Root Galaxy Note 8 Snapdragon using Extreme Syndicate Method (SM-N950U/U1)

How to Root Snapdragon Galaxy Note 8 using Extreme Syndicate

You can now root Galaxy Note 8 Snapdragon variant on all US carriers in the US, using the new Extreme Syndicate root method. The instructions in this guide are compatible with any Snapdragon Note 8 with SM-N950U/SM-N950U1 model number and V8 bootloader revision.


Samsung has been readily processing its flagship devices in two different variants – Exynos and Snapdragon. It has been the same since the company launched the S7 and for the Galaxy Note 8 as well in this case. There are several situations where Exynos under-powers the Snapdragon variant in the case of Samsung. But the one we will be talking about today is – rooting the Snapdragon variant of the Galaxy Note 8.

If your phone is on BL V1, V2, or V3, then you can visit an old archived copy of this page for the required files and instructions.

Table of Contents

Rooting the Galaxy Note 8 Snapdragon Variant

Snapdragon Galaxy Note 8 running pre-rooted Nougat ROM

We already have a tutorial published on our blog to root Exynos Note 8, and it is much similar to our day-to-day rooting method that involves installing TWRP recovery first and then flashing the Magisk zip via it.

But things are actually very different, and difficult at the same time when it comes to the Snapdragon variant of the phone. That’s because, unlike the Exynos variants, the bootloader on the Snapdragon variants is not unlock-able. And hence, the generic method of flashing TWRP via ODIN and then rooting through Magisk is bound to fail.

In the past, Recognized Contributor jrkruse brought us a rooting method for the Snapdragon Galaxy S8, S8+, and Note 8. However, the old method used EDL (Emergency Download) mode and was only limited to devices with V5 and V6 bootloaders. With the latest bootloader revisions, that is V7 and V8, the old method didn’t work.

But thanks to some talented minds out there, it is now possible to root the Snapdragon Galaxy Note 8 on the latest V8 bootloader. XDA Recognized Developer elliwigy is the one who found the original exploit and further contributions were made by other members of the team. This is the same group that developed the rooting solution for the Snapdragon Galaxy S9, S9+, and Note 9. Developer jrkruse further adopted the Extreme Syndicate root method to work on the Snapdragon Note 8.

A Few Important Things

Before you go ahead and follow the instructions, take a look at some important information below to debrief yourself with the method that will follow.

  • This root method, the corresponding files, and instructions are only applicable to the Galaxy Note 8 Snapdragon variant with SM-N950U and N950U1 model numbers (sold in the United States).
  • This method will only work if your phone is using version V8 bootloader.
    • To find out your phone’s bootloader version, go to Settings → About phone → Software information and check the information under the ‘Baseband version‘ section. For example, if it says “N950USQS8DTJ1“, then “S8” denotes the bootloader version, which is V8.
  • This will not unlock your phone’s bootloader. It will still be locked.
  • The KNOX counter will not be tripped at all.
  • Root on Android Pie/Oree is not possible. In simpler words, you will not have root permissions on Android Pie or Oreo. So, you have the following two choices:
    • Either stick with the pre-rooted Android Nougat OS, if you really want root access.
    • Or, install the Android Pie ROM with Safestrap recovery. Once that is installed, you can use Safestrap to apply modifications to your phone by flashing zips or making modifications to the system partition.
      This has some additional benefits as well like the ROM is debloated of any useless apps, has features like a native hotspot and multi-user support enabled, and also has Samsung Pay, Secure Folder, Samsung Pass working.

With that information at hand, let us now show you how to root the Snapdragon Galaxy Note 8 with a V8 bootloader, using the new Extreme Syndicate method.


  • Make sure that you go through the instructions beforehand and understand what they exactly tell you to do. Do not deviate from them at any point or disconnect/power off your phone during the process until you’re asked to do so.
  • I presume you would have some basic knowledge of the terms associated with software modding.
  • If you do face any problems, you can always download the latest stock firmware using Frija or Samloader, and install the firmware on your Note 8 using Odin. This will allow you to restore your Note 8 back to the official firmware.

Before You Begin

Take a look at some of the things you should do before attempting the instructions.

Take a backup first: All the data stored on your phone, including that on the internal storage, will be erased during the rooting process. So, make sure that you back up all your data beforehand so that you can restore it afterward. If need help, here’s a tutorial on backing up Android devices.

Install the drivers (if required): In most cases, Windows can automatically install the required USB drivers for your phone. But in case your computer fails to identify your phone in Download Mode, you might have to install the latest Samsung mobile USB drivers.

Charge your phone: Make sure that your Note 8 has a sufficient battery charge to prevent it from shutting down in the middle of the rooting process. 40-50% is a good starting point in my opinion.

Upgrade to V8 Bootloader: The developer specifically advises the users to upgrade their phone to V8 bootloader by flashing the firmware through Odin. He suspects that the OTA update from V7 to V8 firmware corrupted a bootloader file, which led to a bricked device when updating through his method.

You can download the latest firmware using Frija and install it on your phone using the instructions here.

How to Root Galaxy Note 8 Snapdragon

For your convenience and better understanding, we have split the complete instructions into 5 different steps. Make sure that you follow them in the mentioned order and do not skip any of the steps.

Step 1: Perform Factory Reset and Enter Download Mode on Galaxy Note 8

The first step of the rooting process is to boot your Note 8 into the stock recovery mode and perform a factory reset through it.

To do this, power off your phone first. Then hold the Volume Up, Bixby, and Power keys simultaneously to boot your phone into the stock recovery mode.
Perform Factory Reset on Snapdragon Galaxy Note 8

Once in recovery mode, use the Volume buttons to select the ‘Wipe data/factory reset’ and press the power button to confirm the selection. When prompted, select ‘Factory data reset’ to confirm.

After that, select the ‘Reboot to Bootloader’ option in the stock recovery to boot your Galaxy Note 8 into Download Mode. Connect the phone to the computer while it’s in Download Mode.
Enter Download Mode on Snapdragon Galaxy Note 8

Step 2: Flash Combination Firmware using Odin

Now, you have to flash the combination firmware on your Galaxy Note 8 using the Odin tool. To do this, download the combination firmware package ( to your computer.

Extract the contents of the ZIP file on your computer to get the combination firmware file (COMBINATION_FA71_N950USQU8ATF1_CL13942288_QB32228349_REV00_user_mid_noship_MULTI_CERT.tar.md5).


To flash the combination firmware, you will need the modded Odin v3.13.1 tool by ‘Raymonf’. You can download it from the Odin download repository that I maintain. After downloading, extract the ZIP file and then double-click the ‘Modded Odin v3.13.1 Raymonf.exe‘ executable to launch Odin on your computer.

The Odin tool GUI should now be shown on your PC’s screen and it should display the COM port to which your Note 8 is connected. Click the ‘AP‘ button and select the combination firmware file to load it in the slot for flashing.

Flash combination firmware on Galaxy Note 8 using Odin

Finally, hit the ‘Start‘ button in Odin to flash the combination firmware on your Snapdragon Note 8. Once the flashing process finishes, you should see a ‘PASS!‘ message in the Odin tool and your phone will automatically reboot into the combination OS. Keep your phone connected to the computer as you’ll need it further.

Since this is a low-level testing firmware used by Samsung internally, the UI will differ from the regular software. It should look similar to the one shown in the image below.

Combination OS on Snapdragon Galaxy Note 8

Step 3: Run APPS_INSTALLER.bat and reboot the phone

Now, you have to run a batch file on your computer that will sideload some required apps on your Note 8 to carry on with the rooting procedure.

With your Galaxy Note 8 now in the combination OS, connect it to the PC via the USB cable (if not already). Then download the ‘N8_ROOT.7z‘ file and extract the file on your computer using 7-zip or a similar archive utility. The extracted “N8_ROOT” folder should contain the ADB binaries, a bunch of APK files, and two Windows batch script files namely ‘APPS_INSTALLER.bat’ and ‘ROOT_INSTALLER.bat’.

Run the APP_INSTALLER.bat script on computer

Simply double-click the ‘APPS_INSTALLER.bat’ file to sideload/install the required APK files on your Note 8. Once it finishes, reboot your phone.

Step 4: Grant Read, Write, and Execute permissions to Persist partition

When your phone boots, it should prompt you to select the default launcher application. Choose the ‘Pixel Launcher’ as it would make it easier for you to find the installed apps.

Then launch the ‘Factory IME‘ application from the app drawer and input *#9900# in the dialer. This should open the ‘SysDump‘ screen that will show a lot of different debugging tests. Scroll down, select ‘AUDIOCORE DEBUG‘, then ‘TEST HELPER‘, and finally ‘Utils‘.

Launch Factory IME App on your Snapdragon Galaxy Note 8

You should now see the ‘AUDIOCOREDEBUG‘ screen with a couple of options. Tap on the box that says ‘ADB Commands‘ and type in: chmod -R 0777 /persist. Hit enter on the keyboard and press the ‘SEND‘ button. The command will basically grant read/write/execute permissions to the /persist partition of your Note 8.


The command will not return output or show a notification to confirm. You just have to make sure that you input the right command and send it over to your device.

Step 5: Run ROOT_INSTALLER.bat to root Galaxy Note 8 Snapdragon

You now have to run the other script on your computer to root your Galaxy Note 8 on the combination firmware. To do this, make sure that your phone is connected to the computer and is recognized by it. Then double-click the ROOT_INSTALLER.bat file.

The script will copy all the required root binaries and reboot your phone automatically. When your Note 8 boots, it should be rooted via SuperSU. Rebooting again will take your phone into SafeStrap Recovery mode. The recovery is based on TWRP and follows the same UI.

Step 6: Install the Pre-Rooted Nougat ROM

The process isn’t over yet. As you may notice, the phone is still running the combination OS. You can now use SafetStrap to flash the pre-rooted Nougat ROM. This ROM comes with both SafetStrap and FlashFire pre-installed. The developer has also removed a bit of bloatware, as well as the KNOX system services.

To install the pre-rooted Nougat ROM on your Galaxy Note 8 Snapdragon, download the following files on your computer first:

Extract the “system_n8_brb4.7z” package to get the Nougat system image. Copy the extracted “system_n8_brb4.img” along with “” and “” files to the phone’s internal storage.

After this, reboot your Note 8 and select ‘Recovery’ from the SafeStrap splash screen. In Safestrap, tap on the “Install” button and then on “Install Image”.

Install Pre-Rooted Nougat System Image on Snapdragon Galaxy Note 8
Screenshot courtesy of Perry Freeman

Navigate to your phone’s internal storage and select the “system_n8_brb4.img” file. When prompted to select the target partition, choose “System Image”. Swipe the button on the bottom to flash the pre-rooted Nougat System Image on your Galaxy Note 8 Snapdragon.

Now go back to the recovery’s main menu and press the “Install” button again. Select the “” file and flash it.

Once done, go to the “Reboot” menu and tap on “DOWNLOAD”. Your phone should now reboot and enter the Download Mode. Connect your phone to the PC while it is in Download Mode. 

Reboot Galaxy Note 8 Snapdragon into Download Mode using Safestrap Recovery
Screenshots courtesy of Perry Freeman

Then launch the modded version of Odin on your computer and load the “BL_N950U_NOUGAT_V8.tar.md5” file in the “BL” slot. Finally, click on the “Start” button to flash the file.

Flash fingerprint/face unlock fix in BL slot using Odin

Once the flashing process finishes, your Note 8 will automatically reboot into the pre-rooted Android Nougat OS. You can now start using your favorite root applications or use SafetStrap to flash mods like ViPER4Android, etc.

Additional Notes & Troubleshooting:

  • If the phone keeps looping into SafetStrap mode, then flash the “” via the recovery to fix it.
  • If you face errors while flashing the combination firmware through Odin, make sure that you’re using Raymonf’s modded Odin tool and use USB 2.0 ports (or a hub) to plug in your phone. New-gen USB 3.0/3.1 ports are often the cause of such errors.
  • The step wherein you grant the permissions to the /persist partition is often where things are dodgy. If the ROOT_INSTALLER script fails, you might want to go back and repeat step #4 a couple of times.

So by now, you have learned how to root Snapdragon Galaxy Note 8 on V8 bootloader, using the new Extreme Syndicate method. If you want, you can further install the Android Pie SafeStrap ROM provided by jrkruse over at this XDA thread. But note that you will not have root access. You will only have access to SafeStrap for flashing mods or making other modifications.

If you have any questions or face any problems while performing the instructions, you can comment below. Make sure that you provide as many details as possible about the device.

We couldn’t end this post without thanks XDA RC jrkruse and all other developers who are associated with the project. Also, a huge thanks to one of our readers, Perry Freeman for sharing the Safestrap screenshots.

Source: XDA-Developers Forum


  1. Hello I struggle on step 2.

    Enter CS for MD5..
    Check MD5.. Do not unplug the cable..
    Please wait..
    Checking MD5 finished Sucessfully..
    Leave CS..
    Odin engine v(ID:3.1301)..
    File analysis..
    Total Binary size: 2265 M
    All threads completed. (succeed 0 / failed 1)

    I’ve this every time on Odin. Sometime it’sq stuck on SetupConnection or File analysis.

    As yuou said I’ve try all the usb2 port of my pc, unfortunatly it change nothing. Do you have an idea to fix this issue ?
    Many thanks in advance

    1. I’ve try also to flaash official rom (with the right css) with the Raymondf’s odin, I’ve the same issue

    2. Here is the information on the download screen
      RPMB fuse blown
      CURRENT BINARY : Samsung Official
      FRP LOCK : OFF
      KG STATUS : Checking
      RP SWREV : B8 (2,1,1,1,1) K6 S8
      DID : 205E3B2109B9

      I’ve already look if the issue is due to QUALCOMM SECUREBOOT or SECURE DOWNLOAD, but on XDA people say it’s normal and this should work with odin

    3. Yes, they are right and SECUREBOOT has nothing to do with this.

      Try flashing the firmware using the regular Odin v3.14.1 tool instead of Raymonf’s version. Also, make sure that you close/exit any smartphone utilities (like Samsung Smart Switch) before you attempt the flash.

  2. Step 2 Completed and ODIN showed pass, but afterwards the phone did not reboot and now it is completely dead. It doesn’t turn on, cannot be detected by PC and doesn’t even show the charging indicator when plugged in. Please Help!!!

    1. Zeheer, was your phone on V8 bootloader when you attempted this?

      The method or the files do not flash any critical partitions, so there’s no chance of a hard-brick.

      Did your phone have sufficient battery? Plug it into the wall charger and hold the Volume Down and Power keys for 10-15 seconds. See if the display lights up.

      Also, when the flash completed, the phone was stuck in Download Mode? Please provide more details.

  3. Hello my good frnd
    I am on ur rooted naugat rom and I am unable to use xpose framework and as soon as I flash the xpose file in twrp the rom stops working and hold it self on Samsung logo..pls can you help me out here thanks..

    1. Xposed does not work on Snapdragon Note 8 Nougat ROM. This was confirmed by a lot of XDA users, as well as developer jrkruse himself here.

      Now, to get your phone out of the soft brick, you could do two things:
      1) Flash the Xposed uninstaller ZIP via Safestrap recovery.
      2) Or, if the above fails, then download the latest stock firmware using Frija and flash the ROM by following the instructions in this tutorial.

      If it comes down to the second option, you will have to reform the rooting process from start.

  4. N950u1 got the combination flaked but when I try the pps installer it says that it cannot be found make sure I type name correctly, I have downloaded multiple times I used 7 zip as you said and now I’m on nougat n950u so it’s not accepting my n950u1 stock firmware

    1. James, could you please share a screenshot of the error message it shows?

      If you’re flashing back the stock firmware, use the regular Odin v3.14.1 tool instead of Raymonf’s version.

  5. Completely stuck: Was at 9.0, now at 7.1.1 and cannot figure out how to move forward to 10 before having to give up and reinstall 9.0.

    Let me start by saying I apologize in advance if my exasperation comes through in my writing. I truly appreciate all the great work you guys put into these instructions for those of us that do not have a background in, knowledge of, or half of a grasp on how these devices work.
    My frustration comes into play when extremely intelligent and knowledgeable people are trying to explain to us less knowledgeable folks how to do things, and use verbiage, nomenclature, and phrasing that one does not come across unless well-versed in this kind of device manipulation.

    So if this gets into the weeds, then I apologize ahead of time. My inquiring (and very frustrated) mind needs very broken down instructions.

    I suck, you rule, please help!

    Followed all instructions to the letter… until instructions did not match what was on my phone.

    It now says:
    Model: SM-N950U
    Version: 7.1.1
    Samsung Experience: 8.5
    And Sec Pat Lev: Feb1, 2018
    Baseband: N950USQU8ATF1
    Kernel :4.4.21-13942288
    Build: NMF26X.N950USQS3BRB4
    SE for Android: Permissive

    Not sure what else you need.

    Was on a Sprint SIM, now on a T-Mobile.
    While in recovery, noted that phone identified as Verizon.

    Did EVERYTHING noted above starting with getting TRWP from Play Store, downloading Samsung Mobile Drivers and was able to use Frija and ODIN to re-install V8 firmware (did the Taiwanese version since I wasn’t sure and that is the phones origin) before starting to ensure a clean process.

    PS: The next statement “all the files you’ll need to perform the instructions below” is a bit misleading as steps 2, 3 & 6 require a bunch more files/programs to be downloaded.

    Step 1: no issues
    Step 2: ran into the USB 3.0 issue and switched to older Windows Surface to continue. But otherwise, worked.
    Step 3: The last time I rooted anything was my S5 so I am not familiar with the terms “sideload” or “batch file.” It took me a
    moment to understand that I did not need to move these files from my computer to my phone in order to make
    them work. Anytime I see the word “simply” I get concerned because your “simply” does not always (or often)
    match my “simply.” [From windows explorer, double-click to run…] Just a suggestion.
    Anyway, finally just tapped on them and it worked.
    Step 4: I know you mentioned that this has caused a lot of issues but I followed the instructions EXACTLY as written and it
    seemed to perform as you described. Is there anyway to check if this part is done correctly before going all
    the way through step 6 only to discover that it didn’t work? ALSO, is it mandatory to hit the enter on the keyboard
    for this to work? I have tried this step 3 times now; twice times I hit the enter, once I just hit Send. Did not make a
    difference that I could tell.
    Step 5: Here is where my confusion lies, though I don’t know if it made any difference. Double-clicked
    ROOT_INSTALLER.bat in Windows explorer with phone connected and ODIN window up, left in it’s last
    (A) At no time does anyone say to close, exit, or reset ODIN or not to. It is not mentioned at all after it runs
    the specific program so not sure if it makes a difference being up or not.
    OCD minds want to know…
    (B) “The script will copy…and reboot your phone automatically. When your Note 8 boots, it should be rooted via
    SuperSU.” How do I check that? I am assuming it is important since you mention it but how do we know if that
    last operation worked?
    (C) “Rebooting again will take your phone into SafeStrap Recovery mode.” Are you saying we NEED to reboot or is
    this just a comment?
    (D) “The recovery is based on TWRP and follows the same UI.” I have now done this root procedure 3 times and still
    have no idea what TWRP is or if I should care.
    How do we verify that this step is complete? I believe I have gotten here only because I am running on 7.1.1 of
    what looks like a stripped down Pixel version of the OS, but I still do not know if the phone is properly
    configured to take on the next steps or the version 10 Nougat ROM.
    [And yes, I used the name & number because I often loose track of what confection Android decided to
    randomly apply to its versions. It would be of great help when awesome folks like you guys write these
    instructions to note both as most of us won’t memorize these.]
    Step 6: I have tried to follow these instructions to the letter even though I don’t understand what half of it means.
    (A) Downloaded all the files mentioned
    (B) Used 7-zip to unpack the system image.
    (C) Did a straight drag & drop from Download folder onto the phone icon in windows explorer. There is no mention
    as to WHERE on the phone directory these files should go so I went to only icon that shows up when I plug in
    the phone. Is that correct? I assume so as the screenshot you have next is what I get.
    It goes a little astray here.
    (D) I restart and hit Recovery. On the computer, a window pops up with TWO versions of my phone showing
    internal storage. IS that normal?
    I hit Install, then Install Image, scroll to find image, tap on it System Image radio button and swipe to confirm. It
    does it’s thing and stops at “Image Flashed” and gives a Back button and Reboot System button.
    (E) You say “go back to the recovery’s main menu” so I tap the Back button, but that only takes me back to the
    Install Image page so I use the Back hard key until I cannot go any further back, then tap the Install button and
    the This seems to go fine. Until…
    (F) The phone reboots on it’s own which is not mentioned in the instructions.
    (G) Again with the two separate but equal Internal Memory icons showing up on the computer.
    (H) I am able to tap on the Recovery button again from the “Splash Screen” and then…
    (I) I hit the Reboot key, and tap Download key.
    Previously, the phone would send me to a different menu that asked if I wanted to Install TWRP. I thought TWRP was already installed and this was very frustrating.
    (J) This the 4th Time I am going through these steps, the phone does exactly what you say it will and goes into
    Download mode.
    I used the modified version of ODIN and load up the BL_N950U_Nougat_V*.tar.md5 and hit start.
    I get a FAIL! SHA256
    The phone sits in “Downloading…” mode with the first start of the white status bar but never moves and has to
    be power-cycled to get out of Downloader screen.
    When it comes up initially, I get Upload Error and has to be power-cycled again to get back to SafeStrap Splash
    Screen and Continue to get to usable phone (barely… how did we ever live on 7.1.1… there isn’t even a dark

    What is going wrong?

    Thank you in advance for any help.

    1. Hi Michael. First off, thank you for the complete detailed explanation of what exactly you did at each step and where you faced errors/confusion.

      I tried my best to make the instructions as descriptive as possible, with an expectation that the readers would have the basic knowledge of how things work around when modding the software and involved terms. This is something I have to presume with these types of tutorials, which require a bit more expertise than the regular approach, which is generally followed for devices that can be bootloader unlocked.

      This page was originally published in 2017 when the phone just came in. Over time, I have tried to keep it updated with new methods and files that are released by the developers. And it is sometimes hard for me to do so, as I work alone to push new tutorials on the blog, update the old ones, provide support through comments, social media, and emails, and so on.

      I hope you will understand this part. I will make sure to apply what changes you have suggested making the instructions more newbie-friendly.

      Like I mentioned initially in the article, this method does not root the device while it’s running Android Pie or Android Oreo for that matter. This method uses an exploit found in Android Nougat-based combination firmware to gain root access. So, it’s not expected to be stable, to say the least.

      If you wish to have root access, you will have to continue using Nougat. This also means that you will miss all the new features and improvements that came in Oreo and Pie.

      Now, let me try to provide you with some answers following the same way you structured your comment.

      Step 3: ‘Sideload’ is a pretty common term since the beginning of Android. To put it simply, it’s the process of manually installing stuff, like OTA packages or APK files. A ‘Batch’ file is a script file exclusive to Windows and DOS systems, more on that here. I will add that you have to double-click the APPS_INSTALLER.bat in Windows Explorer just like you suggested.

      Step 4: Pressing the Enter key on the keyboard is just for closing it down from the window, it’s not something mandatory, but just convenient. The ‘Send’ part is important, as that is what will do the actual job. There’s no way to verify if this step worked unless you try Step #5. However, if you do enter the right command and hit the Send button, there’s no reason for it not to work.

      Step 5: Yes, the configuration stays the same. Running the ROOT_INSTALLER.bat basically injects the root (superuser) binaries into the combination firmware. This isn’t something you’ll notice on the front-end on your phone.

      a) Odin once used to flash a firmware file needs to be closed and reponed. I will add this.
      b) You can verify by running the Flashfire app from the app drawer. This app should be installed when you ran the ‘APPS_INSTALLER’. It’s just that the app won’t operate until Step 5 is finished.
      c) It’s just a comment. When you reboot, you should see the Safestrap splash screen to choose if you want to boot into the recovery or want to continue booting into the system.
      d) TWRP is a custom recovery for Android. You can Google more about it. The Safetstrap recovery used here is built upon the same but is only exclusive for Galaxy devices with Snapdragon SoC.

      The verification can be done two ways – (1) by running FlashFire, which will prompt for Superuser access via SuperSU, and (2) By rebooting the phone, and seeing if the Safestrap splash screen is present.

      Step 6:

      c) When asked to copy anything to the phone, it should be copied inside the Internal Storage. You can copy it to the root directory of the internal storage, or inside a folder, depending on your convenience.
      d) It is normal
      i) If prompted to install TWRP, deny it.
      j) From what I can gather, this is the step where things didn’t go planned. Did you extract the contents of the ‘BL_N950U_NOUGAT_V8.tar.7z’ file to get ‘BL_N950U_NOUGAT_V8.tar.md5’? Or did you simply rename it?

      Right now, here’s what I want you to try and finish the process. Download the modded Odin from this link and launch it. Then flash the BL_N950U_Nougat_V*.tar.md5 file through it. For this, you will need to get your phone into Download Mode. You can do so by using SafetStrap > Reboot > Download.

      Again, thank you Michael for going into great depths to explain what exactly you did. I really appreciate it. I will make sure to make amends to the article where applicable.

      At last, I would like to ask if you really want to use this method to root. To be honest, it’s directed over to users who really do not care about new features or software, but just gaining root access. To add, it is still not a properly rooting solution. Yes, you will be able to use apps that require superuser/root permissions, install a couple of mods, but nothing more or like what could be done on most other OEM devices or the Exynos variants of the Galaxy devices.

  6. my baseband version is n950u1ueu2bqk1 is this a bootloader version 2 and if so can you please link me to the tutorial, thank you so very much .

    1. Francis, I believe your Note 8 is running Android Nougat. Is there any specific reason why you haven’t updated it to the latest Android Pie firmware?

    2. i don’t know how to do this but i want to root my phone but first i want to install a rom that has no preinstalled bloatware,
      my baseband version is n950u1ueu2bqk1 is this a bootloader version 2 and can you please link me to the tutorial for it like this tutorial

    3. Hi again. If that’s the case, then you could simply unload and remove the pre-installed system apps from your phone without rooting.

      This will let you achieve what you want and you would also be able to run the latest Android 9 Pie firmware instead of going all the way back to Nougat.

  7. So on my Note 8 SM-N950U N950USQS7DTE5, I downloaded all required files, extracted them, shut off phone, then got into Recovery mode and did the Wipe data/factory reset’ then ‘Factory data reset’. Got into ‘Reboot to Bootloader’ and Download mode and opened Odin v3.13.1 modded by Raymonf. After clicking on AP and selecting the extracted COMBINATION_FA70_N950USQU7ASK1.tar.md5. Made sure Auto Reboot and F. Reset Time was checked. Then clicked Start and watched the process as I have done on several occasion from rooting other android phones I’ve had. Got done and Odin showed PASSED! Phone shut off and……..nothing. It is totally dead. I let it sit for several minutes hoping it would auto reboot like in your instructions but it did not. I Tried to boot back into Recovery mode and nothing. The phone looks like I might as well have taken the battery out, which was at 100% when I started the factory reset. No USB recognition. It is just dead. Soooo, what now?!

    1. Gregory, thank you for sharing all the details.

      It’s extremely odd for this to happen. The combination firmware flashed via the AP slot doesn’t write to any critical partitions of the phone that could lead to a dead device.

      Focusing on the situation at hand. I would ask you to try something. Hold the Power key of your phone for at least 15 seconds, this will force it to exit itself from any special boot modes, in case it got into one. During this time, see if it shows any sign of boot, if the screen lights up, or somthing similar.

    2. No Rafay. You will have to stick with the pre-rooted Nougat ROM if you want root access.

      This does not unlock the bootloader, so there’s no possible way to flash ROMs. The method uses an exploit found in the combination firmware, limited to Android Nougat only.

  8. Can you detail the new v8 bootloader method.

    Also explain about EFS.
    Can’t back it up until rooted, and rooting deletes it.

    1. Hi Rob, I have updated the guide with the V8 method.

      As for EFS, it can only be backed up after rooting. And no, rooting via this method, or any other method does not delete EFS.

  9. I am getting Permission denied when running ROOT_INSTALLER.bat step

    emp : adb push sampwnd /persist/coresight
    adb: error: failed to copy ‘sampwnd\suinit’ to ‘/persist/coresight/sampwnd/suinit’: remote couldn’t create file: Permission denied

    when I do this command

    adb devices

    ce011821758..XXXXX device

    Build number
    * NMF26X.FA71_N950uSQ7ASK1

    Please help,

    1. Leo, if you’re facing that error, it means the previous step (running the “APP_INSTALLER.bat”) didn’t finish properly. Please repeat from that step and try again.

  10. Hello Sir, can root is possible for this version..
    Note 8 snapdragon..
    Android 8.0

    1. Yes, Adnan, it is possible. However, do note that this will sidegrade your phone to Android 7.1.1 Nougat.

    2. Yes, the method does work. I am updating this tutorial while writing this comment to you. You can wait for a few hours, or you could refer straight to the original XDA thread by the developer.

  11. Thank you, team and associates for incredible work to get this particular Note 8 in a rootable fashion. The download link for the Modded Odin3 processed the final step for the pre-install Nougat platform.

    If at any point I desire to unroot/restore the Note 8 to factory OS. Is there guidance on how this can be accomplished?

    Please advise where I can link to provide a donation. All of this takes a lot of hard work and testing. Contributing is the least we or I can do to keep this platform supporting us Rooters. Thanks.

    1. Hi and thanks for the kind words. The credits go to the developers alone. I just tried to break down the instructions in a more newbie-friendly manner.

      If you want to revert anytime, you can download the latest official stock firmware using tools like Frija and then follow this tutorial to flash the firmware on your Note 8 using Odin.

      If you would like to donate, you can find the information at the original XDA thread right here.

    1. Hi Petter. “BL_N950_NOUGAT_V7.tar.7z” is a compressed package, like a ZIP or RAR file. You have to extract the BL firmware file from it. Use the 7-Zip program for that.

  12. Hello Dhananjay,

    No Odin3 was in the N8_ROOT.7z that was downloaded, if so – what would the name of the program be? The Odin I found contained the following from the XDA site:

    Odin Downloader Release Notes
    Odin3 v3.13.1

    Since it worked for previous action, I figured it would work for the final step. I am a novice, so I accept being wrong. : – i

    Is 80% bar a false positive for 100% or will rooting with the PIE install resolve?

    Appreciate your assistance.

    1. Should be “Modded Odin3 3.13.1 Raymonf.exe”. If you cannot find it, download it from this link.

      Don’t be sorry about it. It’s totally fine not knowing things, that’s how we learn I guess.

      No, that’s actually 80%. More explanation here.

      Oh, and just so you know, you’re not rooting Android Pie. You’re sidegrading the phone to a pre-rooted Nougat system.

  13. The entire process was smooth until the last part. Download, ODIN and failure with BL_N950_NOUGAT_V7.tar.md5. I force reboot several times to no avail for the download process to work. This is what I keep getting: SHA256 is Invalid and I also get the following ID:0/004> Odin engine

    File analysis..
    Total Binary size: 186 M
    Complete(Write) operation failed.
    All threads completed. (succeed 0 / failed 1)

    For all intended purposes, it does appear that I am rooted. Just that I have to press continue to reboot to Note 8. If BL_N950_NOUGAT_V7.tar.md5 removes this step, it may not be a big deal. At the same time, How do I get this to flash so complete the entire process as you outlined in instructions.

    Brilliant work!!

    1. Hey Hasbrook. Which version of the Odin program did you use? The one provided within the “N8_ROOT.7z” file?

      The error you mentioned is caused when using the incorrect version of Odin. In this case, you have to make sure that you use the modded Odin v3.13.1 by Raymonf.

  14. Hey Dhananjay, thanks for your help with rooting my device. The only problem that i have is the last zip file i need to flash “BL_N950_NOUGAT_V7.tar.md5” when i open up the modded Odin and press the BL button the dialog box opens and go where the file is it doesn’t show the file. What can I do?

    1. Petter, the flashable tar.md5 is packed inside the ZIP. You will need to extract the ZIP file to get the actual file that has to be flashed through Odin.

  15. Hey Dhananjay, Thanks for helping me to get access. I want to ask you a couple of questions. Instead of going for the root access I decided to go with the pie rom so i could get viper4androidand, dolby atmos and xposed framework on my note 8 but, now i see that you need root access to even get these items. So my first question is do i have to start the whole process to get root access and to get the items or is there a shortcut way to do this? Also, can I install those items on the rooted device with safestrap disabled and if not, how do I go about getting those items on my rooted note 8 device?

    1. Hi Petter, I think the best approach would be to use the pre-rooted Nougat ROM. It comes with SafetStrap pre-installed, so you will also be able to flash installer ZIPs if required.

  16. ive made it all the way to the last step before flashing the ROM . in the audio core debugging where i type in chmod -R 0777 /persist When i go to hit send nothig happens…like at all…please help

    1. Hi Russell. Yes, that’s how it’s supposed to be. Once you have executed that command, process with the instructions that follow.

    1. Hi Peter. Yes, it could work. But that depends upon how efficient the software you’ll be using for recovering the files/data.

      I have had some personal experience with such a situation, but even after rooting and trying out a variety of software (dr.fone, Wondershare, etc), I still wasn’t able to fully recover the data. But yes, it’s definitely worth a try if the data was important to you.

      And since you’ll be needing just root, you’ll have to follow the instructions till Step 6.1.

    2. Hi Dhananjay,
      I do hear you about the probability of recovering 100%, if you think it is still on the higher side I can certainly hope and undertake to go through rooting and reset again back to un-rooted state.

      I was planning on using MiniTool Mobile Recovery to retrieve data.

      What do you think about certain one-click rooting software solutions?

    3. Hi again, Peter. Yes, that’s the idea. Root the phone, recover the data (as much as possible), and then revert to the unrooted/stock state.

      MiniTool is good. At least it was way better than all other “so-called” recovery programs out there. My suggestion would be to use two programs, one is MiniTool and you could choose any other. The secondary tool will give you another chance of recovery, for whatever data the first tool can’t recover, or vice-versa.

      No, please don’t go for one-click root solutions. They relied on firmware exploits that no more exist and have been patched by Google and respective OEMs. Think of them more as click baits. See here, how Magisk developer John Wu described such one-click solutions.

    4. And, just to be clear, you’re saying I wouldn’t need to do anything in step 6 for ROM?
      I would then try to retrieve data and reset back to factory settings.

  17. Hello

    I have done all. Phone was rooted.

    But now flashfire indicate my phone is not rooted! It is possible. The only thing I done after it was rooter, is to install smart switch to restore backup.

    Is it possible to lost root access? How to recover it?

    Thanks (PS I don’t speak very well english)

    1. Hi Niko. Root isn’t possible on the Android Pie Safestrap ROM. You can only attain root permissions with the pre-rooted Nougat ROM, I believe that’s why FlashFire couldn’t detect root permissions.

  18. Is this still valid? can I do this on an up to date note 8? Anytime i try to flash the file from ODIN I get an error. I have factory reset multiple times, rebooted my pc and the phone multiple times… everytime I try to flash it shows an error immediately when I press start.

    Is there a Log in Odin that I can read to try and find more information as to what is failing?

    1. Hi Ed. Yes, it’s valid. May I know your Note 8’s exact model number?

      And yes, you can view the logs under the “Log” tab of the Odin program. Also, may I know which version of Odin did you use?

  19. Thanks a lot man i try to install it and voilá follow step by step and finish to install it only in the step 2 when type the command to send i have to restart my phone again and repeat the process in the step 2 and type the code again finally is restarted and follow the next steps… and thats it finally i root may note 8 whit nougat version

    1. Hi Josue. I am glad it worked! Could you please share which code are you talking about?

  20. Hola, tengo un SM-N950U y es de Verizon.
    Nunca he rooteado ni instalado rom, es primera vez.
    Lo que quiero es quitar estar rom de verizon porque alenta mucho el dispositivo.
    ¿Si realizo todo esto resolveré mi problema?
    Mi cargador de arranque es V7
    Según leí tengo que cambiar de pie a nougat.
    Es muy importante tu ayuda, muchas gracias.

    1. Entonces, los pasos que están aquí en thecustomdroid, exactamente para qué son, ¿cuál es el fin?
      perdón por preguntar mucho, es primera vez que hago esto.

    2. Hi Ramon. These are for if you need to gain root (administrator-level) permissions on your phone. With the said permissions, you will be able to modify almost anything on your phone’s software.

      Yes, this will help you move away from Verizon. But if that’s the only thing you want, then the XDA thread I linked is much easier. Plus, if you start there, you will get the basic knowledge of flashing firmware. So, you can always try rooting using this guide later on.

    1. No, Sophia. This wouldn’t let you install a custom ROM at all. The method basically uses an exploit in the combination firmware to gain root permissions.

  21. hey Dhananjay i have a question i want root my note 8 V7 snapdragon, whit Android Pie Safestrap ROM but in the comments appears it doest’n have root permission… it’s that possible root whit this metod??

    1. Hi Josue. You’re right, rooting on Pie isn’t possible. If you want to root, your phone will be sidegraded to Android Nougat. I am afraid that’s the only way.

  22. Hi, thanks for this, so far I got up to step 6.1, installed nougat. Now Im wondering, DO i HAVE to install the pie rom? is that optional? any real benefits? ( my main reason for rooting, is so that I can use tethering with my PC for internet access, with out ATT charging me (which I have done successfully with my Galaxy S4 for about 6 years now! after I rooted it!)

    However this was/is a sprint phone (which I would like to use @ATT)

    any advice please.

    Thanks Again!!!

    1. Hi MikeD. If you install Pie, you will not be able to have root permissions, which is the first thing to keep in mind. If tethering is only possible with root, you will need to keep your phone on pre-rooted Nougat ROM.

      Installing Pie will give you a recent security patch and Android Pie + One UI features.

    2. Hello Dhananjay, your guide is very interesting and very understandable, I thank you for that immense contribution, thank you very much ….. my question is if I have the recovery of safestrap installed with android 9 (foot), could I root it with magisk manager? … I would appreciate your answer

    3. Hi Jose. Many thanks for such kind words. I tried my best to elaborate on the original instructions provided by the developers.

      As for your question, I am afraid but it’s not possible to install Magisk and gain root access on Android Pie. Adding further, it’s not possible to root Android Pie on the Note 8 at all.

      The method described here uses an exploit in the Nougat firmware to establish root access. The exploit was patched in the firmware/Android versions that followed.

      I hope I was able to answer your question. If you do have any more, please let me know.

  23. Hello, I just seem to have a problem on the very last step- 6.1.12. Everything was going great until I tried to flash the “BL_N950_NOUGAT_V7.tar.md5” in the BL slot of the modded Odin while my Note8 was in downloading mode. The little white progress bar on the Note8 moved but then stalled and the Start button for Odin lit up again as if I never clicked it. I just waited until I got a FAIL message in Odin and kept trying restarting my device and power cycling my phone but it does not seems to work. Any ideas?

    1. Hi Ben, just force-reboot your phone again into Download Mode and try flashing the BL file again.

  24. I am not able to install APP_INSTALLER.bat file with adb.
    The adb gives errror : adb server version (40) doesn’t match this client (41) : KILLING…

    need help!!

    1. Hi Numair. I had another reader who recently mentioned about the same error. According to him, re-extracting the Extreme Syndicate package worked for him.

      If that still doesn’t work, please let me know. I think I know what else we could try.

  25. i did not get it
    Timeout: ON
    CTS handshaking: OFF
    DSR handshaking: OFF
    DSR sensitivity: OFF
    DTR circuit: OFF
    RTS circuit: OFF

    Status for device CON:
    Lines: 40
    Columns: 110
    Keyboard rate: 31
    Keyboard delay: 1
    Code page: 437

    Input Port Number[1~300,x:Exit]:10
    Start Recovery.
    emmcdl.exe -p COM10 -f prog_ufs_firehose_8998_ddr.elf -MemoryName ufs -SetActivePartition 1 -x rawprogram0.xml -x rawprogram1.xml -x rawprogram2.xml -x rawprogram3.xml
    Version 2.10
    Did not receive Sahara hello packet from device

    !!!!!!!! WARNING: Flash programmer failed to load trying to continue !!!!!!!!!

    Programming UFS device using SECTOR_SIZE=4096

    ERROR: No response to configure packet

    Status: 21 The device is not ready.


    1. Hi Joseph. May I know the software build number that was installed on your phone before trying the instructions?

    2. Hello, if my touch screen doesn’t work (only s pen works) would I try rooting my note 8? Thanks!

    3. Hi German. I am afraid no. I believe so because while performing the steps, at one point you’d have to enter Safestrap and I am convinced that the recovery mode won’t recognize S Pen inputs.

      But it won’t also hurt trying. You can always go back to the stock firmware through Odin.

    4. I was facing this issue and have seen countless users facing this issue and to fix it you just need to download a software on PC called QFIL after that when it gets installed just copy all the noot8 root etc files that you have downloaded seeing this page to C:\programfilesx86\Qualcomm\qfil\bin
      After that just run that recovery.bat file it will work 200%

    5. Thanks a lot Xi for sharing your observations. I am certain it would help others reading this.

    1. Just install this software called qfil and take all the files that u downloaded to root ur cellphone unzipped and put it in c:\programfilesx86\qualcomm\bin
      Don’t make a folder k just copy all the files on the directory of bin and then run it..only this way u can be saved from manhoos edl mode..rember run it mean run n950u6_recovery.bat OK

    1. Pierre, I am afraid that it won’t work with BL V7 until someone leaks out the EDL files for the said bootloader version.

      I will make sure to keep this post updated with the latest files as soon as anything is released.

    2. Eveything went fi9 till chmod -r….. when I run rootinstaller it didn’t work chmod not found but still I went forward and installed pie now I do have safestrap but not a rooted cellphone what can I do 2 get it back rooted

    3. Hi Fari. Please do not skip any of the steps, they all are equally very important. Before running the Root Installer batch file, did you execute the ‘chmod -R 0777 /persist’ command in the ‘AUDIOCOREDEBUG’ screen? That command is very important. Please retry the complete process again from step 1 and let me know how it goes.

      If you have any questions before you begin again, please let me know.

  26. I don’t know if you are still reading comments on this but I followed steps 1-4 without any problems. but when trying to boot into safestrap recovery Odin shows the error “FAIL! SHA256 is invalid”

    1. Hi Zion, are you absolutely sure that you didn’t accidentally delete any files from the root package?

  27. Hi dhanajay. Just want to know if i stick to the pie ui one, wont i be able to install viper4android on it after rooting? Or do i have to downgrade it to Nougat?

    1. Hi Haris. No, mate, there’s no way to root Android Pie per-se. You will have to use this method, which will install the Nougat OS and then you can install V4A.

  28. after double clicking the N950U_recovery.bat , the recovery part has not launcged and im on the same blue/purple screen and it just says start recovery and a bunch computer jarkin and version 2.10 at the end. please help

    1. also, at the very end where you insist on the factory reset after the last flash, how do you shut the phone down as it is currently booting into os? force shutdown?

    2. ok disregard my previous comments. this is where im at: i just ran the recovery bat (was recognized under device manager properly). recovery program “faiiled to load trying to continue” and “failed to write hello response back to device” are the more notable things out of all the error report. I do have a screenshot if there is a way i can get it to you. i got to this point before as i said in my first comment and i didnt realize it hangs and takes awhile so i ended up backing out so i have seen this in green instead of red. that being said, what can i do?

    3. Hi Briscoe, please re-perform the instructions from Step #1. When at Step #3, connect your phone to the PC while it’s in EDL mode and check if the device is detected as ‘Qualcomm HS-USB QDLoader 9008’ in ‘Control Panel’ > ‘Device Manager’.

  29. How do I install Magisk after all of this? I tried the TWRP way but it fails at updating error 1. Then I tried the Magisk Manager install Magisk with boot.img and patch but I either get Kernal Panic or Secure Check Fail.

    1. Hi Rocko, you cannot install Magisk. You will have to stick to SuperSU for root.

    1. Hi Jason. Please force-shutdown your phone by holding the power button for as long as 10-20 seconds. As soon as it turns off, quickly hold the Volume Up, Bixby, and Power buttons together. Once the screen lights up, release the Power button and keep holding the Volume Up and Bixby buttons to enter the stock recovery mode.

      Perform a factory reset using stock recovery and then reboot your phone into the system (OS). It should now boot into the test OS.

    2. Hi Oli. Have you tried holding the Volume Down and Power keys together for 10-12 seconds?

  30. ive got a problem. on step 4 my odin failed. now i have no recovery menu. its showing as i have no partition on the phone. download mode doesnt help

    1. Hi Stephen, how did you fix it? Please share, it might be of help to others.

  31. You asked “Hi again, BigD. Can you please let me know the software version of the original (stock) firmware that you downloaded?”

    Your comment is awaiting moderation.

    Hey THANKS again for this. I’ve tried “SM-N950U_N950USQU5DSC1_N950UOYN5DSC1_TMB_5file

    Again Samsung Note 8 was V6 unlocked using T-mobile. I can TRY anyone or some other one again. I am NO expert here at all. Again I can flash the Safestrap over and over.. and it flashes. I have re did all of what you put here 3 times. So flashing to ROOT.. works. But getting back.. /failed 1

    Oh. one time on ONE of these I forget which one I think it said something about VERS..or version. A short word BEFORE the /failed 1. I took that as I was using the wrong version.


  32. I have follow your instructions and successfully completed STEP 1.
    after odin has said PASS and the phone rebooted.
    Now i am stuck here… I have not started step 2 because it never loaded into TEST OS

    1. Hi Oli, the Factory Binary screen is the initiation of the combination OS. If your phone is stuck at that screen, simply try rebooting by holding the Power button for 10-12 seconds.

      In case it still doesn’t boot, enter the stock recovery mode and perform a factory data reset.

      One more thing, are you sure you download the root package according to your phone’s bootloader version?

  33. 🙂 last question. To flash any file you put here I can do. How do I flash back? Well I have tried. And I get /failed 1 no matter what. What exact rom ..if you know should I use? And my was before all this V6. It was unlocked and I used it for T-mobile. Again right now to I can flash any file you have here. But trying to flash back to ORG I get failed 1

    Thanks so much

    1. Hi again, BigD. Can you please let me know the software version of the original (stock) firmware that you downloaded?

    2. Hey THANKS again for this. I’ve tried “SM-N950U_N950USQU5DSC1_N950UOYN5DSC1_TMB_5file

      Again Samsung Note 8 was V6 unlocked using T-mobile. I can TRY anyone or some other one again. I am NO expert here at all. Again I can flash the Safestrap over and over.. and it flashes. I have re did all of what you put here 3 times. So flashing to ROOT.. works. But getting back.. /failed 1

      Oh. one time on ONE of these I forget which one I think it said something about VERS..or version. A short word BEFORE the /failed 1. I took that as I was using the wrong version.


    3. Okay. Now try downloading the latest version using the Frija tool. You can download the tool from here.

      Enter “SM-N950U1” as the model and “USC” as the CSC. Once you have downloaded the stock firmware, extract the zip file so that you’ll have the firmware images (AP, CP, CSC, etc). The firmware version you should get is the latest N950U1UES7DSK1.

      Then flash the files using Odin 3.13.1. You can get that from here.

    4. Thank you.. going to try different cables. It keeps saying (succeed 0 / failed 1)
      am I doing something wrong? Yes.. this is everything you posted I did.

    5. Ok I had to use laptop but.. I don’t think that was the problem. See no matter what computer I used Odin 3.13.1 always failed 1…but if I used Odin 3.13B. The program at the top showed Odin3B <–that worked! Flashed everything perfectly.
      Thank you

    6. Hi BigD. Thanks a lot for the confirmation and kudos for figuring it out on your own. So, have you managed to finish the whole process?

  34. One correction that needs to be made.The combination file needs to be in the AP slot versus the BL slot as you have illustrated..Thanks for your post on this..

    1. Hi Jeff. Thank you for correcting my mistake. I have updated the steps now. And last but not least, you’re most welcome!

    1. Hi, again BigD. It’s quite easy. Just reflash the full stock firmware to your device.

    2. Ok to flash the flies to root you put here work great. Now trying to just flash back.. gives me that classic /failed 1. Like I said.. to flash that safestrap twrp every time.. no problems. I tied older firmware vs new and failed 1 every time

  35. HI.. thanks for all this. Got a Samsung Note 8 snapdragon V6. Now I got all working. When I boot up .. got to options .. but “safestrap” always shows “disabled”… did I miss something?


    1. The phone works but now if you boot shows options safestrap (twrp) but if I pick that.. just black screen. I didnt do anything. Can’t even get there any more.

    2. Hey BigD. No, that’s meant to be that way. To boot into Safestrap, you will need to flash the ‘BL_ENG_BOOTLOADERS_SAFESTRAP_N950U_V*.tar.md5’ file via modded Odin in BL slot.

    3. Thanks for getting back to me. Fast questions. The 80% normal? So.. booting up clicking to recovery goes to black screen normal? BUT I have to flash “‘BL_ENG_BOOTLOADERS_SAFESTRAP_N950U_V*.tar.md5” every time correct I want to use it?

      Not sure what you celebrate so.. have a wonderful holidays.

    4. Hi again, BigD. I have tried answering all your questions below.

      1) Yes, it’s normal.
      2) Again, yes, normal.
      3) Yes, you have to flash that file every time you want to enter Safestrap.

      A wonderful holiday time to you too BigD! Thanks for the wishes.

    5. Hi BigD. You’re most welcome! I am glad I could answer all your questions.

    1. Hi Jay. After finishing the process, can you see SuperSU in the app drawer?

  36. i successfully done rooting but now when i connect to wifi network it shows internet not available… how to solve??

  37. Hi, How long does it take to restart the cell phone in step 1?
    I’ve been waiting a lot in “FACTORY BINARY”

    1. Hi Andrew. Thanks for helping a fellow user! It means a lot to me.

      Gonzalez, please try what Andrew here has suggested.

    2. Hi Gonzalez. After the Factory Binary animation, can you see this screen? –

      If not, then boot your phone into stock recovery mode and perform a factory reset. Then reboot the phone again.

      This time, you shall see the Factory Binary screen, followed by the test OS which I linked.

    3. Hello, thanks for answering. And yes, I can access that screen. To which I continued the steps until step 3.6. Where I get this error
      PD: I barely see that we have a 12-hour difference, so today I will not sleep to see if we coincide with the schedule haha

    4. That’s probably a USB 3.0 port or cable at fault. It’s strongly suggested to use USB 2.0 ports. Please try using a USB 2.0 port and let me know if it succeeds.

    5. I think I’ll give up haha ​​could you help me get it back to normal?

    6. Hi Gonzalez. Sorry that I couldn’t get back to you earlier. There are a lot of comments to manage across various posts and topics, which often tend to tie me up.

      So, what’s the current state of the device? Did you succeed?

    7. Hi again. Have you tried re-doing the instructions from step #1?

      Right after flashing the combination firmware, make sure to perform a factory reset using stock recovery. Once done, follow with Step #2 and so on.

    8. Yes, I tried many times since the first step and the same error continues. I already tried with different USB, different ports, different computer, download the files again and nothing.

    9. Oh. I am sorry that I couldn’t help you successfully root your phone.

      Could you please contact me via Facebook or Twitter? I would like to examine the situation and finally deduce what exactly went wrong.

    10. Hi Jay. Can you see “SuperSU” in the app drawer after booting your phone?

  38. Hi Dhananjay. Will this help me get into root mode? I need it to change the IMEI.
    My note 8 has the N950USQS6DSI3

    1. Hi David. Yes, you’re correct, your phone has V6 BL. The “S6” in “N9650USQS6DSI3” indicates just that. And thus, this method will work on your device.

  39. hi all,
    need yr help much more
    i do like process
    but now my phone died
    can not turn on and can not change…..and like a brick
    who have experience like my situation pls help me
    thanks so much

    1. Hi Kulum. Did it happen while performing the procedure laid above? If yes, then at what step exactly?

    2. hey Dhananjay , my phone did the same at last step. its recognized as the qualcomm but odin or other programs do not recognize it and i cant master rest as well.

    3. Hi John. It should only be recognized as “Qualcomm HS-USB QDLoader” while the screen is turned off (completely black). That’s the EDL mode.

      Please provide more details. Like at exactly after which step of which section did this happen?


    5. Dhananjay, what I did wrong was flash the wrong file at the #5 process. At first, the phone was not being recognized by Odin or and of the other programs. I waited till the next day to try it again and if was recognized. I was able to finish the steps till #5 and then the phone would not boot out of safestrap. So I re started the process and stopped right before #5. Everything works except now I cannot bring up safestrap. I took notice tho that the USBs ports I was using were 3.0. I’m going to do it again on a 2.0 and see where that takes me.

    6. Hi John. Thanks for the details.

      To exit Safestrap, simply go to “Reboot” menu and tap on “System” in Safestrap recovery mode.

      To enter Safestrap, you will need to flash the “BL_ENG_BOOTLOADERS_SAFESTRAP_N950U_V*.tar.md5” every time via modded Odin in BL slot.

    7. That’s great! You were able to figure it out on your own. Yes, don’t worry, you’re at the right place. To reboot your phone into the OS, go to the “Reboot” menu in Safestrap recovery and tap on “System”.

    8. Awesome, thanks for that info. Also is there any updates on the ui coming in the future and could you lead me to any tweaks or zip files I can use? Thanks again!

    9. Ok now I have fully done this procedure with 2.0 USB and cable. I made it through the whole process without an issue. I still however cannot get out of safestrap recovery. I did it the way you said and it still returns to the recovery. I did alil research and found I had to do it manually using the modded Odin. I got hung up a few brief moment the first time around, this time its running great. 2.0 made the difference.

    10. That’s great, John! Were you not using the Modded Odin from the start? So, you had to flash the BL_N9650****.tar.md5 file to get out of Safestrap?

      And yes, USB 2.0 does make a lot of difference. It seems like Android protocols like fastboot, adb, Odin (in this case), etc that are used for flashing purposes, couldn’t communicate with the device sometimes. This could majorly because of USB 3.0 ports, and sometimes even with the new USB 3.0 compliant cables.

    11. Dhananjay, yes I have to use BL_N9650****.tar.md5 in order to get out of safestrap recovery. I used the modded Odin the whole time, I just didnt flash the correct file the first time.

      I’m looking forward to updates and any addons in the future. Any way to get rid of the ads on pie? Or do I need to move forward with the process in order to get rid of the ads?

    12. Oh, it’s great that you got it figured out.

      Updates might come, when, I am not sure. It solely depends on the developer. If there’s an update, I will surely add it to this post.

      As for ads, I think there is one in Samsung’s stock browser itself, right? I don’t use any ad blockers on my PC or mobile devices, so I do not have much experience with them.

    1. I am glad you did. May I know how? It would help others who might face this problem.

    1. Hi Josue. Well, the most obvious indication is the location (region) where you purchased the phone. The Note 8s sold in the US and China come with Qualcomm Snapdragon chipset.

      Another way to find it out is by going to Settings > About phone and check the build number of the software installed on your phone. If it says N960F****, then it’s the Exynos variant. If it shows N960U****, then it’s the Snapdragon variant.

    1. I just saw this comment now. Yours is the Snapdragon variant and yes, it can be rooted using this method. However, if you want full root permissions, you will need to run Nougat OS. So, you will lose all One UI and Pie features all at once.

    2. One UI is Samsung’s new custom skin based on Android Pie (Which has its own features). It includes several new features as I mentioned in this review too.

      After using this method, your phone’s OS will be downgraded to Android Nougat-based Samsung Experience software. The phone will run normally as it does now, however, you will not have the current One UI features anymore. Just think of it as you’re downgrading your phone back to Nougat (The same OS it shipped with when you purchased the phone).

    1. Hi Miss. Please boot back into the OS, then re-follow step #2 and #3 again. This time, try using a different port on the PC, preferably a USB 2.0 port.

    2. nvm i got passed it. on step 6 now, transferring system.img, but my phone only boots to maintenance mode, is this normal? how do i get out of it?

    3. sorry not maintenance mode, but some kind of service mode showing version and device info, buttons top screen saying SMD CAL FINAL etc. says USB/RID_OPEN very bottom.

    4. Hi again, that’s the exact screen you’re supposed to be on. Just swipe down from the top of the screen, you will see the QS toggles. Just go to Settings and enable USB debugging. Once enabled, connect the phone to the PC, and proceed with Step #2 and so on.

  40. Hey Dhananjay

    I don’t know what to do now. I can’t even flash the the legit android 7.1.1 to my phone. Odin always fails. I really need my phone. If you could please, please help me get my phone running again, that would be much appreciated. I’ve been up all night trying to get things figured out and have failed miserably. I’m sorry If I’ve posted too much.


    1. Hi Brock. Don’t worry, first of all, relax. I can understand the situation. I have been there years ago.

      Before performing this procedure, you were on Android Pie, right?

    2. Yes, I was. I ended up taking it to the Samsung place and they reset it for me. I still want to root but now I’m kinda apprehensive about it. I don’t want to go to that screen again and be out of a phone.

    3. Hi again Brock. Don’t worry about that. As long as you can boot your phone into Download mode, it is safe and can always be recovered by installing the stock firmware.

      Now, before you repeat the process, make sure that you use a USB 2.0 port of your PC when connecting your device. See the image attached below, as confirmed by another member on XDA.

      Also, the Factory Binary screen is sort of a boot animation and could take some time before your phone boots. If it takes more than 5-10 minutes, then simply boot into stock recovery, perform a factory reset and then reboot your phone into the OS. The phone will boot into a Nougat-based test OS.

    4. Well I could even access settings and all that. But if I kept waiting, it would actually boot and the device would eventually show the set up screen? So I was doing it right all along? I tried the USB 3 port and the 2 port. Got the same results each time.

      Well let me ask you this.. Why couldn’t I flash the stock firmware to my phone? Why would Odin fail?

      Also I definitely think you should mention something about the factory binary screen in the instructions.. just so people don’t think they have messed something up. Just a small recommendation. 🙂

    5. Hi again, Brock. Let me break it down for you.

      You wouldn’t have to wait for any more than 5, at most 10 minutes. And then, you should see this screen. Is that what you saw after flashing the combo firmware? If yes, then you were doing it right. Just try swiping from the top of the screen, you will see the notification panel, from where you could access the Settings and then enable USB debugging and finally proceed with step #2 and further.

      As for flashing stock firmware via Odin, which firmware did you try installing? And which version of Odin did you use to flash the stock firmware?

      Oh, and your recommendation, I think it is must to include it in the post. Since I don’t own the Note 8 anymore, I couldn’t have got the pictures by myself. So if you could, would you please share a proper image of the test OS, so that i can link it in the post for reference?

    6. Gotcha, cool. I’m sorry for being kinda high maintenance. Thanks for being so helpful and understand so far.

      Anyways, I was flashing the right firmware meant for my device. I flashed the ATT one and the T-Mobile one. The people at the Samsung place said they don’t use Odin but flashed the Verizon firmware. That was kinda confusing.

      But yeah, I could send a picture when I decide to attempt to root. However, I think the one you put on imgur will suffice. The part that got me was at the end of step 1 when you said you didn’t need to sign into the Google and Samsung accounts during setup. That’s honestly why I thought I screwed up. I was expecting a set up screen and not a factory bianary screen.

      So your probably sick of me riddelling you with questions but I do have more. If I wanted to use Android 9, how could I utilize the root? Also, if I use nougut, would I still get security updates?

      Thanks so much

    7. Also, I was using the latest version of Odin. However I tried flashing Android 7 and 8 to the phone. I used different versions of odin but for the most part, I used the latest version. I tried flashing Android 7 and 8 because they downloaded much faster then Android 9. At the time I didn’t have much patience to wait for Android 9 to download.

      It is quite possible that I don’t really know what I’m doing when it comes to Odin. But from the various tutorials I followed, I feel like I did it correctly.

      Anyways, thanks!

    8. I read further and answered my question about Android 9 and utilizing root. Just so ya know👍

    9. Hi again Brock. It was an error on my part when I mentioned about ‘not logging into Google/Samsung account’ right after the instructions in step #1. That will confuse anyone. I will update the text accordingly, along with the image of the factory binary.

      Now, as for flashing firmware via Odin, you can only flash Android Pie stock firmware. You cannot flash Android 7 Nougat or Android 8 Oreo firmware now, since the bootloader version doesn’t match with the current one installed on your phone.

      Android Pie firmware has V5/V6 BL and Android Nougat/Android Oreo have BL versions ranging from V1 to V3. So, you cannot downgrade by flashing the official Nougat/Oreo firmware.

      And, If you use this method, you won’t get official security updates at all.

    10. You’re welcome, Brock. Let me know if you have any further questions regarding the procedure.

  41. Hello! I’m very excited to see a root for my phone! I was reading through the instructions and have three questions for you…

    1) on step 3, part 5, what exactly is the COM#?

    2) So I’m thinking of going the nougat route. If I decide I want to go back to Android 9, how would I do that? Would a simple reset to factory settings do it? How would I completely unroot?

    3). Does this effect KNOX? If so, what does it effect? Is anything reversable? Will biometrics work normally as well?

    1. Hi Brock. It’s good that readers clear their doubts first, especially because if they are doing things like this for the first time.

      1) In Step #3, the COM port refers to the number shown after “Status of device COM”. For example, in this image, it is “1”. It could be the same number in your case or a different one. You will need to input the one that’s shown on your PC’s screen.

      On the other hand, COM port in step #5 is automatically detected, so there’s nothing there that you’d need to do manually.

      2) No, a factory reset wouldn’t take your phone back to stock firmware. Restoring stock firmware and a factory reset are two different things. If you ever want to go back to Pie stock firmware, you can follow the instructions in this guide.

      3) KNOX will be tripped the very instant as soon as you finish step #1. Once tripped, the phone’s warranty will be lost once and for all, and it is not reversible. KNOX affects applications like Samsung Pay and Secure Folder. So, if you rely on these apps heavily, then don’t proceed.

      As for biometrics, they will work just fine. There’s a fix provided for that as well in the instructions during the last step.

      I hope all your questions have been answered. If you have any further doubts, let me know.

    2. gotcha. Well i decided to go through with this. I’m in desperate need of help. I cant get passed the factory binary screen to save my life

  42. Im stuck in the what i assume is “safe mode” menu.
    it has all the tests i can run.
    Combination steps > Passed > BUT ↓

    I have tried doing a factory reset VU+BI+PB and nothing, just brings me back to the factory bionary screen and than back into the “safe mode” thingy.

    I have used USB 2.0 port and 3.0 and 3.1. I have tried with a USB Micro cable with a C type adapter
    I have flashed it with BL and AP both.
    i cant seem to get it working.

    Any help is much appreciated !

    1. Hi, TathianX. Try reflashing with USB 2.0 again, with Combo firmware in BL slot of modified Odin (by Raymonf).

      Before clicking on the ‘Start’ button in Odin, press and hold the Volume Up + Bixby button and keep holding them until the process finishes and your phone reboots, and enters stock recovery. Then perform a factory reset via stock recovery and reboot to the OS.

      Some users had to flash the combination firmware a couple of times, even rebooting their PC in between the various flashing retries.

      Try this and let me know how it goes.

    2. i tried that but I got a “FAIL”
      and now everything is a “FAIL”

    3. Okay so here is some more details, idk if they help.

      Flashing BL Combo firmware both normal OR with pwr+VD

      I can and have done a Wipe – factory data reset through the start menu as such

      Here is the start up process and the screens it gives me.

      Again, Thank you a ton, I appreciate it.

    4. Hi. Connect the phone to the PC, go to Control Panel > Device Manager and see if the device is shown as “Qualcomm HS-USB QDLoader”.

    5. Hi. Please connect the phone to the PC, and go to Control Panel > Device Manager. Check if the device is being detected as “Qualcomm HS-USB QDLoader”?

    6. Okay, so the last screenshot that you provided is what is known as the test OS. Try swiping down from the status bar and go to Settings and enable USB debugging. Once enabled, connect the phone to the PC and proceed with Step #2.

    7. Hey there, I am having this issue as well. I can’t seem to get it passed the safe mode screen.

    8. Okay so newest developments.

      Step one: plug it in and use the odan software that comes with the safestrap stuff. its the 3.whatever one.
      load up the COMINATION for v6 into the BL slot with with the auto reboot and F.Reset enabled.
      it passes !
      it than boots into the test OS.

      USB Debugging is ON: but it doesnt ask me to authorize the pc connection even if i tell it to reset all authorized connections.

      Step 2: i get into the ADB folder and run the REBOOT EDL.bat i have the driver under ports for quallcom
      screen goes black ( note: since i left it an hour and no change i proceeded to next step with black screen.)
      I run the RECOVERY edl thing and get

      STEP 4: i force reboot directly back into download mode.
      i open odin again and set BL to v6 BL_N950U and Home CSC and hit start.

      the phone now reboots into the pre-OS menu and i hit wipe data/factory reset.
      i than restart the phone.

      and here the phone hangs for hours before i force restart.

      Again thanks for any help man.
      NOTE: if you want some better pics for guide lemme know what you need and I’ll do my best to help.

    9. Okay. Things are clear until step #2 (Where you mentioned the black screen, which is actually the EDL mode). Which port number did you enter? The one that showed up in Control Panel > Device Manager or the one that was listed when you ran the “N950U*_Recovery.bat” file?

    10. the ones from the quallcom drivers yes. Port 8 or 9 depending on witch run through. I tried multiple times to same resault.

    11. Hi again. No, you have to use/input the one shown in the ‘N9650*_recovery.bat’ console window.

    12. Don’t worry. It could happen. First off ensure that you’re using a USB 2.0 port. Next, close the console window and retry the same. It was reported on XDA as well, and the USB cable was the culprit, and the USB 3.0 in another case.

    13. I’ll give it a try. I have been using 2.0 the whole time as the laptop I use is only 2.0. I’ll try a different port tho and report any changes.

    14. Sure. If it stucks at the same point again and again, then flash the stock Android Pie firmware using Odin and repeat the procedure from scratch.

  43. i tested for v5 bootloader rooted galaxy note 8 sprint live focus camera stop working even selfie focus camera stop working fingerprint doesnt work too can this developer fix this problem? grrr! i regret to tested this nougat for bootloader v3

    1. Hi Andy. That’s because the Samsung Camera app might have been updated via Play Store and not compatible with Nougat. See my reply to “pet” (scroll below) to download the compatible version of the app.

  44. ok so the last pre rooted nougat rom is that fix battery capacity up to 100% or still 80% how about samsung acct they fix too kindly response i had rooted my sm n950u bootloader ver.1

    1. Hi Pet. The rooting method on Nougat took advantage of an exploit to gain root. That’s why it shows 80% as the max charging capacity, although in realtime it is actually charged to 100%. So, stay out of worries.

    2. hey Dhanajay i finally tested there is need to fix the problem about camera selfie focus even video live focus recording its stop working too… only worked improves like samsung acct well anyway i go back the current rooted while developers fixing issues about camera

    3. Hi again, Pet. That’s probably because the Samsung camera app got updated to the latest version, which is not compatible with Nougat. So, you need to uninstall the app updates, and then download and install Samsung Camera v7.5.56 on your phone. You can get the APK of that version from here.

    4. ok dhananjay i will upgrade again to bootloader v3 to test once again if camera app 7.5.56 ver is working tnx

    5. Hi again, Pet. I am sorry but could you please tell what you meant by “i will upgrade to bootloader v3 once again”?

    6. hello i just unrooted my galaxy note 8 N950U with bootloader 5 due to samsung homescreen keeps me error stop working

      i actually had edl method to root the phone but i almost forgot after i flash stock firmware same oreo same bootloader 5

      do u still remember to root the edl method and brings throwback to android nougat?

      i must use samsung home screen experience to uodate to avoid errors thanks hope u response i will not update to bootloader v7 edl methos is easiest way to root for my opinion

  45. Hi Dhananjay
    This is Alex again
    I sent you some pictures about my rooted Note 8 Snapdragon as I promised
    I re-did the root process all over again using BL button after your correction. After step 1, it booted to the maintenance mode again but I ignored it and kept going and was successfully done.
    BTW, my root was through my laptop’s USB 3 ports.
    No issues except having infrequent screen flickering, not sure why! But everything else is great.

    1. Hi Alex. First off, thanks for the pictures, I have uploaded them to the post, along with appropriate credits.

      I am not sure why you’re facing the screen flickering issue. No one on XDA reported about any such issue. Did you try performing a factory reset after finishing step #6?

  46. Hi Dhananjay,

    I started step 1 – Odin says pass. But phone reboot started and got stuck on boot screen where it shows Serial Number. It does go forward to “Factory Binary >>>>” screen after a long time and then nothing happens. When I force reboot, it goes to Upload Mode. What could I be doing wrong?
    Bootloader version is N950U1UEU6DSH3 and I used the v6 files.

    1. Hi Henry. Have you tried force-rebooting your phone into recovery mode and then perform a factory reset?

      If not, then just power down your Note 8 by holding the Volume Down + Power button (if it’s in Upload Mode). As soon as the screen goes black, quickly hold the Volume Up + Bixby + Power buttons together, and keep holding them until you see the stock recovery screen.

      Then use the “Wipe data/factory reset” option in the stock recovery. Once resetted, reboot your phone into the OS. The first boot might take some time, sometimes even around 5 minutes.

    2. Go thru with Step 4 – had to do data wipe/factory reset from the Factory Binary screen.
      But when I run with Step 5, the only thing I get to is the TWRP boot screen. Booting to System takes me back to TWRP. I thought with Step 5, I will get TWRP along with the Android Pie installed in Step 4. Is that not the case?

    3. Hi Henry. Please try and use a USB 2.0 port and start from Step #1 again. Using USB 3.0 ports for performing this method is causing more errors than expected.

    1. Hi DaveM. There are two things that I would like to point out (For step 3):

      1) Ensure that your phone phone is detected as “Qualcomm HS-USB QDLoader 9008” in Control Panel > Device Manager.
      2) Use a USB 2.0 port and a USB 2.0 cable to perform the whole procedure. USB 3.0 seems to have a lot of issues when it comes to using EDL.

  47. Hi this is Alex again,
    Sorry no “Reply” button is shown so I copied you response here:

    Dhananjay says:
    Don’t worry. You got everything right. However, if you have time, you can retry from the beginning. This time, use BL slot for the combination firmware.

    BTW, when you used the combination firmware in AP, did you experience any issues? Or the phone booted straight into the OS without entering any other mode like Maintenance.

    My Reply:
    Now I know what that was, so it was Maintenance Mode. It did not log into any OS just went into a weird mode that I have never seen before but I was able to accept phone calls!
    I ignored it and went ahead into the EDL method.

    BTW, I had to switch 3 cables to get Odin recognizing my phone right!

    One thing I faced and was hard to decide was the number of the port that I should use for the EDL. My PC was listing is at COM6 in the device manager and Odin was listing it as COM5!! I chose the PC one!
    Which one you thing I should have used?

  48. Hi Dhananjay, how do you get Spay to work in rooted Nougat? or there is no other option? Thanks!

    1. Hi JR. Services like Samsung Pay and Secure folder will not run at all once KNOX is triggered. There’s no workaround for that.

  49. Hi,

    In the Flash the Combination Firmware File section, step 10, you indicated pressing the “BL” button but your picture shows the AP slot being used. Which one is it?


    1. Hi JT. It was an error on my part. In the haste to quickly update the instructions earlier last month, I mentioned to flash the combination firmware using AP slot, while it should be flashed using the BL slot in Odin. So, first of all, apologies to everybody out there including you for this.

      Yesterday only did I correct it, along with the image too. However, the image wasn’t reflecting the change due to browser cache. Please try reloading the page a couple of times, or clear your browser’s cache.

    2. Thanks, I do see BL in the image now.

      Another question… The build on my phone says “N950U1UEU6DSH3”, will the method describe here work for it? And if so, “U6” would indicate bootloader v6 correct?

      Appreciate your help.

    3. After doing step 1 , phone reboots and is stuck on a screen that has Version Info / Device Info with a dark blue background. At the top the screen it has SMD, CAL, FINAL, IMEI, 15, SD, SIM, Pen. It didn’t boot up normally where I can set up the phone. Stuck now.

    4. Hi again. Press the Volume Down and Power buttons for about 10-15 seconds. As soon as the screen turns off, press and hold the Volume Up + Bixby + Power buttons together to enter stock recovery mode.

      Perform a factory reset via stock recovery and then reboot your phone. It should boot into the OS now.

    5. I used BL slot. I’ll try the factory test again later. Going to work now. I’ll let you know how it goes.

    6. Hi,

      Ok I was able to get to the recovery screen after trying a few times. I did a Factory Reset from the recovery menu . After factory reset phone reboots and end up in the same screen as before – Please advise. Thnx.

    7. Hi,

      I pressed the Volume Down + Power for 10 to 15 secs to shutdown. Then press Volume Up + Bixby + Power buttons and I don’t see the stock recovery screen. I see this screen instead. What to do now?

    8. Hi,

      Do you have any suggestions on what to do at this point? I bricked my $1000 phone 🙁


    9. Hi JT. Don’t worry. Unless it doesn’t switch on all, it’s safe.

      Please reboot back into Download Mode and this time, flash the combination firmware (Step #1) by using the AP slot. After the flashing process finishes, perform a factory reset via recovery and then try booting into the system (OS).

    10. Hi again JT. Could you try using a USB 2.0 port and a USB 2.0 cable while flashing the combination firmware? (In BL Slot of Odin).

  50. I figured it out. Thank you. Before I install the rooted nougat Rom, is it possible to to go back to pie?

    1. Great! Do share you figured it out. It will be of help for others as well.

      Yes, if you don’t like it, you can always restore stock firmware using Odin.

    1. Hi Cristen. Force-shutdown the device by pressing the power and volume down buttons for about 10-15 seconds. As soon as the screen turns off, hold the Volume Up + Bixby + Power buttons to enter recovery mode. In there, use the wipe data/factory reset option to factory reset your device. Once done, using the ‘Reboot system now’ option to boot into the OS.

      See if doing this lets you boot into the OS.

  51. Ugh my phone screwed after the first step. I got a pass and everything but now Im stuck on a screen that shows cable: 0 and debug level low I cant force power off. best I can do is hold power and volume down turns screen off. I’m panicking cause I start new job tomorrow and kind of need a working phone. even if I have to go back to stock.

    1. Hi Michael, please tell me on which firmware your phone’s on? Go to Settings > About phone > Software information.

      Also, exactly which files did you download?

  52. I get stuck after the first step. Phone just shows “Factory Binary” with gears on the front after using Odin to flash the combination file. This is V6 boot loader. Any advise would be appreciated.

    1. Hi Eric. Force-shut down your phone by holding the Power button for about 10 seconds. Then reboot your phone into Recovery mode while the phone is powered down completely. To do so, hold the Volume Up + Bixby + Power buttons until you see the recovery screen.

      In there, use the Wipe data/factory reset option to perform a factory reset. Then select “Reboot system now”. Let me know if then your phone boots into the OS.

      The first boot might take a couple of minutes.

    2. I am stuck and power button will not shut my phone of best i can do is turn screen off for a second. please help

    3. After lots of different button combinations I got it to factory reset and reboot.

    4. This worked and did reset the phone. It booted into what appeared to be a maintance mode. Which showed specs etc. Should I restart the process from step 1?

    5. Hi again, Eric. Can you please share photo with me of your Note 8 with Maintenance Mode?

    6. Thank you for your help. I successfully rooted with nougat 😁👏.

      I have one more question however, SuperSU doesn’t seem to run to be able to allow root access for anything… when I open it, black screen and crashes… tried disabling and re-enabling, and it won’t allow me to install an apk…. do you know how to fix or is there another way to allow root access?

    1. Hi. Kindly provide more details about the matter, like which BL version is your phone on, did you download the files for your bootloader version? Also, after which step during the instruction did this happen?

    2. my bootloader version 6 , i put first file .tar file with odin setup complet without issue after complet my phone screen off. then i try to on it but faild

    3. Hi again. So, this happened during step #1?

      Also, in which slot did you inject the “COMBINATION_FA71_N950USQU6ASG1_CL13942288_QB24663958_REV00_user_mid_noship_MULTI_CERT.tar.md5” file? BL, AP, CP, CSC, or USERDATA?

    4. hello
      COMBINATION_FA71_N950USQU6ASG1_CL13942288_QB24663958_REV00_user_mid_noship_MULTI_CERT.rar . i put this file in AP slot and setup result pass but after this my phone is dead. no more going in downloading mode totaly black i think binary crash

    5. Connect it to the PC. Go to Control Panel > Device Manager and see if the phone is being detected as “Qualcomm HS-USB QDLoader” OR “qhsusb_bulk”?

  53. Thank you for replying, I can’t wait for the update … I hope there is good news from you 🙂

    1. Hi Chairu. I have updated the instructions completely. You may now go ahead and follow them to root your Note 8 Snapdragon.

    2. Hi Chairu, no V6 files will not work on V7 bootloader.

      The developer recently discontinued this root method in favor of a new one, that in fact, works on V7 bootloaders. I will update this post as soon as possible with the new files and instructions.

    3. Hi Krystal. This guide has been updated with the new files and corresponding instructions.

  54. after I read what you post and comment below, I know the conclusion .. The point is Samsung Note 8 SD Pie, it must be flashed first to Nougat to be able to get root access. Is that right bro?

    1. Hi Chairu. Yes, it’s somewhat correct. The device (In this context I mean all the device partitions) will not be downgraded to Nougat (Since the BL version doesn’t match), only the system (Which is only the OS/ROM) will be once you have successfully flashed the Android Pie ROM with Safestrap recovery.

      I understand that I will need to rewrite the section above the instructions to make things more clear for an average user. However, please spare me some time. There are several other posts (new and old)/comments that I need to attend to. So appologies for the delay.

      The final step (#5) is yet to be finished. I am working along an XDA member to ensure that the instructions in the said step are correct to a T.

  55. Hi Dhananjay,
    Been waiting for my US version (Snapdragon) root for tow years now. I followed SamFail post but didn’t like the downsides of the root. I was about to sell my 2-moths old (like new) phone and loose money to buy a Exynos version. I stopped hoping and let my phone get updates every now and then. The last update was of August, 1, 2019

    Two questions please:
    1. The root method you are posting sounds promising but I discovered it so late that my phone now is on Android 9 which is I think the “Pie” version. Do you think I can do your root method if I downgrade to Nougat?

    2. Besides, my baseband is N950U1UEU6DSH3, do you think I can do the root with this version of baseband?

    Please help, thanks

    1. Hi Alex. First off, let me start with the downgrading part. You cannot do it. That’s because once the bootloader version (Check pointer #2 in “Prerequisites”) is upgraded, the phone could only be downgraded to a firmware that matches your current bootloader. So, no, there’s no way to go from Pie to Nougat by simply using Odin to flash the firmware.

      Now, this method gives you two choices. Check them in the yellow-colored note box right above Step #5. Personally, I think it’s best to use Pie firmware with Safestrap (which allows you to perform modifications to the device). Also, Pie firmware will have the updated security patch version.

      However, if you’re in a dire need of root, you will need to follow all the five steps (Ofcourse, the fifth one is still a work-in-progress). The fifth step will allow you to load a pre-rooted Nougat system image (only the system partition).

      I think the above information would suffice your first question. Over to the second one now.

      Yes, you can root, but you will be forced to stick with Nougat firmware, so no Pie (One UI) or Oreo features. That’s the reason I am re-writing the instructions from scratch.

      If you have any further questions, please feel free to comment further.

    2. i try step 1 thru 4 on my note 8 bootloader v6 three times but no safestrap install please help

    3. Dhananjay,
      I have to tell you man, you are such a good and knowledgeable fella. Thanks for replying so quickly :)))

      Thank you for the explanation about the impossible downgrading process. But you did give me a hope there is a chance for rooting. But I thought you said rooting is not possible if I have Pie on my android (mentioned in the second bullet of the first paragraph above). Otherwise if you meant no root for Pie then i would not care at all. I only care about rotting no matter what software version i have. Please advise

      Thanks for the good news about my rootable BL versions

    4. Thanks for such kind words.

      In simpler words, Pie cannot be rooted on Galaxy devices running Snapdragon chipset (because they have non-unlockable bootloaders). There was a vulnerability in Nougat that was exploited in order to root the phone.

      So, you have two options:
      1) Use Pie + Safestrap (It’s a custom recovery that’s injected into the bootloader) to perform modifications to the device.
      2) Use pre-rooted Nougat system image (only the /system partition)

      It’d be good if you could provide me the reason why you want to root? What exactly do you want to do with the rooted phone? It’ll let me give you a clear answer on which option you should choose.

    5. Oh I do several modifications:
      1. Increase system sounds volume ( I really like it)
      2. Change booting screen logo.
      3. Remove ads
      4. Lucky Patcher works like a champ on rooted device
      5. I used to use Titanium Backup which needs rooted device
      6. Lots of other apps need rooted device
      7. And lots of other stuff

      Kinda think that Flashing a pre-rooted Nougat is better for me right? I don’t think I will need new features from Pie or Oreo. however I would love to here your advice about whichever you feel is best for me

      My device is already out of warranty now, so rooting won’t affect me anyway. I used to root the moment I buy it without hesitation.

      I look for any modification out there and see which one I like or useful for me and i apply it.
      I like to change the device as I want. That’s why I left iPhone in trash long time ago 🙂

      By the way I would love to help for posting images about flashing a pre-rooted Nougat system image if you want, but don’t know how. If you have somebody helping you then never mind sir.

    6. Hi again, Alex. If that’s the case, then I would too recommend rooting your SD Note 8 by further flashing the system image from the pre-rooted Nougat ROM.

      I have just finished updating this guide, along with the screenshots too. Really appreciate your concern about the screenshots, but since they are already done, I wouldn’t need them anymore.

      However, once you have finished, it would be great if you could share some screenshots of the rooted device.

      Like the App drawer, where apps like FlashFire are pre-installed, a screenshot of an app prompting for root permissions, and lastly of the “Software Information” section in the phone’s settings where it shows the Android version and the rest of the details.

    7. Will do,
      So excited man!
      I will probably do it this Sunday, can’t wait.

      Will update you.

      Thank you very much for the advice 🙂

    8. Hi Alex. Sure, let me know how it goes. Just make sure that you follow each and every instruction as stated and do not deviate from them at any point. My advise: Read the complete post from the start.

    9. Hi Dhananjay
      I was reading about the Pre-rooted Nougat yesterday. Is there a possibility of losing some of features like the fingerprint and face recognition? Is that possibility is available in the other method of installing Pie with SafeTrap?

      I guess my question should be: What is the Pros and Cons of each method? What is the difference between them? If you please can help us with this answer when you have the time to answer please 🙂

    10. Hi again. That’s what the instructions in the last step are for, to flash the fix for face unlock and fingerprint sensor.

      The benefit of staying with Android Pie + Safestrap method is that you will have a more recent security patch, will be able to enjoy One UI features. But you won’t be able to use any apps that requires root. You will only be limited to install certain mods that are available for the device.

      As for the Nougat ROM, the first downside is a much older security patch version, plus the same old Samsung Experience (Well, I personally don’t like SE, One UI is much better for me. So you might feel otherwise). And I don’t need to tell you about the benefits of root, right? You already know what you can do with it.

    11. Dhananjay,
      I did it man :)))

      It took a few hours from me with some glitches and trial and error but everything went fine at the end!

      One issue that I still have: When I boot my device, the first black screen (where it shows Galaxy Note 8 in white) still demonstrates some small fonts writings at the top left corner such as build number or serial number which I feel this is odd.

      Any thoughts?

      PS: I would like to send you some pictures about my successfully rooted phone as requested, what would you like me to send please? and how to upload it here?

    12. Hi again Alex. I am glad it did. Did you need to perform a factory reset via stock recovery after step #1? Many users have reported that after flashing the combination firmware, there phone boots into maintenance mode.

      That’s how it’s supposed to be. It is a custom BL screen, nothing to worry about. You can safely ignore it.

      And yeah, it would be nice of you to do that. You can take the screenshots and mail them to me. The email address could be found in the author box just above the comments section.

    13. That what exactly happened to me too after the first step. But I read the comments and did the wipe date/factory reset and rebooted.

      But I just read the comment about the typo using AP instead of BL buttons. I did the AP one!!! Phone is up and running! Could that be the cause of the custom BL screen in the beginning?

      I’m thinking to repeat the whole process all over again just to make sure I got everything right!

      Please advise me

    14. Don’t worry. You got everything right. However, if you have time, you can retry from the beginning. This time, use BL slot for the combination firmware.

      BTW, when you used the combination firmware in AP, did you experience any issues? Or the phone booted straight into the OS without entering any other mode like Maintenance.

    15. I did srep1 thru step 4 four time and still did not get safe strap install pls help

    16. Hi Perry. If it all went like it should, then just follow step #5 to enter the Safestrap recovery.

  56. Did step 1 instructions, now will only boot to “Factory Binary”. What went wrong?

    About to reflash to stock FW from sammobile.

    1. Hi Ken. Please enlighten us on how you solved it? In some cases, after following step #1, you might need to boot into recovery mode and perform a factory reset.

    2. Hi Perry, I think you now know the answer. And thanks a lot for providing the screenshots.

  57. Is it only a matter of time for EDL method for

    Android version 8.0.0
    Baseband version
    Build number
    Android security patch level
    April 1, 2018

    To be released with Combination Firmware file, Android Pie Safestrap Rom, Pre-rooted Nougat System Image files here at TCD/root-galaxy-note-8-snapdragon-n950u/ ?

  58. can i root my note 8 with this spec
    BL :N950U1UES5DSE4
    Android Pie 9
    android patch : may 1, 2019

    1. Hi. Yes, you can. But please wait until I finish the guide, probably by tomorrow morning.

  59. hello, my baseband version is N950USQU6DSH3 will i be able to root my note 8? its from Infinix and has the latest security patch of august.

    Thank you.

    1. Hi Nameer. Yes, this will work. However, please wait until I finish the guide. Today I have found some free time and am going to dedicate it to this post.

  60. Hi, N950U V5 , first step after install combination which file loaded in odin and where BL or Ap ?

    1. Hi Rambi. It is loaded to the “AP” slot. The guide is now complete, please re-check the instructions and the provided files.

    1. Hi. Yes it will. The EDL method now supports V6 bootloaders too. Please check the revised download links and instructions.

    1. Hi Patrick. Yes, they will work, however, I am rewriting the guide from scratch, since the method for V5 and V6 BL is new. Kindly wait until I finish.

    2. Hi, has this been updated for the V5 amd V6? Also after step 9 do I disconnect the phone from the PC. Then reconnect following the step 2 again before going to step 10, and running Reboot_EDL.bat’

    3. Hi. Yes, the guide is now fully updated to be used with Note 8 Snapdragon with V5 and V6 BL.

    4. Thank you so much for remaining actively responsive. I’ll await your update!

    5. Thank you so much for your time on this. Cant wait till this guide is finished.

      Will I be able to also flash Andorid 10 rom when it comes out with this?

    6. Hi Brandon. Are you referring to a custom ROM or the official Android 10 update for your device?

    7. not to rush you or anything, but do you think you’ll have this guide done soon? the instructions on XDA aren’t very clear at all and I’m afraid I’m going to brick my phone.

    8. Hi Matt. I know, that’s the same reason I took my time to make sure that every step is clear when you perform it. It is now updated.

    1. Hi. I am sorry, but no. V6 BL patches the method. I think the only choice you’re left with is to wait.

    2. OMFG you are killing me. Unfortunately I’m also stuck with Verizon had the same build number and since day one of having this phone I’ve regretted it I’ll never buy the brand name phone ever again especially through the company Verizon. I just don’t understand what the problem is when there’s so much Tech in this world you can’t give some kind of option even a waiver just so you could be able to root your phone. I work on computers and then security field a lot and this phone is just a brick to me.

    3. Hi. I can understand. If you want, you can manually upgrade your phone to the latest available firmware (Android Pie-based One UI). Or, are you just looking for root?

  61. Hello, Dhananjay

    I am wanting to root my phone. Here are the details:

    Model #: SM-N950U
    Build number: PPR1.180610.011.N950USQS5DSE8
    Android Version: 9
    Knox Version: 3.2.1

    1. Hi. Yes, it will work. However, the method and the files provided in this post right now, are outdated. Please wait until I revise this post with the new files and instructions. Also, make sure that you do not update your Note 8 to July security patch (N950USQS6DSG6) as it upgrades the bootloader to version 6, and V6 patches the root method.

    2. is there a way to downgrade if youve already updated to bootloader version 6?

    3. I’m afraid no. You can only downgrade to a firmware version that matches the BL version.

      For example, you can roll back from ‘N950USQS5DSF5’ to ‘N950USQS5DSE8’. But you cannot do that from ‘N950USQS6DSG6’ to ‘N950USQS5DSF5’.

    4. hey my build number is N950USQS5CRG9 bootloader v5 is it enable to root my galaxy note 8?

      hope can post some video instructions to avoid risk phones

      give us exactly step by step

    5. Hi. Yes, the method will work. However, wait until I re-write the instructions with the new files.

      As for the video, I am sorry, I won’t be able to do it. But I will make sure that the instructions are written in a detailed step-by-step manner.

    6. there is one thing there are different things to root phone which is pie safestrap for android pie

      im on android oreo it should be edl method n9008 safestrap so i will not use pie safestrap is that correct? kindly response because im going to root galaxy note 8

    7. When you’re on Pie (V5 or V6 Bootloader), you can only install Safestrap recovery on your phone. Root isn’t possible on Pie for Snapdragon variants. For root, you will further need to flash a pre-rooted Nougat system image to gain root. Which means, you will need to run Nougat firmware to gain root.

    8. i did flashed succesfully combination rom it reboots to samsung logo it just hang up i cant go recovery mode which is i did not wipe before i flash the file should i wait for a minute or just do something to run edl .bat?

    9. Hi. Could you please try again. I have just finalized the guide with all the steps in detail, along with the latest download links available.

    10. i got flashed factory binary then i opened the run edl.bat i got blackscreen on phone had usb port says qualcomm hs-usb qloader 9008

      i didnt do anything is that they doing installed? prerooted system image? should i wait till phone reboot?

    11. Hi Pet. The guide is not fully complete. You can see that most of the headings are left empty at this moment. Kindly wait.

      I have also added a warning message on the top of this post so that people could know about it too. Once complete, the message will be removed, and you would be able to continue with the instructions. Until then, make sure that you have your phone’s stock firmware installed.

    12. i see i just rooted my phone it says 7.1 nougat build N950USQU1AQI5

      it’s true effective but there is something need to fix like

      >battery capacity should me 100% or get 95% better

      >samsung boot logo should remove those plenty infos like serial number

      >samsung acct is most important for trouble logging i cant log in it goes error.

      if i flash to same firmware as bootloader version same bootloader v1 official firmware because it was rooted is that ok?

      or should i go back to original as v5 on oreo?

    1. This method will still work on a Note8, SM950U on Android 8.0.0/Samsung Experience version 9.0. Build R16NW.N950USQS5CRCRG9?

    2. Hi Sean. I am afraid it won’t work on your Note 8 because the BL version is now V5. The method was patched with V4 and above by Samsung.

    3. Is there anything I can do to root this damn device? They update software even though I selected no auto updates. I would do anything to have the OEM unlocked at this point!

  62. Looks like way more trouble than how this article is written. May want to collaborate with XDA Developers to fix those bugs.

    1. Hi Will! Thanks for the feedback. Can you please provide more info on the bugs you’re referring to? I can confirm that the files provided here are the latest, as shared by the developer (me2151) on XDA.

  63. I got ripped off on Ebay and purchased a Note 8 that’s frp locked! Can rooting it possibly bypass the frp? I’m aware if it’s not oem unlocked then I’m sol. I tried flashing a combination firmware to no avail. All it did was send my phone into an open loop. Took me forever to finally get it back into download mode where I flashed the stock rom back on the phone. I keep getting dead ends on finding a legit combination file. Can’t even find a legit pay site. I’ve come to the realization that I just bought a $200 paperweight. It’s in great condition but what good is it if it doesnt even work? Maybe rooting it completely itd work, but I’m worried it may be oem locked. Either way I’d still need a combination file to access the settings menu in the device. I have the infamous N950USQS5CRK1 which is the most recent updated firmware. So no luck finding anything thus far. Do you have any tips in regards to my unfortunate situation? Thank you for your time, looking forward to a response.

    1. Hi. I am not sure if I’d be of any help to you in this situation. It is not something you can bypass via root either. I know a lot of videos and resources out there claim otherwise, but trust me it is not possible.

      I am afraid that the only solution is to get back in touch with the seller and ask him to enter the correct email and password to gain access to the phone. Once that is done, you can manually remove the account from the device completely.

    1. Hi Travis. Rooting is different than carrier unlocking. Which carrier are you using by the way?

  64. hello i have brand new galaxy note 8 snapdragon with baseband version N950USQS5CRG9
    if there is possible to flash baseband N950USQS3XXXX by odin from file BL, AP , CP, & CSC?
    kindly reply my whatsapp <-removed by mod due to privacy concerns ->

    1. i got it now when i read all these comment section

      i got also the EDL files and combination file to flash method then after flashing

      go to edl method find the com # then enter it will root completely thanks

    2. Glad to know that you resolved it on your own. And thanks for providing the input, should be helpful to others who are in the same situation.

  65. worked on my note 8 t-mobile n950u v3 bootloader. had to flash all 2 times then let sit overnight. phone turned off by itself. charged first then restarted . restarted again . it worked perfect rooted and removed frp with GSM frp remover. thanks to all who made this happen

  66. Hey I have Note 8 N950u. I recently had to hard reset my phone because I forgot my password. In doing all this I lost all my data. Looked up numerous options on how to recover my erased files but it all leads to have the phone rooted. I can’t root this phone because it doesn’t have the option to OEM developer unlock. Is this method on this post what I need to be able to root my phone to recover my lost files. Or is all hope gone for me?

    1. Hi Khalil, please use step #1 of “Part 1” stated above to boot your phone into Download Mode. Within Download Mode, tell me what you see corresponding to the “RMM State”. Is it “Normal” or “Prenormal”?

      Once you tell me that, I will be able to further assist you.

    2. I don’t mean the Bootloader version. To boot into Download Mode, power off your phone first. Then press the Volume Down + Bixby + Power buttons altogether until you see the blue screen with a message. Then press the Volume Up key to enter into Download Mode.

      And finally, when your phone boots into Download Mode, see what’s written in front of “RMM State”.

    3. Ok. I did that and my phone just says downloading (do not turn off target). How long does this usually take because its been like this for a couple minutes.

    4. If you could, then please share a clear picture of the Download Mode with me (You can share it via imgur[dot]com), or write down all the things mentioned in Download Mode.

    5. Carrier: VZW
      RPMB Fuseblown
      Current Binary: Samsung Official
      System Status: Official
      FRP Lock: ON
      RP SWREV: B5(2,1,1,1)K3
      Secure Download Enable S5
      DID: 205E2E8777852

    6. Hi again and thanks for the info. So, you may start by following this procedure from the very beginning. Since the OEM unlock option is missing in ‘Developer options’ (As you said), you can simply try it out.

      Let me know how it goes.

    7. Part 1 should fail deliberately. After that, you will need to force-reboot your phone into Download Mode (Press Power + Volume Down + Bixby button together for around 10 seconds or more) and start with Part 2.

    8. I completed step 1, now my phone says Software Update Failed and I can’t restart my phone or go into download mode.

    9. As I said, that’s supposed to happen. The first part is supposed to fail. After that, you need to force reboot your phone into Download Mode again. Hold the Power button + Volume Down + Bixby buttons until the phone turns off and reboots back into the Download Mode.

      Note that, force switching off your phone could take some time. Which means you may need to hold the button combo I stated above for as long as 20-40 secs.

    10. Im sorry what I meant was it all did exactly what you said, but when i flashed it back it says SOFTWARE UPDATE FAILED.. the phone wont reboot or go into download mode. I have restarted it on many occasions it only says to contact verizon software update assistant.

    11. Wait a minute. Could you please tell me the software build number that was installed on your Note 8 before flashing?

    12. Ca u still use this root method for sprint note 8. I have not did september update for note 8 yet because i want to root the phone.

    13. Hi Nesha. What’s the software build number current installed on your Note 8? Go to Settings -> Software information and please let me know so that I can answer your question.

  67. Hello
    Can I downgrade my version from V5 to 3V. Want to root my 950U. Baseband version N950USQS5CR14.

    1. Hi Eric. I am sorry, but it is not possible to downgrade the BL from V5 to V3.

  68. I have a note 8 SM-N950U, tried to change my version 7.1 to 8.0. but My usb port doesn`t work so I downloaded an update from samgung firmware sciencie. But now I can´t talk because the phone stoppden. I don`t how can I do. Because I can´t install oddin

    1. Hi Bryan. Have you downloaded the OTA file from Samsung Firmware Science? If yes, then please provide a link to the download page.

  69. Hi I’m new here and I’m trying to root my note 8 the model number is SM-N950U IMEI (Removed due to privacy concerns) soft version N950USQS5CRG9 hard version Rev1.0. I followed the steps same as on your site. It fails the first part like you said it’s supposed to but when we do the second part where it’s supposed to root the phone it fails again and says an error has occurred backup and it is now stuck in boot loader update and can’t get back to original settings. I’m trying to root it because I need to recover deleted text messages and can’t recover them without rooting. Need serious help.

    1. Hi Ashley, your Note 8 is running software version N950USQS5CRG9, which is Bootloader V5. SamFAIL does not work on V4/V5 bootloader versions. You will have to download and restore the stock firmware via Odin.


    1. Hi Abel, the exploit limits the charge level to 80%. While you will only see it being charged to 80%, it will still work as if it was charged to 100%. Should be fine, I guess.

    1. Hi Vikky. No, this will not work on the Note 9. It is specifically meant for the Note 8 itself.

  71. Hi i need your help. Im trying to decrypt some whatsapp msgs and on order to get the key i need to root?

    1. Yes, sure. Please state the model, region, and the carrier that the phone is bound to.

    1. Hello Kilo. Unfortunately, the version 4 bootloader blocks the SamFAIL method. Which means you can’t root the device. Are you sure that your phone is the Snapdragon variant?

    2. Hi Vincent. Please go to Settings > About phone > Software information and let me know what it shows under the ‘Build number’ section.

  72. Hi, I have a Verizon Note 8 SM-N950U. I followed the instructions above, but after download part 1 was complete my phone was stuck on “software update failed mode and a little black box pops up that says- please re-download the official system image.”

    When I try download mode – and press the volume up key to continue, it goes back the error message mentioned above. Under the warning sign, it reads – “Your device didn’t update successfully. Use Verizon Software Upgrade Assistance on a computer to repair your device and complete the update.” (Which I tried and did not work) I use Straight Tak for my service carrier now.

    Please tell me I did not permanently lock my phone!?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!!!

    1. Hi Hannah, the first part of the process will deliberately fail. Simply reboot back into Download Mode and proceed with part two.

      One more thing, please make sure to select and use the correct SAMFail version that corresponds to the firmware installed on your Note 8.

  73. Thank you for this post. I hard bricked my Note and your instructions brought it back to life!!!!! WOOHOO!!!

    1. I am glad it worked well for you Steve! Good luck further with your device.

  74. Hi, i was follow your instruction but seems failed.

    my N950U is on V3, and using
    for Part 1, shows failed,

    part 2 also failed.

    here is the log

    Odin engine v(ID:3.1203)..
    File analysis..
    Can’t open the serial(COM) port.
    All threads completed. (succeed 0 / failed 1)

    1. It simply means that Odin is not able to detect the device during part 2. After you complete Part 1 (Which will show FAIL), you have to reboot your phone back to download mode and connect it to the PC again. During this reconnection, also make sure to close and reopen Odin program.

    2. Hi, was follow exactly your instruction,

      but still no luck

      part 2 log
      Odin engine v(ID:3.1203)..
      File analysis..
      Can’t open the serial(COM) port.
      All threads completed. (succeed 0 / failed 1)

    3. I am quite sure that Odin is not able to detect the device. Have you tried on another PC or using a different port on the same PC?

  75. Hi, i was follow your instruction, with using U3 samfails,

    part 1 is shows Failed, which you meant is normal

    but part 2 also shows fail as well.

    here is my log

    Odin engine v(ID:3.1203)..
    File analysis..
    Can’t open the serial(COM) port.
    All threads completed. (succeed 0 / failed 1)

    by the way, part 1 also shows same log :can’t open the serial(COM) port.

  76. Hi Again.
    I try again, and nothing only “Samsung Galaxy Note 8” in the screen many times. I had to restore with the N950USQU3BRA9 firmware.

  77. Hi Dhananjay.
    Thanks for answer me. But I tried SAMFail v3 and phone stays in boot Galaxy Note 8, and nothing happen. I had to restore the firmware. I only want root. TWRP in a future. But my interest is root, because I can do more things.
    Thanks Again!

  78. Hi
    I tried too many times to root my Note 8 N950U Tmobile with SamFail, with all tutorials, video but nothing happen!
    The band base N950USQU3BRA8
    The number of compilation NMF26X.N950USQU3BRA9.
    This is only method for root Galaxy Note 8 N950U Tmobile?

    1. Hi Tommy, having a looking at your phone’s baseband and build, I suggest you try SAMFail v3.

      If you have already tried that, then where does it get stuck or stop working?

    2. Hi
      Thanks for answer me. But I tried SAMFail v3, and the phone only stays in boot logo and nothing happen.

    3. Hi!
      Thanks for answer me. But I tried SAMFail v3 and phone stays in boot Galaxy Note 8, and nothing happen. I had to restore the firmware. I only want root. TWRP in a future. But my interest is root, because I can do more things.
      Thanks Again!

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