version).

      Which Android version is your phone running currently?

    4. I currently have android 8.0.0….playstore, chrome, youtube and all other app which require google services cannot run on this device

    5. Alright. Thanks for the info.

      First thing, you can only flash the firmware that matches your Galaxy Note 8’s model number. So, it will not make a difference, theoretically.

      Anyways. I want to download a very specific version of the Google Play Services app: Download link

      After downloading, try installing it on your phone and check if you still get the same error.

    6. I’ve downloaded and installed it…im getting the same error…my phone is displaying the “google services keeps stopping” message almost after every 10 seconds…

      I thought flashing a newer firmware which matches my phone’s model number would eliminate the problem since it will be a new software all together, isnt it ?

    7. Okay. I thought it might work.

      Anyways, yes we could try updating the firmware to the latest first. If it still doesn’t work, we will try something else.

      Download the latest FW for your model and region by using the Frija or Samloader tools and then flash it to your phone using the instructions above.

    8. Thank you very much, i really appreciate your help….will get back to you after im done with flashing the firmware

    9. Hello, im back again…so i managed to install a new firmware into my phone and its now working properly…thanks a lot for your help

    10. Hi again, Harry. So after installing the updated firmware, you’re able to install and use Google Apps?

    1. Yes Akshat, it will remove TWRP and any other sorts of modifications applied to the phone.

  3. Hello,

    I keep getting this message
    Odin engine v(ID:3.1301)..
    File analysis..
    Total Binary size: 6689 M
    All threads completed. (succeed 0 / failed 1)

    how can I solve it, please help!

    Thank you

    1. Hi Maen. May I know which version of Odin and which software version you are using?

  4. Hi Dhananjay, thank you for the great work you are doing here. I noticed that the fingerprint on my Samsung galaxy note 8 was given me error and it was not responding. I tried to boot my phone to recovery mode so that I can wipe the cache and do factory reset but my phone could not boot to recovery mode, instead it was given custom binary blocked by FRP lock.

    I don’t have the build number but the model number is SM-N950F/DS. When I boot to download mode, the product name given was SM-N950N but the pack and smartswitch give N950F. The download mode interface language is sort of Chinese or Korean.

    I have tried firmware ECT-N950FXXU7DSJ1 (pie) and ECT-N950FXXU3BRA8 (nougat) with no luck.

    My phone is still useless. I will gladly appreciate your help. Less I forget, am presently in Nigeria.

    Thank you.

    1. Hi Medsource. Thanks for your kind words.

      Through the info you have provided, I can say for sure that the firmware installed on the phone is Korean (for model SM-N950N).

      Now, did you purchase a used device from someone else? Or did you purchase it from an official retailer?

    2. Thank you for your prompt response. The phone is a brand new one from the box and is barely one month old. I bought it from a retail shop in Lagos, Nigeria.

      The bottom line now is that I want to get my phone working. If I must flash firmware with Korean origin, must it be Nougat 7.1.1. or can I try Pie 9 android? Do I need a combination firmware or an FRP remover tool. Please guide me from your wealth of experience.

    3. Hi again. That’s odd. Does it show the model number as SM-N950F on the box?

      One of the major reasons that you cannot flash N950F firmware on your N950N is this.

      I’d suggest to first get your phone up and running again. You can download the latest firmware for your model using the SamFirm tool. Search our site for it. Once you have flashed that, there shouldn’t be a problem booting the phone back into the OS.

    1. Hi Stephen. Please elaborate on the situation a bit more, like where exactly does the process stops or shows an error? Also, kindly let me know your Note 8’s model number and the current Android version installed on it.

  5. Hi, just to clarify, In the article you suggest using Odin to “Downgrade your Note 8 to a lower build/Android version” but some of the comments suggest that this can’t be done.

    My Note 8 recently upgraded to Pie One UI; an OS that I have quickly come to dislike.

    Could you please advise on whether or not I able to use Odin and your link to the 950F firmware version to revert back to the Android 7.1 that the phone was originally supplied with.

    1. Hi Kev. Yes, you pointed just right. I should have added that the downgrade is only possible if both the Android versions have the same bootloader version.

      Let us take your SM-N950F as an example here:

      The latest Android 9 Pie based One UI update comes with the following software version: N950FXXU5DSC2. And the last Android Oreo-based update came with the N950FXXU5CSA3 software version.

      Now, do you notice the ‘U5’ in both the software versions? That means both have bootloader revision 5. Which ultimately means you can downgrade back to Android Oreo.

      But some older Oreo and Nougat updates came with BL Revisions 4, 3, 2 and 1. In this case, you will not be able to downgrade to such versions.

      To sum up: You can only downgrade to an older software version if the BL revision matches, regardless of the Android version.

    2. Thankyou very much for that, looks like I press on with Samsung fixing the problem for now.

  6. im using note 8(sm-n950f) can anyone tell me if i install a stock firmware(android pie) from sammfirm via odin tool,does that will change my device status from official to custom…and if yes does it means that secure folder, samsung health and apps from that category will not work??

    1. Hi Omer. SamFirm downloads the stock firmware directly from Samsung servers. Don’t worry about it, your device status will still be official. It won’t trip KNOX and you will still be able to take regular OTA updates pushed by Samsung.

  7. Hi, I up graded my Samsung note 8 to the latest Oreo Android but the battery drains so fast, my question is of I flash my phone is the stock firmware back to its factory settings let’s say down grading the Android will it solve my battery problems???

    1. Hi Peter. Downgrading wouldn’t be possible I think. As for the battery drain, there is no bug that I am aware of too. However, they are pretty usual when upgrading over the air. The best way to deal with it is to first backup all your data including that on the internal storage (manually). And then use the stock recovery to factory reset the phone.

      If you need any help, please let me know once you have backed up your data.

  8. Could you please tell me in ap.md5 where is sensors firware existed. I will extract repack to md5 and restore sensors.bin file of old stock. When all sensors were working on my note 8 before fota update.

    1. Hi, I am sorry but I have no idea about it. I am also not sure if repacked MD5 files will be flash-able either, but then I am still not sure.

      Instead, I’d suggest you wait for an update or try re-installing the same firmware in a clean manner via Odin.

  9. having problem while flashing my sm-n950w to the stock firmware as odin stuck on setup connection and its unlocked by freedom (Canada) region. Any help?

  10. Hi, I have galaxy note 8. I unlocked it and using NTT Docomo (in Japan) but when I am using it in India with Airtel network, calls and messages are working but no internet connections.

    When I try to add apn settings, it shows- “unable to view the access point name settings, access is restricted for the current user profile.”

    Please help

    1. Hi, I believe a simple factory reset should resolve the problem since calls/messages are already working. Make sure to take a full backup of all your data including the internal storage. It will also be erased.

  11. Hi… im using a factory unlocked version of note 8 bought in us (SM-N950U1), unfortunately the mobile doesnt have volte support. I was using shortcut master app to enable volte, but after the oreo update i couldnt access volte setting. Now my mobile only allows internet access without any call or messaging features in jio sim. Is there any solution?

    1. Hey thx for ur help, but i dont wanna root my mobile. Decided to change the carrier to airtel. Thx again.

    2. Hi again. I think that’s the best decision in your current situation. Good luck!

  12. Hi.. Everyone.. I’m having Note 8 Indian version N950F… Was working fine till last week.. The OTA update of 27th July (N950FXXS4CRG1) has made my phone unusable.. None of the sensors work except fingerprint… no iris, gyro, accelerometer, proximity…. nothing works..

    is there anyway i can go back to…N950FXXU3CRF4… Can we do that using ODIN.. I tried but it either fails or get stuck on sboot.bin.lz4

    # I’m using PrinceComsyModifiedODIN 3.12…
    # I saw a reply stating downgrading is not possible.. Does it matter in this case..? its both 8.0 oreo but previous OTA that’s all…
    # If its possible.. please give instructions…or what did i do wrong..??

    Thanks in Advance

    1. Hi, I wouldn’t advise downgrading at all.

      But, here’s what I personally think. The firmware you were on N950FXXU3CRF4 is V3 bootloader. And the new one that you have currently installed N950FXXS4CRG1 is V4 bootloader. That’s the first thing to stop on. Downgrading from V4 to V3 bootloader will probably brick the phone.

      In this case, I would suggest that you simply take the stock firmware for the N950FXXS4CRG1 build (Look into SamMobile etc) and flash it using Odin. The reason why the process is stuck is that lz4 is a new type of file compression used by Samsung. You will need Odin 3.13.1 to flash it.

      But then again, even if you use it; use it to flash the same build number and nothing lower.

      IMHO, it is better to have a buggy device and wait for an update to fix it, rather than a piece of paperweight in your hands. Correct?

    2. Thanks for the reply… i’ll probably go to an authorised service centre then.. maybe they can help in downgrading or upgrading…whatever is possible.

      # Can’t use the buggy phone.. pocket dials and disturbances during calls, #No iris scan..I use gloves for most of my work..cant live without face/iris scan.. no gaming..etc..etc..

      # Will update you the status..after going to service centre.. if you r interested..

      Thanks again.

    3. Hi again. Yes, I think that’s the right way to go. Though, do not mention Odin or firmware flashing if the phone’s under warranty.

      And yes, I’d be very much interested to see how it go. Keep me posted. Good luck!

    4. Hi.. again

      I went to the service centre. They worked on the software part and couldn’t solve the issue.. They also informed that similar cases were reported..and they had to actually change the hardware to solve it. They are saying that due to the software update the sensors has maybe undergone a hardware failure. I don’t know if that’s even possible..? They kept my phone there, gave me a standby phone, and said that they will update me after ordering new parts..

      #Totally Confused

      Anyways.. thanks for your help… TC

  13. I have followed the steeps down to a tick and i still get the following error:
    Odin engine v(ID:3.1301)..
    File analysis..
    Total Binary size: 6834 M
    All threads completed. (succeed 0 / failed 1)

    Any suggestions??

    1. Kindly try Odin 3.12.10 and 3.13.1. I have updated the link above. The newer firmware requires the latest version of Odin flash tool. I suspect that is the issue here.

  14. Hi…I purchased Note 8 from India and for some reasons the feature to open camera by double clicking the power button has been disabled. I understand the ROM for other regions doesn’t have this issue. Is there a way I can change the ROM without rooting?

    1. Hi Nikhil, by ‘Disabled’ do you mean that the option is greyed out in the settings?

  15. Hello Dhananjay,
    I have a US unlocked Samsung galaxy note 8 which was unlocked by sprint and then used on AT&T network. Since I am in India I am obviously not receiving any OTA updates or even able to update my device on smart switch.
    I would hence like to update my device through odin.
    But as you must be aware US snapdragon variants have locked bootloaders. Will I be able to flash stock firmware on my device?

    1. Hi Rohit, kindly let me know if the device is now branded to AT&T or supports any SIM card to be used?

  16. Hello, first, know how to excuse my bad English, use google translator, ask, I have a NOTE 8 SM-N950U, from Verizon, is there a way to put a rom that has nothing Verizon? or how to remove everything from Verizon? given that I have a problem, although the cell phone works well, and in my country (Uruguay) is working well, I get a +1 in front of the contacts, but I can not find how to get it out, called configuration does not exist in Android 8, it will have some solution ? Thank you and I apologize again for my English grief.


    i was told there’s no combination for this specific build
    N950WVL U4 CRD5 which means it’s the 4th update
    and in the internet there is only the 1st update COMBINATION_FA71_N950WSQ U1 AQH8

    if you can help me i will appreciated

    1. Hi Jamac, are you trying to downgrade the version? If not, then do you need the Odin flashable ZIP with N950WVLU4CRD5 build number, right?

      Also, please do mention the region your device belongs to, as well as, if the phone is locked to a carrier?

    2. thanks for the replay, yes i want the N950WVLU4CRD5 combination firmware file.
      my phone is Canadian locked on rogers carier SM-N950W 8.0.0

      first i just wanted to bypass the frp becuase the phone is locked on a google account, then flash it to the latest firmware for note 8 , but im stuck to bypass the frp, without that im not able to unlock the phone or downgrade or do anything what so ever, so yeah i need the N950WVLU4CRD5 file to flash on odin, if i use this COMBINATION_FA71_N950WSQ U1 AQH8 it fails because its an old firmware.

    3. That, I can not confirm. However, I can assure that it has the same build number as you referred earlier.

  18. Hi, I’ve put TWRP onto my Galaxy Note 8, TWRP has successfully installed but whenever i try and power the handset it gets stuck in a boot-loop. I tried to flash the firmware to the device but the data is wiped and handset factory reset. I managed to get the device back into TWRP and pushed the ADB file back to the device, and it’s back to the boot-loop. Is there a way to flash the device to get it working again without loosing all my user data?

    1. Hi Chris, could you please tell which file are you exactly trying to flash? The method here requires you to flash the stock firmware using the Odin tool.

    2. Yeah i managed to download the stock rom from SamMobile ‘XSP-N950FXXU2BQKG-20171221165520’ – i’d just loaded the AP ‘AP_N950FXXU2BQKG_CL12472670_QB15920626_REV00_user_low_ship_meta.tar.md5’ which worked but factory reset the device – unfortunatly i want to keep the data. managed to push the adb backup back onto the device, but it just bootloops again – Thanks

    3. So, you’re trying to restore a Nandroid backup that was previously taken via TWRP?

    4. It was an ADB pull, I’ve pushed the ADB back onto the device. basically:
      I put TWRP on the device, did an ADB pull on the handset in Ubuntu.
      Tried to turn the device on but it had got stuck in a bootloop.
      Tried to re-flash the OS without loosing my user data, but this factory reset the device.
      I then did an ADB push to put the original data back on the device, but not it is back to getting stuck in the bootloop.
      I was trying to get a copy of the data but apparently the device has a forced encryption put on it. So while i have a copy of the data it is useless to me, but also the only copy. So i was wanting to put it back on the device and access it like normal again.

    5. Hi Chris, this seems more like an irreversible situation. But I have an idea, it may or may not work. But it’s worth trying.

      Simply put back the backup on the phone via ADB. Then install TWRP recovery, boot into it, decrypt the storage using the PIN/Password that you had set earlier, and finally use MTP in TWRP to copy all your data to the PC.

      If TWRP is able to decrypt the data properly, then you can easily access the internal storage and take a manual backup of it. Then reflash the stock firmware. Finally, when your phone boots, simply copy back the data on the internal storage.

  19. I have just received my new Note 8 SM-N9500 from An on line shop in Dubai.
    The device is totally unusable as it continually freezes, reboots or goes to black screen with blue light on.
    It does the same in safe mode.
    I have hard reset it a few times. No difference. It once stayed on long enough to do the software updates.
    Nothing I have done has worked.
    The device is just an expensive paper weight.
    Pls advise.

    1. Hi Paul, this doesn’t seem much like a software issue, but the work of a faulty hardware. I believe the phone is in the warranty period?

  20. Hi , i neet to convert my Note 8 Korea into Note 8 EU singke sim , i know with odin its impossible and that i should flash TWRP and than flash a .zip file firmware with TWRP , i was thinking where can i find such firmware? Sammobile fikes are ok ? Or do i need a different fike firmware for TWRP?

  21. Hi! I hit FAIL right after:


    Any help would be greatly appreciated. I’ve been trying out so many methods and had really high hope for yours since you’ve document it so well. Thanks in advance!

  22. Whenever I try to enter AP in Odin, my computer ceases to respond. Any help for that? I’m trying to unroot my Note 8.

  23. XDA has a rooting method using SamFail that does not trip KNOX. It looks like I need to do a lot more research on the Unrooting before I attempt this. Thanks for taking the time to answer my questions. I appreciate that very much.

    1. Yes, that should be done first hand. Unrooting will basically involve the method above.

      You’re welcome. I am glad I was able to answer your questions.

  24. OK, I’m very new at this. From what I’ve read unrooting is accomplished by flashing stock firmware. Is this not the case? Can I remove root and keep the changes I have made?

    1. Don’t worry, that’s what we are here for. To help you get acquainted with technical stuff and get a good hold of it.

      Yes, you can say that one way. But you should consider this as a last resort. Which root method did you use? Is it Magisk or SuperSU?

      Before you leave the next comment, first make sure to backup everything (Just to be safe). This also includes the internal storage. As for the contacts, emails, photos, and videos, you can use Google sync and Google Photos itself.

    2. I haven’t rooted yet, I am in the research mode. This question is important because if I am going to lose the work I am rooting the phone for then I won’t even bother. There is a lot of information out there but from my research so far, it looks like I will be using ODIN to root the phone. It’s a Samsung Galaxy Note 8 and apparently some rooting options are not available for this model. In one article it as stated that Magisk won’t work but I haven’t found any corroborating information for that. Tons of information to sift through.

      What I am trying to do is: Root the phone, move one app to system, change permissions on the app and the folder and on another folder on my SD card, then unroot. A couple of background ideas that have formed but have not been searched yet are to install TWRP and SuperSU as well while rooted. TWRP because then I could move apps to system without rooting again (according to the XDA dev forums) and SuperSU because it appears I can remove root with that app. Again neither of these have been researched so I am basically open to suggestions.

    3. That’s quite an idea. Haven’t tried myself though, but seems like a nifty trick to try.

      So what I could grasp from your comment is:
      1) Root the phone
      2) Install some apps to the /system partition.
      3) Unroot the phone
      4) See if the apps still persist in the system?

      Sort of temporary rooting to move the apps, am I right?

    4. Theoretically, yes. But I am not sure though. Especially when it concerns Samsung. Because when you flash TWRP/Root package, the KNOX counter will trip, thus voiding the warranty.

  25. If I unroot, will I lose apps that were moved to system apps? Will I lose TWRP? Will I lose permissions set on a SD folder?

    1. By ‘Unroot’, do you mean flashing the full stock firmware on your phone?

  26. Hi. I have an unlock code for my note 8 (it is network-locked) but it says that i have to make sure it is on the stock factory firmware. Is it not the same as factory reset? What happens to my files? Should I back the phone up? Pls help sir. Many thanks

  27. Hi,

    Used odin to flash my note 8, and failure after the message “Param.bin” appears. Do you know what went wrong?

    1. Hi Joe, the error you stated indicates two possibilities.
      1) Either you are trying to downgrade the firmware.
      2) Or, the firmware you are using doesn’t match your device model.

      Kindly check and re-confirm.

    2. Hi. So you are saying downgrading from higher android version to lower is not possible by odin? I am getting same fail message after param.bin when downgrading oreo to nougat.

    3. Hi Amit. That’s correct, it’s not possible. Actually, the phone’s bootloader will restrict it.

  28. i tried flashing the Note 8, but it failed after the param.bin


    Complete (Write) operation failed.

    1. Hi Joe, was your phone previously rooted or did you perform any sort of customization operations on the device?

    1. As far as I have read it on XDA-Developers, it is not possible to do so. Several users have tried and failed.

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